The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) said that four legged robotic headless animal achieved a speed of 18mph on a laboratory treadmill, breaking the previous record of 13.1 mph.

The main aim of this project is to develop robots to assist war fighters to speed up missions, to dispose roadside bombs which could save many lives and prevent thousands of casualties.

This machine was built by a Massachusetts Robotics Company, Boston Dynamics, and was funded as a part of DARPA`s Maximum Mobility and Manipulation program.

This robot has an articulated back that flexes back and forth on each step, thereby increasing running speed, just like the animal cheetah does.

It is powered by an off board hydraulic pump.

This machine is just a laboratory animal for now, as it cannot maintain its track. A boom-like device is used to make it stay on track of the treadmill.

However, this machine is just another attempt to help soldiers in the battle field. Robots can never replace soldiers, as the robots still lack brain which can make life and death decisions.

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