Latest version of AutoCAD WS, version 1.3 is now available

We’re thrilled to announce that the latest version of AutoCAD WS has just been released. These are now available for ipad. Iphones, ipads, and iod touch in app stores, and for tablets they are available in android market.

New features compared to previous versions:
1) Layers Support
2) Accurate Input
3) Area Measurement
4) File Management

Layer Support: With this new version of AutoCAD WS for mobile you can now turn layer on and off manually from within the app. With this upgraded app you can gain the complete control over your design. And colors are also made available to pick and automatically cope with the designs contrast and brightness.

Accurate Input: With this feature the user can manually enter the precise distance you want to place/move a selected object.

Area Measurement: Area Measurement gives accurate distance and other parameters ,wherever user accessing AutoCAD.

File Management: Here the user can make sure that he has a copy of his design and then continue working with different version available. And there is a major added benefit using this app, you can also delete files in your AutoCAD WS account using mobile phones/ tablet.

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