Struggling Nokia confirms closing it’s native plant in Finland where the company started business: Will Nokia survive? If so, how long?


After announcing loss for this quarter of the year even after shipping 4 million Lumia devices, the struggling cellphone maker Nokia said on Friday it had agreed to close its Salo plant in Finland after talks with union representatives. The plant which is getting closed is the only major plant on the western Europe, the cradle of the former top mobile manufacturing company.

Nokia vs android, google ....

Nokia along with the above announcement also repeated the plans to cut jobs in their home country and an estimated of 3700 job cuts in Finland and an overall 10,000 job cuts from other plants.

Nokia dominated the world of cell phones for a long time but they failed to realize the rise of other strong smartphone companies and Android OS from Google. Without doubt , even today the hardware and user friendly features of Nokia phones are liked by many people but when it comes to investing for a good phone, people prefer Android phones from Samsung, Sony, Motorola, LG etc. There has been a huge increase in number of local and national level cellphone manufacturing companies dominating the mid range smartphone section and this is giving a hard time for the once called ‘affordable phones from Nokia’.

Frankly speaking Android phones have got a lot of unresolved security issues which someday will surely give headache to both companies and customers but for now not affecting in large, hence pushing the limit of sales with every new release.

Nokia with Windows seems to be on par without making much noise but WP8 seems exciting and Nokia has confirmed the announcement of 2 WP8 phones in this September. The mistake again comes with announcing that the older phones wont be getting WP8 update thus losing the old Nokia customers to ‘always updated Android phones’.

To survive, Nokia should release updates for old devices, bring in some exciting stuffs to get new customers thus holding old customers as well as increasing the fan base with new customers. Now that they have both Symbian as well as Windows, they have to equally concentrate on both or else if they cannot do that, they have to leave one for the better of the other. And of course, if Android smartphones are hit by security issues ( hope not ) Nokia can survive.

With Nokia, the smartphone world is running in balance with competition and we all hope Nokia survives this. It is very important for Nokia to stay or else the smartphone world may fall into anarchy.

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