VTU Results updates 2nd sem – Jan 2017 – B.E/B.Tech

Bangalore, 10 May 2017: VTU 2nd sem results are expected to be announced by 20 May 2017. The entire students community is boiling with rage due to the carelessness of the University and delayed results.

To know why your results are delayed click here.

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You can check your results on the website here: VTU Results 2016

Your marks scored after may even get reduced after re-valuation. Read more.

Bangalore, 25 August 2016: VTU 2nd sem results have been announced for all regions.

Bangalore, 22 August 2016: The VTU University has yet again failed to announce the results on time. Despite of having created the digital evaluation into being, the results have been delayed. It has been 20 days since colleges have reopened and the students have been eagerly waiting to see their scores.

The 1st and 2nd sem results are expected to be announced in another one weeks time. Having said this, the photocopy and revaluation process would take additional 1 month after last date of submission of application forms. The candidates who are in the border of having an year loss, might have to wait for another 1 month in case they are applying for revaluations.

Bangalore, 10 March 2016: VTU B.E. 1st sem results (New Scheme, CBCS) announced for Belagavi (Belgaum region) on 10 March 2016, at 8:00 PM IST. Bangalore, Mysore and Gulbarga region results are awaited.

The VTU results page has many bugs and errors that most of the students were not able to check their results. We hope the university will fix the website soon and notify once again. Being one of the top Universities, it has been very poor effort by the university to develop buggy and cozy results page. (www.result.vtu.ac.in)

Bangalore, 01 March 2016: The 2014 scheme results are yet to be announced. We will provide an update about VTU B.E. 2nd sem (New Scheme) results for December 2015/January 2016 examinations by today. We request you to bookmark the page for more information.

Bangalore, 16 February 2016:B.E/B.Tech I / II Semester (Old scheme) Results Announced for All Region of Examinations Dec 2015 / Jan 2016. By Old Scheme it refers to 2010 and 2006 scheme results.

As we all know the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th sem results have now been announced. Now it is time for the 1st and 2nd sem results.

VTU B.E. 2nd semester exam results may be announced lately, the reason being that the practical examinations for the 1st/2nd semesters were conducted after the theory examinations.

Bangalore, 12 September 2015:B.E / B.Tech I / II Semester Results Announced for All Region for the Examination June / july 2015.

Bangalore, 08 September 2015: To get complete details of when the VTU Revaluation results for 2nd sem may be announced, click here.

To read the complete information on VTU carry over and year loss system, click here.

Bangalore, 25 July 2015:The revaluation dates have been announced, Please find the details below:
VTU B.E. 1st and 2nd Semesters candidates may apply for Revaluation of Answer Scripts from 1st August 2015 to 17th August 2015 without penalty. 17th August 2015 to 20th August 2015 with a penalty of Rs.500/-. The detailed information is available click here.

Bangalore, 23 July 2015: VTU B.E/B.Tech 1st and 2nd Semester results will be announced for Bangalore region tomorrow, i.e. 24 July 2015 at 7:30 P.M. To read the complete information on VTU carry over and year loss system, click here.

Bangalore, 22 July 2015: VTU B.E/B.Tech I / II Semester Results Announced for Belagavi (Belgaum), Kalaburagi (Gulbarga) & Mysuru (Mysore) Regions for Examination June / July 2015.

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Bangalore, 9 September 2014: VTU B.E/B.Tech 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Semester Revaluation Results announced for all region of Examination June / July 2014. As Bookspar predicted the result have been announced after first week of September. Check results in the below block.

Bangalore, 24 July 2014: VTU 1st and 2nd sem results for Bangalore region will be announced today, i.e. 24 July 2014, 6PM IST. You can check your VTU results in the below box. Complete Revlauation and Photocopy of Answer Script details are provided below.

Bangalore, 22 July 2014:VTU B.E/B.Tech 1st and 2nd Semester results for Belgaum ,Gulbarga & Mysore Region announced. This was as said by Bookspar a day earlier. If you want to thank us, kindly follow us on facebook page- facebook/bookspar

Bangalore, 22 July 2014:VTU 1st and 2nd sem results will be announced today i.e. 22 July 2014 approximately 6 PM IST. The results will be announced Belgaum, Gulbarga and Mysore regions, conducted during May/June 2014. The Bangalore region results may be expected by tomorrow or day after just to avoid huge traffic and server problems.

Bangalore, 21 July 2014: VTU 1st and 2nd sem results will be announced tomorrow, i.e. 22 July 2014. The sources suggest that, similarly as in January 2014, the even semester results will be announced in short gap between. Sources say that results will be announced starting from the fourth week of July 2014.

As usual the results will be announced divided into 4 regions, this is just to avoid traffic on the website. Thus 2nd sem results may be split and announced in 3 days.


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  1. azeem says:

    Vtu 6th & 5th sem jun/july 2014 result’s gulbarga and belgum reg announced on sunday 13/07/2014 at 7pm

  2. Manjunath says:

    can you please tell me when will be m.tech 2 nd sem results

  3. santhosh kumar k.m says:

    can u pls tell me when is 2nd sem results will announce

  4. aiman says:

    when will the results for 5 sem bangalore be announced ??

  5. swapnil says:

    mtech results will be announced soon bro

  6. sam says:

    Whn 1st & 2nd sem ll be anounced 4 b’lore region

  7. nikhilk says:

    wen will the 2nd sem results be announced

  8. sunilkumar says:

    when the 4th sem exact result date plz tel me if any1 knws means….

  9. sunilkumar says:

    Expected date for B.E/B.TECH result region wise as per the previous year date:24thand 25thjune 8thsemester result for june/july26thjuly 2ndsemester result for all region.28thjuly6thsemester result for Bangalore and Gulbarga region only.29thjuly 6thsemester exam result for mysoreand belgaum region.31stjuly5thsemester result for all regions.31stjuly and august 1st4thsemester result for all regions.The dates are the previous year result declaration dates so we canexpect the result on that dates.

  10. Prakash says:

    when was the B.E. 4th sem result ……,any one knws tell me

  11. manjesh says:

    Is there any grace marks for m2 exam of june/July 2014

  12. hanmanth says:

    16july 6pm the 2nd sem result is ready to announce… All the best friends.

  13. Ravi kumar.H.R says:

    When was 2nd sem B.E results….

  14. sowjanya says:

    Wen was 2nd sem be result announced??

  15. sunilkumar says:

    where u got this informatiom plz provide link wr u got this information?@hanamanth

  16. priyanka says:

    r u sure today they are going to announce the 2 sem results? ?

  17. sanjana ramakrishna says:

    Wn the 2nd sem result will be announced? Cud anyone let me knw?

  18. sanjana ramakrishna says:

    If u guys knw thn jus let me knw on ths link…I’m waiting. .pls do inform the correct date of announcement of results. .2nd sem B.E…

  19. Ravi kumar.H.R says:

    b. e 2 nd sem results , when?

  20. suneel lamani says:

    when is 4th sem result announced??? can any1 tell me plz

  21. Ravi kumar.H.R says:

    hello ,when was be 2sem results???

  22. Sumit says:

    Hey how much is the fees for 3rd sem is it 15000 or near 55000 reply guys

  23. kartikdk says:

    can u plz tl me abt 2nd sem b.e. results

  24. sa says:

    when is 4th sem results for bangalore region plz………………………….tell me

  25. Arun says:

    Hi…Frnds wen is 2nd Sem result to be announced ??? can any1 tel me plz…

  26. Sumit says:

    Hey guys 2nd sem result wil be announcd on 26th

  27. xyz says:


  28. xyz says:

    21st may be

  29. Doulatarayagouda Patil says:

    When Will be the 2nd sem result will be announced?

  30. sam says:

    2 day evening 2nd sem result 4 gulbarga region

  31. sunilkumar says:

    wr u got this information plz provide link otherwise we ll think it as fake @sam

  32. sanjana says:

    Pls provide information regarding d announcement of 4th sem result

  33. nitin says:

    When is 6th sem result?

  34. Mahesh Desai says:

    When is the BE 4th semester results..???

  35. shashi says:

    Guys wn will b d 6th sem results.. Simply dnt post fake dates. Post if u know exactly else dnt

  36. Thimmesh says:

    when will announce 2nd , 4th, 6th sem B E results, plz update date.

  37. shobha.km says:

    wen is 4th sem results..??

  38. sarvesh says:

    when is 6th sem result????

  39. sarvesh says:

    when is 6th sem result

  40. danish says:

    6th sem result on 23rd…..
    100% sure and officially newd

  41. karthik says:

    Bangalore, 22 July 2014: VTU 1st and 2nd sem
    results will be announced today i.e. 22 July 2014
    approximately 6 PM IST. The results will be
    announced Belgaum, Gulbarga and Mysore regions,
    conducted during May/June 2014. The Bangalore
    region results may be expected by tomorrow or
    day after just to avoid huge traffic and server

  42. Sumit says:

    There is some server problem guys?

  43. mmm says:

    at wt time 2nd sem result fr bangalore region

  44. dharasingh says:

    when 4th sem results will announce

  45. rockerr..! says:

    yappa yawagro result 5 & 6 sem doo. :( :(

  46. abhi says:

    2nd sem result for banglore wil be announc today after 6pm

  47. abhi says:

    wen wil u announce 6th sem result

  48. vinay says:

    6th sem result yavaga…

    • Mattie says:

      Bella, I think you’ve found your calling! Anyway, tell your Mom Nicole that I’m happy for her success … and that she has such a loyal “cat st1;2&#8f2af.

  49. prajwal says:

    6th sem result yavagrappa….bidtiro ilvo

  50. shreya says:

    Mr danish.. Wr r d 6th sem results??
    Plzz post only if u know d correct info guys pls

    • Benessalah says:

      I am the student of 2008 batch. I atnted the last 5th semister some back papers, but one paper(power electronics) not publish the result rest all paper showing the result but power electronics have not showing the result that is not in result list so, what can i do ? please reply +1Was this answer helpful?

  51. pavan says:

    When they will leave 1st sem be result for Bangalore region….

  52. nuhal says:

    When will be the 4th sem B.E june/july 2015 result?

  53. Srinivasa t k says:

    When announce be 4th sem results for 2015 June/july

  54. Srinivasa t k says:

    May be this month last week.

  55. sahil says:

    Hi,,. friends when is 6th sem results are to be announced…

  56. Soujan says:

    When will be the 2nd sem mtech result..,pls tell me

  57. Soujan says:

    When will be the 2nd sem mtech result..,pls tell me..,

  58. Soujan says:

    When will be the 2nd sem mtech result

  59. anonymous says:

    When will be 3rd and 4th sem results….

  60. vivek says:

    when is 2nd sem result

  61. harsha says:

    what abt M.Tech results??????

  62. RKB says:

    VTU BE 6th sem result will be on 28th after 7pm

  63. 008 says:

    Are you sure

  64. raki says:

    when was 4th sem results for Mysore region

  65. Rashmi says:

    2 nd sem results wn they wil anounce ?

  66. shishir says:

    When will be mtech 2 sem reval results annnounced?????????

  67. puneet says:

    when the 3rd sem result will be announced?

  68. anu says:

    Why revel results r not displayed! plz tell anybody

  69. rakesh says:

    whn will be thw 2nd sem 2014 scheme 2016 result

  70. Nisha singh kanwar says:

    Love you

  71. Nisha singh kanwar says:

    I meet you

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