VTU gives Zero marks for 2nd year student for copying in the exams

VTU, Mangalore: A second year engineering student from one of the colleges in Mangalore was given Zero marks by the VTU in all the six subjects he took, after he was found to be cheating with unusual methods.

The University has also restricted him from taking any exams till 2015 for his involvement in such a case of cheating.

VTU Registrar H G Shekarappa said that this is the first case of Hi-tech copying undertaken by any student. During the last paper of December 2013/ Jan 2014 exams, the student was found with microphone and boosters hidden in his clothes. On their usual rounds, the squad members noticed the student in an unusual posture and checked him for chits. But as no chits were found, he was to be let off. But the squad member was not convinced and conducted a thorough checking, during which he discovered a microphone, boosters, mobile and other gizmos. The student was said to be reading out the questions to someone from the outside and the other person was reading out answers.

Many students were caught for mobile copying previously but this was the first time someone was involved in such high tech copying. As there was no way of knowing if this method was used for all the exams, the university has decided to nullify his marks in all subjects and not allow him to write exams for the next one year as the harshest punishment.


4 Responses to “VTU gives Zero marks for 2nd year student for copying in the exams”
  1. ANAND C says:

    Great VTU :) u did good job..

  2. ANAND C says:

    well done VTU :)

  3. this is bad... says:

    This is bad.. I mean yes the student did a crime. But no one should ever take away chances of redemption fom a guilty one. Well according to me, his punishment should be that his passing marks should be increased from 35 to say 45 or 50 so that he should prepare well for his next exams… And preparing doesnt mean that he preparing for stealth copying. No. Well he can also be called to give exams under proper surveillance.

  4. Senior says:

    By such high tech copying, he’s doing injustice to other students. Well done vtu.

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