HARBINGER | VTU Solved question papers book | 1 book with all subjects of the semester

Harbinger series means One Sem One Book, which is a SOLVED QUESTION PAPERS series predominantly aimed for VTU students, which will help the students to face the examination with confidence. You can find the solutions of previous 3-4 years’ question papers for all subjects in a single book. This is now available for all semesters/branches of VTU for B.E/B.Tech students.

This book is published by Sanguine Technical Publishers. The books are available at Sapna Book house and School book Company. Some books are also available online, order them here.

However, we would strongly recommend you to download the Notes and question papers from www.bookspar.com

You can also download notes and question papers from #1 app of VTU here: https://goo.gl/wgfpGI

The official Fan page of Harbinger: click here

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59 Responses to “HARBINGER | VTU Solved question papers book | 1 book with all subjects of the semester”
  1. Shriraj rao says:

    I want 4th sem mp-2 notes,can u add to this sites pls

  2. yali2012 says:

    i need

    ( 1 YEAR – I & II SEM. solved question papers)

  3. pruthvick says:

    i not able to download first sem notes

  4. Vishal says:

    Can you add sub of 4th sem

  5. Mahammadjafar says:

    Please provide details about 6th sem B.E CSE Solved question paper book.

  6. usman says:

    i want m4 solve question papers….

  7. Divyashree says:

    Pl provide 4th Sem BE EC Solved question paper book.

  8. rajeshwari says:

    i am noy getting ur books in which online book house the book can i get it

  9. leelavathi says:

    i want 4rth sem co and mp solved question paper

  10. leelavathi says:

    i want 4rth sem co and mp solved question paper… can u give me plzzz

  11. leelavathi says:

    i want previous year solved question paper

  12. simbu says:

    if v order the book. home delivery is there???

  13. siddalinga says:

    I want 4th sem BE Electrical and electronics question papers

  14. Divya says:

    can u pls provide me previous year solved question paper for Operation Research of 6th Sem CSE…..

  15. Clintan Roche says:

    I have paid Rs.243/- but i am failed to donload the True pdf copy.

    Please inform how to get a pdf copy of the book.

  16. sindhu says:

    pl send me all previous year solved question papers for 7th sem ece

  17. bbbbb says:

    is harbinger e book available for 7th sem ece

  18. chethan says:

    please upload the harbinger 5th sem ece book pdf file

  19. Shaban k says:

    pls provide for 7th sem civil

  20. khan says:

    plz send me r say where can i get 7th sem civil ….

  21. sriharsha.mallesh says:

    where do i can find harbinger books for 7th civil engg

  22. vijeth says:

    where we get 7th sem civil engg??plz reply .

  23. srinath says:

    Please send me 4th sem CSE, MP(10CS45) solved paper note.

  24. sushma says:

    i need Harbinger pdf file……. plz send to my mail id

  25. praveen says:

    please send me 4th sem cse solved papers

  26. ahalya says:

    plz give 6th sem ec solved papers

  27. adarsh siddharth says:

    i want 4th sem cs solved previous year question bank… pls add pdf file to my mail..

  28. mamatha says:

    I want 3rd sem diploma advanced mathematics 1. I need pervious year solved questions plz send my mail

  29. Nithyashree A says:

    please send 7th sem civil engineering all subjects solved papers please send as soon as possible.please

  30. Nithyashree A says:

    where i can get the7th sem scanner

  31. subhash says:

    when will be revaluation result 5 & 6th sem civil engg

  32. poornima says:

    plz send me 7th sem notes its my request

  33. poornima says:

    I want 7th sem civil notes plz…. semd my mail id

  34. pavan says:

    7th sem mechanical please..,

  35. shivanand says:

    sir i want 5 th sem computer science solved question papers of all subjects

  36. kirancm says:

    Plz upload softcopy of Herbinger 3rd sem book for CSE

  37. malathi chandra says:

    thank you…….

  38. vidya says:

    Plz send me 7th sem eee solved psp paper

  39. vaishnavi says:

    I need 7th sem ece old solved question papers

  40. raveena says:

    can u please send field theory and micro-controllers solved question papers , of 4th sem , electrical and electronic depart. plzzz…!!

  41. manjunath hoogar says:

    plz publish previous question papers nd important questions……….

  42. manjunath hoogar says:

    plz…. publish in wesite previous year question paper nd also important questions which mostly comes in exam

  43. shivakumara.p says:

    Can you send me the 2014-15 8th sem mechanical and 6th sem mechanical question papers

  44. akhlaque ahmad says:

    please send me 4th sem mechanical solve question paper

  45. maheboob says:

    I want 5 th sem all subjects solved question paper

  46. Kanchan says:

    Plz send me 7th sem civil question paper solved of latest version.

  47. Kanchan says:

    I need civil 7th sem harbinger

  48. Nikhitha says:

    I need solved question papers for all the subjects 5thsem eceece

  49. neethu says:

    i want 7th sem cse quetion paper sloution

  50. binod manjhi says:

    I need solved question papers of microprocessor june 2015

  51. Marjin Reang says:

    Can you people add advanced maths 1 for 3rd sem. ( Students of lateral entry)

  52. jay jumawan says:

    can i have a copy of Electronics & Communication 5th SEM 2013 Harbinger. i really need it. can you tell me how to have a copy of that book?

  53. Sandeep n says:

    Sir I need CIP question paper.. …. ……. Please uplod

  54. prajwal says:

    I needed herbinger book for 3sem aeronautical engineering or at least solved papers of 3sem aero

  55. diksha says:

    2014 microwave engineering numerical question paper

  56. Amar says:

    Needed solved question paper of june- July 2009 microprocessor 8086 for EC branch..

  57. shridhar says:

    Please send me the solved question papers for the following:
    10cs73 programming the web.. dec 2017/Jan 18

    10cs73 programming the web.. June/july 2016

    10cs73 programming the web.. Dec 2016/ jan 17

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