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This new year kickoff with a whole new social networking site!! Social Networking Sites have become an integral part of society, no doubt about that. Social Network is nothing but a virtual world where you’re interacting with real people. Leading Social Networking Site like Facebook, My Space, Orkut or Twitter have similar features and concept.

A new social networking site which is all set to launch, meant especially for social media lovers, mRockstar, short for “I’m Rockstar”, is due to launch by the end of 2011.  The first thought that comes on your mind when you meet an unknown person on a social network would definitely be “Is he/she real”? happens all the time. :)  mRockstar will actually assure you who’s who, and will also allow you to get rid of alias accounts, which they call it, the concept of transparency. Amazingly, mRockstar includes deeply customized profiles for general people, musicians and corporate people concentrating mainly on music and corporate world, the preparators are also working on a better and personalized communication work, keeping facts about public and private conversations in evidence. mRockstar is all about making new friends, playing favorite music, communicating with idols and key people of corporate world. that’s not it folks, mRockstar will be coming up with their official mobile applications for Android, Symbian, iOS and BlackBerry.

The True Hip-Hop musicians of India, Malav Karkar and Rohit Gaur, better known by their stage names Tomm Dogg and K.J, proposed the concept of mRockstar for the first time in November 2010, as a tool to promote their music. After deep discussions with with Rahul Banker CEO of  TheCopyPasteBlog, in December 2010, they registered a domain name with an intention of making it a social networking website rather than just a music-based community to promote their music. Later they joined hands with Mrudang Modhia AKA Marcus and few other people for further assistance.

Visit to reserve your Username now.

Hurry, reserve your Username, before it’s too late. Nearly 4000 people have reserved their usernames on mRockstar in less than a month.

My mRockstar Username is RockstarNishan, What’s yours?

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