VTU results 5th sem Dec 2013 / Jan 2014 to be announced

Bangalore, 12 August 2014: VTU results for 5th sem all regions to be announced today, i.e. 12 Aug 2014. The results and revaluation details are available below.

Bangalore, 5 August 2014: VTU 7th and 8th sem revaluation results announced today, i.e 5 August 2014. The rest of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th semester revaluation results will be only after the first week of September 2014. Whereas the answer scripts photocopy may be in your hands by last week of August 2014.

VTU RESULTS DEC 2013 / JAN 2014:
27 Jan 2014, Bangalore:VTU results 5th and 6th sem Bangalore region results to be announced today. This will complete all the regions for 5th and 6th sem.

26 Jan 2014, Bangalore:VTU results 5th and 6th sem announced today for Gulbarga, Belgaum and Mysore regions.

25 Jan 2014, Bangalore:VTU results 3rd and 4th sem to be announced from next week on wards. The final date have not been announced yet.

24 Jan 2013, Karnataka: VTU 7th & 8th sem results have been announced, this completes all the regions for the Jan 2014 examination. Some of the exam for 5th sem were been postponed due to which the whole process of evaluation delayed, resulting in the 5th sem results are not yet been announced. Similar to other semesters the results will be out in regions accordingly.

Below is the list of dates when the 5th sem results were announced over the years:

August 28 2013, Bangalore: B.E/ B.Tech 5th Semester Revaluation Results Announced for All Region of June/July 2013 Examinations.

Bangalore, 31 July 2013: B.E/B.Tech 5th semester results announced for all regions. This to be followed by 4th semester results later on for June / July examination.

Bangalore,31 July 2013: B.E/B.Tech 5th semester results to be announced for Mysore, Belgaum, Bangalore, Gulbarga regions for June/July 2013 Examinations.

Bangalore, 2 Feb 2013: VTU B.E/B.Tech 5th and 8th Semester Results Announced for All Region(Mysore, Bangalore, Belgaum, Gulbarga) of Dec 2012/Jan 2013 Examinations.

Belgaum, 31 Jan 2013: VTU announces 5th sem B.E/B.Tech results for for Bangalore Region of Dec 2012/Jan 2013 Examinations on 31 January 2013. More results awaited. Belgaum, Mysore and Gulbarga Region results will be announced tomorrow.


63 Responses to “VTU results 5th sem Dec 2013 / Jan 2014 to be announced”
  1. Omkanth says:

    I would like to know about when the result for 5th sem will be announced. 3rd sem frst or 5th sem? Please reply to this

  2. Harish says:

    Thanks! we will bookmark this page now for our further reference.

  3. Mahesh says:

    Thank you Bookspar. We wanted a post like this. We see earlier except the 5th sem all had a article for their sem.

  4. Pradyumn says:

    Hey, When will be the 5th sem Mysore region results?

  5. kar says:

    Whn is 5 th sem results???

  6. vish says:

    vtu …. u tak as much time u want ….. no hurry … u cn announce results nxt month

  7. jaanu says:

    result of 5th sem?

  8. iooia says:

    plzz..tel wen z. 3rd sem results

  9. zzzz says:

    3rd srm results plz…….

  10. shalini says:

    When is the 5th sem result plz reply me

  11. SSE says:

    3rd sem results will be out tommorow

  12. pramila boni says:

    when is 5th sem results out

  13. shivakuma says:

    vtu gone to dogs. all recruitment going above 35 lakhs. Cant imagine
    professors giving 35 lakhs to 40 lakhs for the post. Poor Mtech students at VTU now have
    to suffer. Sure this professors will suck the blood of all PG students at VTU to get back their lakhs of money invested. Now it will be rampant corruption in VTU. please AAP come to Belgaum

  14. raj says:

    At what time 5th sem result…

  15. Anil says:

    At wt time rslt of 5th sem is annoced?

  16. dattatraya says:

    I THINK BE 3rd sem Results may be on 26 or 27 Jan 2014

  17. praveen says:

    When 3rd sem results

  18. yathi says:

    Can any 1plz reply..when ll be 4th sem result…..

  19. VTUALERTS says:

    Fuck vtu

  20. dj69 says:

    when is the 3rd sem result…???? pls tell the exact date…..

  21. Deepak ghodampalle says:

    hieeeeeee guyss today announced 5th sem result @ 7:30

  22. tarun kumar says:

    take ur time no hurry…..bs result acha nikalna , agr result acha hua to ek bear extra warna 2 bear….. :)

  23. lakshminarayana says:

    plz sum 1 reply wen s b.e 5th sem results

  24. salman says:

    thank you mat bolo…instead aap 3 logon ki madat karo…aur wo 3 logon ko kaho ki aur 3 logon ki madat kare…

  25. lokesh gowda k r says:

    Don’t play with students life.correct the answer paper properly.

  26. gokul says:

    5th sem result will be announced by feb 3rd so be calm

  27. gaandu says:

    ye boli makla 5th sem result yavag bidthirla

  28. meash says:

    students III sem result on 28/01/2014 and V sem sem on 27/01/2014 only gulbara region and belgum ..officely news vtu belgum

  29. sk says:

    today vtu 5th sem results for belgaum,gulberga and mysore regions

  30. Swathi says:

    Today 5th nd 6th sem results will be announced…check The Hindu.

  31. sj says:

    5th/6th sem Belgaum,Gulbarga & Mysore regions results-TODAY..

  32. abhi says:

    hey guys…today 5th sem result of mysore,gulburga and belgam region will be announce…its confirm..

  33. vikash says:

    please I request u ppl not to give wrong replies….tell correctly and confirmed wen is 5th sem results?

  34. Shruthi says:

    When will be 5th sem results announced for mysore region?

  35. abc says:

    So Banglore region not announced for 5th semester???
    I Hope it comes soon… Mysore,Gulbarga,Belgaum regions is out….

  36. priyanka says:

    can u plss tell me wn ll 5th sem result geetin to b announcd fr banglore region????

  37. chaithrag says:

    when ll be 5th sem results for banglore region????plssssss reply me soon

  38. xyz says:

    Results for Banglore region is not known… But i presume by wednesday it will be out

  39. pradeep22248 says:

    why not first bangalore region then the other regions always bangalore last is not good vtu give them also a first preference to look the results let the other regions also wait

  40. SSE says:

    3rd sem result may be on 29th…source:udayavani

  41. friend says:

    at wht time 5th sem results ha?

  42. Sude says:

    Please tell when is Bangalore 5th sem result???

  43. ranger says:

    wen is 5th sem Bangalore

  44. Priya says:

    dying out of tension

  45. Raj says:

    Results are out

  46. saranya says:

    please tell me that whether 5th sem results for bangalore regions has been anounced for all colleges in bagalore regions or not. im not getting the result when i try. please some one reply for this,,,,,,, pls pls pls

  47. saranya says:

    i got the results. please dont check in vtu alerts, check in this website itself.

  48. vtu says:

    hey 3rd sem result is tommorow…….

  49. shobith says:

    when is the 3rd sem revaluation result…?

  50. Anitha says:

    May i know when will revaluation results for 5th semester be announced?


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