Why are VTU Results delayed? 4 Months passed and VTU Results not yet announced!

Bengaluru, 9 May 2017: More than 4 months have passed and VTU University has failed to announce the results. The University which started digital evaluation 4 years ago and published results within 20 days after exams are now struggling to answer the questions raised by media and students for results. More than 2 lakh students have appeared for the odd semester exams and this would be a relief for the students after 4 months. The final year students who have applied for foreign universities have shown their grief towards VTU as all of their applications are stuck due to the delayed results.

Why are the VTU results not yet announced?
From past four years, answer scripts were scanned and sent to a set of colleges. The colleges also invited set of lecturers for online valuation. This scanning of answer papers, correction and results upload were supported by a third party private company called as “mind logic”. But this time due to various unpredictable circumstances and the outrage of students along with irresponsible valuation resulted in delay of results as well as dismissal of 10 professors from VTU University.

Thus the valuations were carried out again and this time manually. Thus we can predict that the valuation process is going to take ample amount of time. Speaking to the press vice chancellor of VTU, Dr. Karisiddappa said that – “VTU University will be using the government provided software for this time for scanning and also importing of machines for the same is still in progress.”

Current status:
Valuation has just been completed and now it is time for results. As VTU also gave one more chance to students who got the year back in the past, crash course classes were started; which is also completed; and now students are eagerly waiting for their results.

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