Mozilla mobile OS

Mozilla has been planning to take on mobile operating systems, the company is working and concentrating hard to bring the mozilla os into light against the tough competition. Mozilla hopes to revolutionize the modern operating system with Boot to Gecko (Os name), a universal-platform OS primary aimed at mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.Currently, Mozilla developerss are testing proprietary,

single-vendor stacks with new APIs for camera, SMS and telephone capabilties and more being built. One of the most interesting one is to hold ‘n’swipe an icon to start the app itself. It’s ability to have either physical or software buttons for variety of actions like for example a menu or back buttons is another feature worth mentioning. Boot 2 Gecko mobile OS is going to be HTML5 based and will use Android’s kernel for booting and utilizing drivers.

The developers at Mozilla are working hard to launch the prototype  demo of the Boot 2 Gecko OS by the end of the year. We the people of planet earth expect some serious results at least this time, so Mozilla peepz please don’t let us down, take all the time you want and come up with something that will be appreciated. :)

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