VTU: No Re-Exam for Maths 4 (10-MAT-41) or any other subject | VTU Re-exam Rumors 2014

Bangalore, 28 June 2014: As the days progress, starting from the 3rd week of July, there was rumors spread saying about-“The paper was leaked and there will be re-exam for 4th semester Mathematics examination (10-MAT-41).” However, VTU has now confirmed saying that there will be no re-exams or postponement of any exams for June – July examinations. The rumors was spread via Whatsapp, Facebook and others social media websites.

VTU said -“It is brought to our notice that, false information is spreading all over the state saying that, the examinations for **-***-41 of 2010 scheme are postponed. Hence, it is hereby clarified that, “NONE of the examinations are cancelled and there is no re-exam for any of the subject”.

These last few days, the officials at VTU have been flooded with phone calls. They have been coming in at all times during the day from students and even college principals. These callers have only one question to ask – “Are the even semester exams postponed?”

It all started two days ago when a message about postponement started doing the rounds. “I received a message on WhatsApp so I asked my friends who said that they had also received similar messages,” said a student who is due to appear for his even semester examinations. “When I called my principal for clarification, he said that he too had received such a message and would clarify with the officials.”

One may say that these rumors are quite common during exam time, but according to officials, this menace has reached such a level that VTU has had to put up a clarification on its official website. They have also vowed to find the rumor mongers and punish them.

VTU registrar (evaluation) KG Shekarappa says – “I am tired of answering calls. In fact, I was quite surprised when I got calls from principals.”

Exasperated at the sheer volume of calls, VTU thus decided to look into why such false news was spreading like wildfire. An investigation into the matter revealed that it all stemmed from a WhatsApp message. Officials were thus forced to issue a clarification on Thursday.

K G Shekarappa said, “The rumours can create fear psychosis among students as malicious messages tend to affect psyche. So, we are asking the principals to identify rumour mongers and take action.

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