Ultra Notebooks With Tablet As Inspiration

As  Apple was the only to produce thin notebooks, they dint have any tough competitors in the Tablet and Ultraportable laptops sector, But now intel have designed the new Ultra notebooks for the second generation of this new class gadgets ie, ultrabooks.

These Ultrabooks are  light and sleek designed by the Intel, these laptops resembles as Macbook Air, and for better visibility and smarter laptop experiance it has built-in visual onscreen 2:1. After all the analysis by the intel’s, they have decieded to give the comman advantage of tablets such as “Instant on” and “Instant connect“. But here major concern is of price, its expected to be much cheaper than the mac, And It is budgeted around less than RS 75000. This Second generation of new class gadget is expected to be available in markets in 2012. 


1. Responsiveness And Availability.

2. Security Features.

3. HD Media And Capabilities.

4. Long Battery Life (high Quality Finishing And Sealed Batteries) .

5. Competitive Price

6. Mainstream Processing And Performance .

7. IVY Bridge, Which helps to improve the Graphics and the performance.

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