1Gbps internet speed coming soon! Google Fiber unvieled for US: Fastest internet connection: How does Google Fiber work?

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This finally makes Google an ISP after working on it for more than 2 years. Google finally announced Thursday that the company’s ultra-high speed internet service Google Fiber would become available to the residents of its test community Kansas City starting in September. Instead of a broadband connection, Google Fiber is composed of thin optical fiber lines that run directly from a person’s home to a data center, which is then in turn connected to the national internet backbone.

1Gbps INTERNET SPEED  google fiber

Residents of each of Kansas City can preregister for Google Fiber, for $10, and once they hit a critical mass (about 40-80 homes) they will be approved for installation. The more people that sign up in a given area, the faster they will get their installation. And once the installation happens residents can pay for fiber internet, but government buildings, libraries, and schools will get gigabit internet for free.

Installation charges will be 300$ and one time payment which includes a network box for home and one mile fiber cost which will run from street to home. Google fiber works on fibers running directly to your home and at the end of it will be a network box. So the only requirement for installation is the Network Box – The modem/router with built-in firewall and WiFi. Simple is’nt it?

It is not just internet, there is something more than that. Google will also offer Fiber TV, a television service which mainly requires V Box ( A set-top box needed for each television) and  Storage Box (Local storage and DVR, can record up to 8 shows at once, access as a wireless access point).

Google fiber tariff plans:

Gigabit internet :  $70/month
For the very reasonable price of $70 a month Google is offering up 1Gbps internet, along with the network box and 1TB of cloud storage. As we mentioned installation charges of 300$ once.

How Google Fiber will work ?? NETWORK BOX OF GOOGLE FIBER

How Google Fiber will work ?? NETWORK BOX OF GOOGLE FIBER

The Google Fiber project first started in February 2010, when Google announced that the company planned to build an ultra-high speed internet network in a select US city that was willing to partner with them.

According to Google, the response was overwhelming. The company received invitations from almost 1,100 US communities and close to 200,000 individuals, all expressing their desire for faster internet service. Some cities even tried doing stunts hoping to attract the Google Fiber project, with one city mayor even jumping into a frozen river and posting the request on YouTube.

Yes, we know what you are thinking…….When will this even come to India? Some are even planning to shift to Kansas city already which is not an option for Indians. We will have to wait and see. We though have fiber technology in India but not of this speed.

To know more from them and to pre-register click here

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