Project Mars One : Humans on Mars by 2023, will make Red planet our new home

The space exploration has become a routine task for half the people on Earth searching for new interesting things undiscovered yet and the next task on list would be to find a new place for human settlement. There has been the search for another living planet ever since man landed on moon. Now that the exploration seems to be moving at a slow rate, scientists are thinking of occupying our neighboring planet for a while now.

With almost all the requirements for human beings to live on another planet being cleared by Planet Mars, it is the most qualified planet for humans to colonize.

mars one

Mars One is the first realistic project humans have ever encountered for gradual colonization of Mars. It has already gathered support among scientists and is now on the most important part of the project, the money collection, for the project to be put into execution.

There is already an established plan for the preparation and astronaut training. The first humans to settle on Mars will arrive in 2023, with the launch scheduled for September 14, 2022.

mars one

We make a small trace of the upcoming super space project and line up the events as below :

2013 – The astronaut selection begins. A total of 40 people will be chosen to live and train in a replica of the Martian settlement.
2014 – This is where the preparation for sending the first batch of supplies and communication satellite begins.
2016 – In January the supplies, 2500 kg of food and the satellite will be sent to Mars.
2018 – A rover will land on Mars. It will choose the best location for the settlement and will stream live video to Earth available for anyone to watch.
2021 – All supplies for the settlement will have landed on Mars plus a second rover.
2022 – All the machinery needed for water, oxygen and atmosphere production will be ready. The first manned flight to Mars launches on September 14. Four people will take the one-way trip to the red planet.
2023 – The first people will land on Mars and start working on the settlement. Two years later the next colonizers will arrive, bringing new modules, rover and hardware.

Space has and always will be the most interesting topic for most of us and this project will be the next huge step from humans. The doubt of this project being completed in the given time may be on every ones mind now. There has already been a sophisticated study about Earth and its future 4.5 billion years tracking each and every event and knowing it thoroughly when and where, what will happen to our Home Planet.

People who are bored of Earth and who wants to take a long ‘never coming back’ vacation to Mars can check out this website and even book tickets for a one way flight.


Oh yeah, the doomsday threat is out of people mind now or else why would they think of all this ? Or is it that some one already knows about an upcoming doomsday and they are getting prepared to save the human race?


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