VTU results page shows 404 Error and Bad sectors for new CBCS system results

VTU (Visveswaraya Technological University) is one of the top Universities in India. And the #1 university for Karnataka, India. This university has 230+ colleges affiliated to it. There are more than 20 degree courses offered by the university across various branches. And we also know the VTU University is well to do as it has more than 5 lakhs students studying under the university.

But we are not able to understand who works on development of websites to the university. Recently VTU announced the 1st sem (New Scheme – CBCS) results and no students were able to check the results as there was bad sector and 404 errors in the VTU results page. It displayed the entire code to the users in place of results. The coding and UI used in the website has created lot problems to the students this year.

As VTU university collects huge amount of money from the candidates, the students at least expect the website to be bug free and loads as soon as results have been announced.

When student checks for his results, if the results are not announced yet, VTU displays the below page to the student: (Instead of saying – “The results have not yet announced”)

More over looks like the new Choice based Credit system is a big flog to the university. As we see a lot of students being not satisfied with their results. We see that most of the 1st semester students have received below par grades. With this new system, students are not able to see the marks they have received and thus has created a lot of problems and noise in the universities and colleges.

The students are not able to understand where they have lost marks or what is the exact/total marks they received. The snapshot of results for CBCS scheme looks like this:

Further adding to the drama, the marks scored may get reduced after re-valuation. Read more.

Thus the candidate has to first apply for photocopy, check where he lost marks, then apply for revaluations. This would cost Approx. Rs.1000 per subject per candidate.

We request to the university to fix all the results page related issues at the earliest.


2 Responses to “VTU results page shows 404 Error and Bad sectors for new CBCS system results”
  1. Shwetha Selma says:

    Please show may marksheet result

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