Upcoming Microsoft’s Operating System named “MIDORI”

Microsoft windows the most popular and user friendly operating system around will soon be replaced by a new generation  of operating system being developed by Microsoft Research with the code name MIDORI.The code name Midori was first discovered through the PowerPoint presentation CHESS: A systematic testing tool for concurrent software.
This project began in 2003,designed for concurrency and ability to run applications in multiple places.It is intended as a highly-dependable OS in which the kernel, device drivers, and applications are all written in managed code.The security level in Midori will be increased,it will possess a whole new security model that sandboxes applications for increased security.Microsoft has mapped out several possible migration paths from Windows to Midori,so whether it is likely to replace windows or come out with “Windows Next” tag remains a mystery.The voices also say Jonathan S. Shapiro a driving force behind BitC programming language had accepted a position at Microsoft in April 2009.
The day when this revolutionary change will be launched by Microsoft, we will be stepping into a new generation of Operating systems.

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