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Bangalore, 22 September 2014 VTU university has decided to give 1 year extension for it’s students to complete the Degree.

As we all know the VTU regulation says – “An individual must complete his degree in the time of 8 years for regular course and 6 years for Lateral entrant course.(Student joins after diploma)

By the direction of the Honorable Vice Chancellor, the students of B.E. regular course, those who have taken admission in 2006-2007, and the students who have taken admission through lateral entry (Diploma Students) in the year 2008-2009, have completed their 8 and 6 years respectively. But he added -“The students are hereby permitted to appear for the Dec.2014/Jan.2015 and Jun.2015/July.2015 university examinations as one time measure only, under following conditions:

1. The above permission is granted only for students of B.E. regular batch who have taken admission in 2006-2007 and the lateral entry students who have taken admission in 2008-2009.

2. Students have to pay penalty of Rs.3000 per subject in addition to the examination fee.

3. The students who have not completed the course in full, within the course duration, as per university regulation, are not eligible to pay the examination fee under this notification.

4. The students filling application under the benefit of this notification have to submit an undertaking in the format enclosed below. To download the form Click here

The dates for filling the examination application form for such students will be intimated later. The Principals of all the affiliated/constituent engineering colleges of VTU are hereby informed to bring this information to the notice of all the concerned.


24 Responses to “VTU gives 1 Year extension for 2006-2007 batch students| Boon for VTU Folks”
  1. Dev says:

    What about for 2005/06 batch?

  2. Manju says:

    V need to pay 3000 per subj or wat?

  3. brilliant says:

    no use of extension for who not enter final year due to one subject for 2006-07 batch.. vtu should give one year extension for student who not enter final year .. to complete course.. always saying within 8 year course should complete.. last year 2002 batch had given 2 more year extension to complete course… what about 2006-07 batch ? due to gate subj. all our life spoil dur to one subj. vtu v.c should re think this decision.

  4. Mallikarjun says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz any1 tel me wat about 2005-06 batch students

  5. ramesh says:

    sir i am diploma student of 2006 batch will vtu allow me fill exam form. i went in college but they did not accepted
    .plz allow us sir plz we will sure pass.plz vtu only 1 chance. we all beg you

  6. ramesh says:

    sir i did not pass only MATDIP301 sub. coz of that only why you people are playing with ours life.plz plz plz my humble request to vtu plz help us sir.

  7. Manju says:

    what about for MBA 2010-11 batch.
    please give us a chance too.

  8. renu says:

    Dear sir,

  9. sanjay says:

    Please give us 1 more year who has not got eligible to go to final year (2007 lateral entry). otherwise we ruin our lives. please consider our requests…

  10. chandru says:

    am a lateral entry 2007 batch student.please inform till when I can give an atempt for exam .I have 2 backlog subjects and i have been search in net but im totaly confused .and no staff is infoming about it properly but one has told me dat it has finishd.please kindly infom so that il be very thankful.

  11. Sunil says:

    Sir i am 2006 batch student i had cmpletd my course bt ve 1sub back i unable to passing it due to my low internal marks,plz plz BE 6th sem design of machine element, whole karnataka studnts and i humble requesting u plz set the easy question paper sir,othrwse we would loose our future hopes,plz help us sir…

  12. Kirankumar says:

    what about 2007 batch student who entering for final year in this acadamic year…………………
    is any one have idea plz call me on 8147775478

    • BGHH says:

      There is no options for you. they were given an extension because they were the first batch in 2006 syllabus!

  13. girish says:

    i want to know my eighth sem marks

  14. girish says:

    i want to know my eighth sem marks and result

  15. SHALINI says:


  16. Sandeep says:

    Hoooo My god, VTU knows how to play with Students Life.

  17. ashwin says:

    dear sir what abt da 2009 batch i hv only 1 back log so for that region should i take nftc……after spoiling 7 year wt should i take ……….degree cirtificate or NFTC….plz give any extension or any other way except NFTC………

  18. Suraj says:

    Sir m 2008 batch student,i completed ma course, i hve 2 subjects back log.is there any mercy chance for 2008 batch

  19. santosh says:

    Whtat abt 2010 batch permisssion
    my nmbr 8880286718 if any diploma lateral entry is thr pls contact me

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