VTU Notes Contest 2015 | VTU Notes and Study Materials Contest for VTU students

03 July 2015, Bangalore We are improving our database of VTU Notes, VTU Question Paper’s and study Materials for the welfare of VTU students community. In accordance with this, We have kept a small contest for VTU Folks. This contest will be unique on its own. Anyone or Everyone can be the winner in this “VTU Notes Contest”. The contest will go till first week of August 2014 (10 August 2015).

Those who are giving us highest number of notes and good readable materials, we are giving away goodies and gadgets. By August 2015, we will announce the list of personnel’s who made the “difference” and worked for the good cause. You may also have an opportunity to become syndicate member for Bookspar.

Taking part in this event, We don’t think anyone will have to loose anything. But we can assure you that the VTU Notes will be available with ease to the entire state of Karnataka.

If you are interested to take part in this contest, kindly share your previous semester study materials with us. You can mail us the notes or materials at: bookspar@gmail.com.

The documents can be of any branch, any subject and any semester, Please do mention your name, college and USN number when submitting the materials.

Note: The goodies may be any of these –“Power Banks, Head Phones, Ear Phones, Pen Drives, Hard Disks and anything that is in accordance with your level of support to us”.

We would like to thank you in advance!! And Bookspar wishes you all the best with semester results.


78 Responses to “VTU Notes Contest 2015 | VTU Notes and Study Materials Contest for VTU students”
  1. Dhananjay Rao says:

    I have some set of mechanical engineering notes,tomorrow i will send those softcopys to your email id,not because to get your gift but to help my juniors as much as possible i can.

  2. Jyothi.I.J says:

    Please send me 7th sem civil engineering all subject notes on my email id… plz

  3. manisha sharma says:

    Can i send my written notes by scanning each sheet?

  4. mohammed azaruddin d s says:

    Please send 5th sem mechanical notes……

  5. Archana says:

    Anybody pls provide me VTU BE 3rd sem notes as soon
    as Possible…. Pls…..plsss…..

  6. manisha sharma says:

    @archana, which branch notes do u need??
    I have ISE

  7. mani says:

    I counted all the set of notes i have ….
    and there are about 30 sets including previous sem’s, so is thr any other way that i can pass it on rather than scanning ??

  8. manisha says:

    is thr any other way that i can pass on the notes rather than scanning?

  9. pratibha says:

    can anybody plzz provide me vtu cse 7th sem all notes…

  10. snedesai says:

    please send me 5th sem ece notes

  11. ganesh says:

    sir i would like to provide complete notes for fundamentals of cmos, microelectronic circuits, and record books ec. what gift would be provided for uploading these things

  12. ganesh says:

    can you tell me what gifts you would provide for giving microelectronics and cmos vlsi full notees as well as record scanned copies. because it takes a lot of effort to scan such copies, only if i get something decent i can put such effort of scanning

  13. saleem95 says:

    handwritten notes accepted?

  14. ab11cs001 says:

    can anybody plzz provide me vtu cse 7th sem all notes…

  15. joshi says:

    Sir , Im unable to download III sem ECE notes pl send to my email or tell me how to download tq

  16. Mandeep m.m says:

    plz send me computer science 5th sem notes to my gmail at

  17. sushma.r says:

    plz send 1sem engeenering all notes to my mail

  18. sushma.r says:

    plz plz send 1 sem physics cycle full notes plz plz sir

  19. Divya says:

    can anyone send me BE 1st sem notes (chemistry cycle ).

  20. Ravindra barnwal says:

    Please send me 3rd SEM notes

  21. anoop shetty says:

    Plzz send 1st sem c cycle notesnotes to my email

  22. anoop shetty says:

    Plzz send 1st sem c cycle notes to my email

  23. Raksha says:

    Hi ,I need ISE 3rd seem notes.. plsss

  24. gopi says:

    Plz mail me 5th sem ec notes

  25. savitri.m.b says:

    plz anybody send me BE 1st/2nd sem all notes to my e mail id…plz send me as soon as possible …

  26. vijaykumar mv says:

    pls send SA2 notes

  27. Anand h says:

    Please send 3rd sem mechanical notes to my email .please

  28. GADIGEPPA says:

    i am unable to downaload the notes of 3sem ME. So plz send me mp-1 MSM and BTD Notes

  29. purushotham says:

    Plzz send 1st sem c programing& data structure notes for new syll 2014

  30. pooja says:

    plz send me 7th sem cse notes of all subjects. ..

  31. pooja says:

    Plz send me mtech structure notes of all sem……………….plzzzzz

  32. mahadev nagure says:

    send civil 7th notes plz frnds. mahadevnagure90@gmail.com

  33. Akshay says:

    hey plz send me 5th sem management notes…

  34. NITHESH says:

    I need MSM notes please .

  35. swathi gowda says:

    plz send me 2sem chemistry cycle notes

    my mail I-d ‘swathin1712@gmail.com’

  36. suresh s shru says:

    send me civil engineering 8th semester all notes plz

  37. veeresh asundi says:

    can we get the pdf notes of 2nd sem c cycle note’s????

  38. Parashuram says:

    plz send a password

  39. Parashuram says:

    plz plz send me 4th sem manufacturing process 2 notes plz help me as much as possible

  40. sandya says:

    pls send me 4th sem cse notes pls ..

  41. Sanjota says:

    can anybody plzz provide me vtu 3rd sem Advance Mathematics-1 notes for lateral entry(Diploma) BE.

  42. Sanjota says:

    Plz Can u provide me 3rd sem Advance Mathematics-1 notes, question paper with answer for Lateral entry(Diploma) in BE.

  43. RajeevSatsangi says:

    i’m the student of 5th sem of mechanical branch..please provide me the notes of all the subjects..
    id; rajranjan112@gmail.com

  44. 7411366524 says:

    when we can get 2014 vtu new syllabus notes sir …plz can u reply me plz…..

  45. Chandrashekar.m says:

    I need 1st sem chemistry cycle notes please send me. my email itschandrashekar98@gmail.com

  46. Ali says:

    3rd sem msm notes plz

  47. Neethu says:

    I am first sem student m tech structural engineering.plz provide me notes of mechanics of deformable bodies


    i want mca 1st sem all subjects notes from vtu sylbs
    plz send me(madhukiransunkara55@gmail.com)

  49. Naresh sharma says:

    want mca 3rd sem ADBMS notes from vtu sylbs
    plz send me (naresh.sj3@gmail.com)

  50. Sumanta barik says:

    Any body can give me the notes for mtech 1st nd 2nd sem structural engineering.plz guys help me.

  51. shahid afridi says:

    plz send c-cycle study material of all subject

  52. shahid afridi says:

    plz send c-cycle study material of all subject send soon shahidafridi449@gmail.com

  53. Avinash says:

    I am studying M.tech 4 sem . i want notes of 1. Stability of Structures & 2.Composite and Smart materials please send me to my mail id avinash.khandi@gmail.com

  54. Amjad khan says:

    Hii Dear Friends am looking for Cs second year notes pls send soft copy to my email id thank you in advance for support.

  55. linkesh says:

    can you please send the witten notes vtu mechanical atd & m4 notes….

  56. radhika says:

    Plz and me second sem vtu physics notes at ma id

  57. Suresh M G says:

    plz send me ec all sem notes

  58. sutariya mukesh says:

    plz send me all subjects notes for my email id.. m. e. sem 3 .. plzz…

  59. sanju says:

    please anybody send me Mtech struvctral engineering 1st SEM notes

  60. SUNIL says:

    please anybody send me btech mechanical engineering GATE notes

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