New game launched by Rovio: Bad piggies, Payback time for the Green pigs of Angry Birds.

Everyone today are well aware of the addictive game “Angry Birds”, that became the world’s most-downloaded app. This game involves using slingshots to launch little birds at fortresses built by green pigs who have kidnapped those birds.

The makers of this amazing game, Rovio have launched a new game “Bad Piggies” on Thursday. This games allows users to play as the pigs, and take revenge on the Angry birds.

The launch ceremony was held in the Taiwanese capital Taipei , as it is one of the cities where ‘Angry Birds’ has been widely downloaded. The words “Taipei” and “Bad Piggies”, as well as the game’s icon, were projected on to the sleek steel-and-glass walls of the Taipei 101 skyscraper where they will remain for some days.

Analysts said that Rovio, which has said it will seek an initial public offering some time next year, is hoping “Bad Piggies” could help renew interest in the franchise by extending the original game’s universe. “‘Bad Piggies’ will make ‘Angry Birds’ more than just a game. It will create stories for fans and give depth to the popular app,” said IC Jan, from Taipei-based venture capital company appWorks Venture. Jan said the new game is part of the company’s efforts to pave way for the IPO, which included the establishment of the world’s first “Angry Birds” theme park in Helsinki in May, followed by another one in Britain in August.

“Bad Piggies” was launched on iOS, Android and Mac on Thursday, and versions for Windows Phone, Windows 8 and PCs will follow at a later date.


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