Mozilla Firefox Browser for Tablets

Firefox for tablets, which does not  have a release date yet , will be optimized to run on Honeycomb Android3.0 tablets. The Mozilla browser company is currently working on the new version of firefox browser for tablets. This new version of firefox will be explicitly designed for Google’s Android 3.0 Honeycomb user interface. The browser will include features from the desktop version of Firefox such as tabs, themes and the Awesomebar. UI designer Ian Barlow explains “Firefox for tablets is an evolution of its phone based predecessor, with some added enhancements that take advantage of a tablet’s larger screen size. Firefox looks right at home on Android 3.0, drawing its overall theme from Honeycomb’s minimalist design language”. In addition to UI enhancements, Mozilla has been working to make its mobile and tablet browsers more responsive and faster, in response to one of the more common complaints made by users. There are rumors regarding Firefox browsers for ipad, Shocking isn’t it!! Apple, which is expected to command the greatest percentage of the tablet market for years to come, does not allow non-WebKit browsers onto its iOS operating system. That, combined with technical restrictions on the Windows Phone and Blackberry platforms, leaves Mozilla with little choice but to focus its efforts on Android.

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