The USN (University Seat Number) of VTU University is a 10 digit code, which comprises of Numbers/Alphabets. Consider the below USN for Example: 4ES14CS001

The first digit represents the region to which the college belongs. 4ES14CS001:

1 Bangalore
2 Belgaum
3 Gulbarga
4 Mysore

The second and third digits represents the College Code. 4ES14CS001:
Eg: In our case ES-> Srinivas School of Engineering
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The fourth and fifth digits represent the batch you joined engineering. 4ES14CS001:
Eg: 15 -> 2015-2016 batch student.

The Sixth and seventh digit represents the Course you have opted. 4ES14CS001:

CS Computer Science
EC Electronics and Communication
ME Mechanical
CV Civil
EE Electrical
IS Information Science
IT Information Technology
TE Telecommunication

The last three digits represents the students’ roll number. 4ES14CS001:
Eg: 001 is the student roll number in his/her class.
Note: For diploma candidates the roll number will start from 401.
Eg: 4ES14CS401

Using this decoding you can search results of any student pursuing engineering in VTU University. You just need to know his batch, Course, college and region. For students’ roll number you may have to start from 001 try up to 199.

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