Classpad: Aakash in for Some serious competition

Aakash tablet as we all know the world’s cheapest and affordable tablet has now competitor “Classpad“. That’s right Classpad tablet has been launched, to compete with Aakash. Developed by an education solutions provider, called Classteacher Learning Systems based in Delhi. The price of Classpad will range from of Rs 7,500 to Rs 14,000, comes in three models :
Classpad 7
Classpad 8
Classpad 10


  • A touch screen with a 7-hour battery life.
  • 1.3 Ghz processing speed.
  • Built-in memory of 4GB and expandable to 8GB.
  • Wi-Fi enabled and equipped with artificial intelligence

Classpad provides you the better battery life of more than 6 hours unlike Aakash’s battery life of around one and half hours. Classpad will run on Android as the reports suggest. However, which version of Android will Classpad run has not yet specified.Its developer, the Classteacher Learning Systems plans to take the device to the market through two business routes, the Trolley model and ‘one tablet per child’ (OTPC) model. In the Trolley model, the device can be used on a shared manner by paying Rs 100 per child, whereas in ‘one tablet per child’ (OTPC) model, the parents have to pay for the device.

The Classpad will be launched in early 2012, and the public may purchase it online. We patiently wait for the uprising of this new tablet “Classpad” against well settled Aakash. 😀

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