VTU may reduce your marks after revaluation | VTU now considers revaluation marks as Final Marks

Bangalore, 12 February 2016:VTU has now brought in new rules regarding the revaluation. We request each and every candidate to read through this article before they apply for revaluations.

Note: This rule is applicable only to the students who join the university in the year 2015-2016 and onwards. The 2014 and below batches will not get their marks reduced. 2014 and below batches have just got lucky.

Earlier as per VTU, The best of 2 marks, i.e. the highest marks before/after revaluation was considered as the final marks. But now in December 2015, VTU has changed the rule to “The marks after revaluation will be considered as the final marks”

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Please note: If a passed candidate applies for revaluation expecting more marks, and fails in the revaluation, then the final outcome of the subject is considered as “failed”


25 Responses to “VTU may reduce your marks after revaluation | VTU now considers revaluation marks as Final Marks”
  1. B G S says:

    Its Too Bad..

  2. Ramya Loves LUCY and PLL says:

    I am a lateral entry student and I’m in 2nd year now. I joined in 2015 August. Does this apply for me too? I cleared all subjects but I’m trying to apply for revaluation on 2 subjects.
    Please let me know.
    Thank you.

  3. Amardeep huli says:

    It’s too dangerous for passed students to apply RV..they have to think before applying RV, and it’s having both good and bad decision…

  4. Aquib says:

    It’s something like screwing. VTU should look out at other university like JNTU etc.., carry over system is adoptd their. I just want to ask a question that for your all this strict rule what is university outcome.

  5. chandankj says:

    I thing students are may very suffered after its ruled….. But its good…. Comparatively other universities……

  6. sirisha naidu says:

    dnt do the results late becase students were expecting about there results lot…………..

  7. Niranjan Hiremath says:

    Please remove the rule VTU

  8. Niranjan Hiremath says:

    It is not fair to consider revaluation markes as a final score card markers. I am completely against this rule made by vtu.I request vtu to forbidden this new rules kindly.

  9. shesh raj reddy says:

    On be half of my opinion new rule made by the vtu,
    May reduce the passing ℅ of Karnataka vtu students.
    Its better to cancel new rule of revaluation markes

  10. Kumar says:

    This rule is not good….rest is up to vtu

  11. syed faraz says:

    Revaluation of maths Paper

  12. syed faraz says:

    Revaluation of maths

  13. syed faraz says:

    I want to how much mark is left for clear mathematics paper

  14. nisam says:

    The revaluation result for mca first semester mca 2015-16 batch….which date it will publish??

  15. mksanjushri says:

    please send me CCP Lab programs of the new syllabus

  16. Lakshmisha says:

    It’s too good, but first time valuation make perfect.

  17. Chandana says:

    Sir I scored in advance java programming out of 40pssing mark I scored 32 its considered as fail..bt I’m thinking to apply fr revaluation ..even after apply fr Reval of amount 3000 wil they pass me ?? Or if I din’t pass will they return half of the money ? Plz let me know Ur best answer..as soon as possible within today .according to Ur statement I apply for revaluation

  18. Sowmya says:

    sir ,i has one criti paper mathematics 2 but it was too tought paper to pass if i put challenge revalution can i pass in that subject?
    Plz say about challenge revaluation and about revaluation
    As soon as possible sir .

  19. Sowmya says:

    plzz say about criti paper its easy to pass or fail.

  20. anitha says:

    1st sem re exam results publishing date

  21. Ankit Agarwal says:

    When will 2nd sem Reval results come

  22. Anil Rathod says:

    Commerce km revaluation papers

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