VTU results Dec 2012 – Jan 2013 for 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st sem announced

VTU Results Dec 2013 / Jan 2014:
23 Jan 2014, Bangalore: VTU 7th and 8th Sem results will be Announced today for Bangalore and Mysore regions will be announced today, i.e. 23 Jan 2014.

21 Jan 2014, Bangalore: B.E/B.Tech 7th Semester Results Announced for Belgaum & Gulbarga Region of Dec 2013/Jan 2014 Examinations. Mysore and Bangalore region results will be announced soon.

Jan 14 2014, Bangalore: VTU Results for B.E/B.Tech 1st and 2nd Semester Results Announced for Belgaum & Gulbarga Region of Dec 2013/Jan 2014 Examinations. VTU results for 1st sem Bangalore and Mysore region yet to be announced.

Jan 10 2014, Bangalore: MCA 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Semester Results Announced for All Region of Dec 2013/Jan 2014 Examinations.

VTU results Dec 2013/Jan 2014 for B.E./B.tech exams conducted during the year 2013-2014 for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th sem for all branches are expected to be announced by last week of January 2014.

Jan 14 2014, Bangalore:VTU results for BE 1st and 2nd sem exam of Belgaum and Gulbarga regions conducted during December 2013/January 2014 will be announced on Tuesday, 14 January 2014, Registrar (Evaluation) H.G. Shekharappa has said in a release.

VTU will also announce the results of MCA II, III, IV and V semester examinations (all regions) today 14 Jan 2014.

VTU Results June-July 2013 Examinations:
25 June 2013, Mysore: B.E/B.Tech 8th semester results announced for Mysore region for June/July 2013 Examinations. Bangalore region results will be announced by 25 June 2013, 10:00PM IST.

23 June 2013, Mangalore: B.E/B.Tech 8th semester results announced for Belgaum and Gulbarga regions for June/July 2013 Examinations.

Feb 18 2013, Bangalore: VTU B.E/B.Tech 1st/2nd Semester Results Announced for All Region of Dec 2012/Jan 2013 Examinations.

16 Feb 2013, Mysore, Mangalore: VTU, B.E/B.Tech I / II Semester Results Announced for Mysore Region of Dec 2012/Jan 2013 Examinations.

15 Feb 2013, Belgaum: VTU, B.E/B.Tech I / II Semester Results Announced for Belgaum Region of Dec 2012/Jan 2013 Examinations.

13 Feb 2013, Gulbarga: VTU B.E/B.Tech I / II Semester Results Announced for Gulbarga Region of Dec 2012/Jan 2013 Examinations. Bangalore, Mysore and Belgaum Region results for B.E/B.Tech will be announced by 14th and 15th Feb 2013 respectively.

Bangalore, 4th Feb 2013: B.E/B.Tech 4th and 6th Semester Results Announced for All Region of Dec 2012/Jan 2013 Examinations.

Bangalore, 3rd Feb 2013: B.E/B.Tech 7th Semester Results Announced for All Region of Dec 2012/Jan 2013 Examinations.

Bangalore, 2nd Feb 2013: VTU B.E/B.Tech 5th and 8th Semester Results Announced for Mysore, bangalore, belgaum, gulbarga of Dec 2012/Jan 2013 Examinations.

Bangalore, 1 Feb 2013:VTU B.E/B.Tech 3rd Semester Results announced for Bangalore, Belgaum, Gulbarga and Mysore Region of Dec 2012/Jan 2013 Examinations.

Belgaum, 31 Jan 2013: VTU announces 5th sem B.E/B.Tech results for for Bangalore Region of Dec 2012/Jan 2013 Examinations on 31 January 2013. Belgaum, Mysore and Gulbarga Region results will be announced tomorrow.

Belgaum, 30 Jan 2013: VTU announces 3rd sem B.E/B.Tech results for Belgaum and Gulbarga Region on 30 January 2013. Bangalore region results will be announced tomorrow.

Mysore, 29 Jan 2013: VTU announced its 3rd semester B.E/B.Tech results for Mysore region on 29th of January. The other region (Bangalore, Belgaum and Gulbarga) results are expected tomorrow.

Bangalore, 10 Jan 2013: The VTU university B.E / B.Tech course results for 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th semesters will be announced on last week of January to first week of February. For the 1st and 2nd semester B.E/B.Tech the Odd sem exams are in progress, thus results are expected by 2nd week of February. The college reopens on 28th of January according to the VTU schedule and thus the results are expected to be announced well before the even semester commencement. Again this semester it is the online computerized corrections and thus results papers seems to be corrected leniently.


206 Responses to “VTU results Dec 2012 – Jan 2013 for 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st sem announced”
  1. aabhi says:

    Wil i get answer for exam paper

  2. Gaurav says:

    I heard college is gonna reopen on feb 1st !! and you say 28th m confused !!!!

  3. Nagaraju says:

    They will announce from 8th sem to 1st . So this time we are expecting result before 22 after 16 for 5th sem students. Becz this time exams got over first for us and last time they gave result on jul mid.we are expecting for 5th sem first…

  4. Namitha.k says:

    Whn 5th sem result?

  5. Siddharth says:

    I want 5th sem cs answers of all the questions

  6. Harsha says:

    when the 3rd sem results announced.

  7. BP Neupane says:

    why VTU is providing result too late compared to any other U’versity?

  8. mohd says:

    hey guys…..if we forget to write usn no on the one side the question paper will it pose a prob or will it not be corrected…….

  9. indu says:

    when s 7sem results -2013 batch..

  10. indu says:

    when s 7th sem results. Pls reply

  11. Naresh says:

    sir when annoncing 5th sem results

  12. Anjali Kurian says:

    any idea aba 3rd sen results?

  13. adarsh.s says:

    pls from now on provide us the exact date bec we ill be tensed bec of this waiting and college is being reopened on feb 1st so pls let us get ar results before that day because we want to enter the college with free minded not by tensed and thinkin whats goin to happen so pls provide the result fast for B.E all semesters pls and i am 3rd sem

  14. Shruthi says:

    When are 5th sem results?? Tell us an exact date..

  15. bharath says:

    when 3rd sem result ?

  16. karthik says:

    Its already 22 today when ll be 5 sem results any news…

  17. kavya says:

    when will 7th sem 2012-2013 results be announced?

  18. adarsh.s says:

    pls tell us the exact date for each semesters pls……….!

  19. Prince says:

    Wen is 3rd sem result. . .

  20. abhishek says:

    wil u pls tel me da exact date of 3d sem reslt….?

  21. hagare gowdru says:

    helrappa 5th sem result yavagantha

  22. kaliprasad h c says:

    whn vil be the 3 rd sem exam , wt about makeup exam

  23. chandu says:

    7th sem result will be on or before 27
    5th sem result will be out by 29

  24. Naina says:

    7th Sem results will be announce within this week.. (Probably by friday max)
    5th Sem Results by Next week tuesday…
    3rd Sem results by 4th Feb…

    (If you want to believe..u may i am not forcing but for sure the results will be announce on the above mentioned dates or days on or before that)

    • adarsh.s says:

      ho, naina don’t think too much keep ur …………out of this site…..bec this site is assured one not u and ur…………..words.so pls keep out its nt only result for u ,but its a life for us so speak good or shut…………………and close………………………………………………….kk t.c pls don’t feel bad bec its my life .
      and vtu people pls tell us the dates when u ar announcin results foir each sem…………………………pls its our life vtu don’t play with release as per u spoke before kep ur words …………………….dont …………………………….it .pls pls pls pls i hope u understand pls
      its for december 2012 and january 2013 exams……………………its already ……………………too late do nt make it more late…………………………………………..pls.our colleges ar goin too commence on feb 1st pls before that announce the results .atleast from tomorrow pls…………………………………………………………………….

      • Naina says:

        Hey Adarsh Dude… Whats ur effin problem man… i just said wat i know and u r so effin scared and also u r begging the VTU guys to give u results.. i hope effin get full back.. i mean all subjects out…

        eff u

      • adarsh says:

        hey….adarsh.s what the f…. dude …i dont understand y the hell u r so scared of results and exams ….dude just say all izz well n enjoy ur vacations …dont lose in the tension of results …..

      • a human says:

        hey stupid.what do u think f urself. keep ur personal matters among u all.dnt exhibit to all like this.hav manners.dnt think u r a hero. wastefellow

  25. Varun says:

    Its our request,announce the result of 5th sem as soon as possible,becoz all stdnts r very curious about their results, so v want our result before 26th of this month

  26. Punith bt says:

    y can’t u prevent the paper leaking.
    Plz sir just look at there and do something good impression.

  27. VTU says:

    Vtu 7th sem results will be announced by today night ….

  28. abhi @ appi says:

    When is 5th sem results

  29. adarsh.s says:

    pls tell the exact date? for the results…………………we had enough………….

  30. pavithra says:

    pls tell us when is the results and pls tel the exact date for the result

  31. abhi says:

    hey u nly dat any one of the b e result wil be announce today at 10pm…but stil u didnt annonce….

  32. adarsh.s says:

    lo magne yakle sataistidi bega helle bega dinanka galna yet dina le kayodu ha yelro lo college ge inn irode yelu andre 7 dinagalu matra niman nambkondre kaige chombe

  33. Sohail says:

    Exact date for the 3rd sem result:-)

  34. suhail pasha says:

    it’s already 24th today please tell when Results are come……..!

  35. suhail pasha says:

    mba n mca results r out right….then its the time for our results so please tell when results will come

  36. sagar sg says:

    whn wil be announced 7 th sem result

  37. Vivek says:

    Wat d hell is wrong wid vtu guys taking so much time 2 realese our results… When r d results…? 7th sem…

  38. Harish says:

    Will you 8th sem to 3rd sem result at a time?

  39. kiran kumar says:

    wt abt 7th sem rslts

  40. Syedtaseer says:

    When be 3sem result?

  41. ABRAR AHAMED says:

    hey wen s 3rd sem results gona be anounced

  42. Sachin acharya says:

    Last week of january

  43. mohammed naveed says:

    when will 3rd sem results annouces. Pls now its time….. Tell me when

  44. Karthik says:

    Wen ll b d 5th sem results….y dis vtu didn’t announced results yet…….

  45. nayana says:

    Wen s 5th sem results..helrappa plz plz

  46. hemanth.s says:

    Wen 5th sem results are announced

  47. sudhakar says:

    Hey wats tis yaar….. Wen will be d results ?? Whether 5th sem results comes early or 7th sem?? Wat a F papers tis time fo cs…!! Dabba……,..,.!!!!!!

  48. Mallikarjun says:

    itz waste of introducing computerized correction…

  49. Sindhu says:

    Hey already date 25th. . I didn’t undstand wat dy vtu ppl r doing? We over our exames 29th . .nw already jan 24th still no reslt . . .when 5th sem results rasakal?

  50. Abuser says:


  51. imran reza says:

    According to vtu schedule when the colleges are opening….

  52. Rashmi Rose says:

    When do the colge reopens . . . .??????

  53. Rashmi Rose says:

    When s 5th BE results ????

  54. VTU employee says:

    7th sem -25th at 6pm
    5th sem -26th at 2pm
    3rd sem-29th at 8pm
    1st sem-9th at 10am

  55. Harish says:

    Yakrappa result antha chenthe madthira yavgladru barlebeku

  56. ro says:

    since 5th sem exams finished first …! ,Do i expect the 5th sem results to been published first ….?

  57. Kiran says:

    When’l announced the 3rd sem results ………..for allthe region

  58. vinod s ullas says:

    do I know my previous results of first year its not displayed so could u plz know me abt it….

  59. mohanraju says:

    please announce the 7th sem results as soon as possible we waiting for that……..

  60. naveen says:

    pakka 7th sem results wil come in jan last week…?

  61. Akash.c.m says:

    Yavagri innu 3rd sem result?innu yesht deena kayodu?

  62. pramod ym says:

    take your own time & release d result slowly………………………………….its my humble request

  63. pawan says:

    when our 7th sem results may announce plz ans

  64. deepak says:

    may be 5th sem results will announce on 28th of jan. Don’t worry guys, it wil cm before clg re open.

  65. Sharath says:

    Wt the hell is gng on in vtu itz too late for 8th sem result. . . . I’m waiting for 8th sem result . . .

  66. sunaina selvaraj says:

    hey what ya when will 5th sem result announce?

  67. sunaina selvaraj says:

    can anyone tell me when the coollege reopens ? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….i beg everyone seee my marks also :1BI10IT058.N POST IT IN MY PHONE NO:8022452096,N ,OTHER NO:9483823837.

  68. san says:

    wen ll the 5th sem results be announced ?

  69. srikanth says:

    5th results innu yaavaga

  70. swapna says:

    When s 7th sem results ll b out ..befr dis v got 6th sem results vry soon nw..wat happnd still v didn’t get 7th sem results ..u told v ll get results vry soon digital valuation..nw wat happnd al dos..words..can’t. Keep up the words wat u say ah vtu..

  71. Anup says:

    may be Monday. 60 percent sure

  72. Shiva says:

    Last week of jan results will come for sure

  73. krishna b k says:

    sir its toooooo late sir

  74. 6 says:

    Spandana i love u..

  75. uthara says:

    wen ll the results be out for 7th sem n 5th sem ?

  76. abhi says:

    heyyyyyyyyyyy….wen wil u announce third sem result

  77. vinod says:

    pis tell me about on line computerized correction

  78. soniya says:

    hey people!!!!
    5th sem result will be announced on 29th @ 6pm
    3rd sem result will be announced on 2nd FEB

  79. Rashmi Rose says:

    Hurry i got FCD . . :-):-)

  80. N.T.R says:

    seeing results i can decide my future. so i am ordering vtu to publish results one at a time ,not publishing all the sem together

  81. chaithanya.s. says:

    when annouced 1st sem result?

  82. shivram says:

    Vtu said they will announce results in just 10 days by using digital valuations. now its almost a month and still no signs of announcing results :-@

  83. S N M says:

    wt doing vtu ha time tables will be annonced one month befor only y ur nt saying atleast date offf annoncement

    hi friends if ur getting information plz tell me

  84. Raghavendra raghu says:

    when is 5th sem results..?/

  85. poornima says:

    when is the 1st results going to be announced

  86. swapna says:

    Vtu s least bored abt wat al v askin..seriously vry bad of vtu..can’tannounce results.soon ah..really so stupid of vtu..

  87. Akshay says:

    So today result going to anounce?nyway it’s bring yar atlst annce any smstr rslt…

  88. Jyotsna says:

    Pls do tell abt d 1st sem result????

  89. Vtu victim says:

    Guru paper leak madakkintha result announce madodu thumba easy.Bega results helrappa.innond sem mugdodre nimge dod namskara hakbidthini :(

  90. anand says:

    hey today already 28th when is the 7th sem result?

  91. Pesitm smg says:

    Guys don’t bother abt results.they are noyhing to do with ur future…..

  92. divs says:

    if ur really thinnking about students…please let us our results…y the hell u people are taking much time…that to using digital correcton..please please pleas send the results

  93. Govindaraju ML says:

    When is 5th sem dec 2012 result ?

  94. sunil says:

    wen we will get our 7th sem results…..?? reply

  95. deepak says:

    today results guarantee guys chill out.

  96. spoorthi says:

    when is 5th sem results r announced…?

  97. Amp says:

    Today also no result i think i dont noe what these vtu guys r doing… kwaak tuuuuu…

  98. Veeresh says:

    7 ok but 5 yak ha ?

  99. supriya says:

    Guys wat the f ….? is this vtu is playing wit Us still no results…

  100. Renu says:

    ya supi i agreed wit u…….. wat meshapa rascal stil no results digital evaluation..

  101. balu says:

    one of the worst exam papers ever seen in ant university
    worst paper setters of vtu guys agree with me a?

  102. swapna says:

    Finally got to no vtu s gonna announc results frm 1st week of feb..so guys chill n relax..simply waste of tym thinkin abt dat any hw 1st weeek feb ll cum n ll get results in dat week cool..

  103. N.T.R says:

    students are late in coming to the class , teachers are late in completing portion , so vtu is also late in anouncing the results.

  104. santosh hunashyal says:

    plz make the valuation fast & display the results

  105. sammeer ahmad says:

    Tody is 29 but still there is no ny information about 5th sem result. 1st of all 5th sem exam has over on 29 dec (one month) so 5th sem result should be anounced. Dn plzz tell me whn will be anounced 5th sem result.

  106. navee says:

    apppa thande VTU,,, sakagidde,,,,,,,,,, plz,,,,tel me when wil results out,,,,,we are waiting,,,,,

  107. nayana says:

    Today alrdy 29th wat d hel vtu doing ah

  108. deepak says:

    e vtu ge namantavru olle matnalli helidre el keltare chapli tagond odudrene buddi barodu.

  109. khan says:

    VTU had promised that by introducing of online valuaton system result will be declared in 15 – 20 days after completion of exam. where as exams had finished on 29/12/2012.
    No use of online valuation………

  110. Vikas says:

    Sir, whn s our 5th sem BE Results?

  111. Ranju says:

    Today already 29th wat the vtu is dng..? When they v’ll announce 7th sem results

  112. pramod says:

    when 5th sem results will come. plz tell

  113. Manjunath says:

    Vtu kulapathigale chalo edirenri.. Result swalpa laagun bidri annare..

  114. Govindaraju ML says:

    When is 5th sem result

    • sunaina selvaraj says:

      yennna rascale .when will u announce 5th sem result ? donkey ,monkey n anyone tell me my marks :

  115. S N M says:

    wt doing vtu ha cant say one date annoncing of results plz tell us when it illl be goinf to annoncing

  116. Harish says:

    When 7th sem result

  117. Anusha says:

    Wen r vtu 7th sem results?

  118. maheshappa says:

    Its my university… Yellaru swalpa thika mucchi… Results bandaga vtu sitege banni illandre mannu thinni…

  119. Sunil Das says:

    whn 5th sem result……………?

  120. Sunil Das says:

    when 5th sem resultttttttttt……………?

  121. shivsagar says:

    B.E/B.Tech III Semester Results Announced for
    Mysore Region of Dec 2012/Jan 2013

  122. deepak says:

    vtu don’t act like rahul dravid. Be like sehwag in annouocing our results. Tel our results fast. Lots of students are waiting .what the bludy hell are you dng?

  123. farhan says:

    3rd sem mysore region out…..

  124. ogpi says:

    Hey guys 3rd sem results r out….

  125. vidya says:

    how have the correction taken place??s it good and lienient??? guyz reply who knows properly

  126. vinay says:

    Wen is 5th sem results gonna be announced ?

  127. sunaina selvaraj says:

    vtu ,bloody fool.when will u announce 5th sem rascele.plz anyone tell my marks:
    1bi10it058-my usn no.

  128. Bhopanna says:

    Hey vtu pls annouce d results of 3rd sem within this month…

  129. Sachin says:

    Nim avvun bhosda nim avvun boli makkule result en kundyag hakond kuntiri

  130. Shivaram says:

    Guys 7th sem results on feb 4th its confirmed……
    Please donot use unparlimentary wards.

  131. Shivaram says:

    I like vtu

  132. suhail pasha says:

    when vtu announce 3rd sem for bangalore region….?

  133. Shweta says:

    Wen ll be 3rd sem results announced for belgaum region??

  134. pavan says:

    3rd sem results will be announced today only foe belgaum region???

  135. padmini says:

    i havent marked the question numbers in d 1st page. . which i attended. .due 2 shortage of time. .wil it cause any prblm?

  136. shrikant chikkya says:

    Don’t think digital valuation should be fast ….!!!! I’m enjoying the holidays .. it’s better to have results still 3 week late …… ha ha ha ………..

  137. sagar says:

    when 5th sem result wil be

  138. sagar says:

    i am not clear about the time

  139. deepak says:

    no problem will occur miss padmini be cool.

  140. sagar says:

    wn 5th sem result??????????????????????????

  141. viresha s h says:

    he …naina your words r wrong so… think bfre u speak out

  142. Syed Talha says:

    when 7th sem vtu results for the academic year dec 2012 will going to announce?

  143. vtu says:

    31st 3rd sem banglore region
    1st feb 5th sem mysore gulbrgaregion
    2nd 5th sem banglore & belgaum region

  144. VTU(Official) says:

    Dear Students,

    It has come to notice that this site https://www.bookspar.com is giving the right information but since the comment section of the same has been a source of false news. Please refrain from this.


  145. abdul gapar says:

    when is banglore region results guys

  146. prashanth says:

    Tonight 100%….

  147. swamy says:

    Chill guys bnglre region 3rd sem results vl be out tonight…..gud luck

  148. karthik says:

    when will be the 5th sem results ????????????????????????

  149. IMRAN KHAN says:


  150. Guru prasad shetty says:

    when is last date for revaluation for BE 7th sem student ?????

  151. kamala says:

    wen vtu 1st sem results will announce for belgaum region………………

  152. Shweta says:

    when 1st sem results will announce…???????????????

  153. Suhas says:

    Hai all the best my sistrs n brothrs of vtu.

  154. ABHISHEK says:

    when will 2 sem result announce ?

  155. Suhas says:

    Hai Wen 2nd sem result frndz?

  156. chethan says:

    the thing is that we r nt able to see books f current sems r concentrate bfr i know hav i passd r nt the prvs 1,, its holding lik nythng

  157. chethan says:

    after whch sem results wll the 1st sem reslts gt out ,,, … if any1 knws approx dates…………………post them

  158. chethan says:

    When are the first sem results out?

  159. siri... says:

    in this year the 5th sem result is very bad…..

  160. Nagesh says:

    Iam totaly back in first sem , cn i go ahead to second sem ? Wl i get chance to gv fist year exam ??

  161. Murali says:

    Frnds Whn ll be d 1st sem results fr blore region??????

  162. sandeep says:

    i need ma 7 th sem 2012 result help me

  163. BGHH says:

    Jan 2014 results for 3rd sem?

  164. rahees u s says:

    When is bangalore region 1st sem result

  165. sand says:

    7th sem bang n mysore will be announced today

  166. shrinivas says:

    now I am in 6th sem. I had a backlog in 4th sem. today 4th sem results are announced. when i enter my USN to check my result, it gives results of this sem. How do I chech the result of backlog subject? pls help me…

  167. Amar says:

    i want vtu 2011 batch 2nd sem 2nd attempt results

  168. nitin says:

    I want result of 4th sem second attempt

  169. Vasanth says:

    Can any one please tell me How do i get Previous semester result???

  170. Nikitha.C..N says:

    I wanna kno hw can I find out my 1st sem percentage! M frm 2012 batch n my usn is 1OX12IS078! Pls anyone suggest on my request

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