VTU Exam 11th December 2013 postponed B.E. MBA Mtech due to death of Mysore King Srikanta datta narasimharaja wadiyar

Karnataka, 27 December 2013:Another revision in the VTU Time table. VTU students please do not confuse yourself. The 4th exam is postponed to 10 Jan 2013, Whereas the 24th Dec 2013 exam will be held on 4 Jan 2013 itself. Kindly note these changes are only for B.E./B.Tech/B.Arch VTU students. The M.Tech and M.B.A. exam dates will remain same i.e. 4 Jan 2013.

To read the below new circular published today by the University, click:



Karnataka, 24 December 2013: VTU exams of 4th Jan 2014 have been postponed to 10th Jan 2014, due to clash of two exams at same time. This means that the 24th exam postponed to 4th Jan holds good. And previously set 4th Jan exam is moved to 10th January 2014. Kindly keep yourself updated with the time table and dont miss any exams.
Please find the image below that explains the postponement of examination!

You can download the pdf here.

Karnataka, 23 December 2013: G. S. Shivarudrappa dies today. G. S. Shivarudrappa was a Kannada poet, writer and researcher who was awarded the title of Rashtrakavi by the Government of Karnataka on November 1, 2006.

24 December 2013 VTU exams have been postponed on this regard.

Download the PDF here:
Exams 24 dec Postponed to Jan 4 2014

December 12 2013, Karnataka: VTU rescheduled time-table for postponed dec 11th exams have been announced. The B.E. maths exams M3 10**31 have been postponed to 1st January 2014. i.e. 1/1/2014. For more details please download the PDF.

10th December 2013, Karnataka: VTU B.E./ MBA / Mtech exams for december 11th 2013 is postponed due to deatS of Mysore king Srikanta datta narasimharaja wadiyar. The postponed exam dates have now been announced.

December 10, 2013: The Exam postponed dates as announced by TV Channels, i.e. 15/12/2013 is not a confirmed news. There is also a sharing of image on facebook and whatsapp that states exam will be conducted on 8/1/2014, which is again not announced officially. Do not be of any false belief that exam will be on these days.


35 Responses to “VTU Exam 11th December 2013 postponed B.E. MBA Mtech due to death of Mysore King Srikanta datta narasimharaja wadiyar”
  1. deepak achar says:

    but to which date is the exam postponed to.?
    please update on this.

  2. surya says:

    ma life is sucking due to tis postponed exams . F**K sdnw an vtu ….

  3. Kishan Sharma says:

    Is maths exam will happen on 15th dec for sure???

  4. Shiva says:

    Nin aman naven kelidva postpon madri anta,

  5. yash yallalinga says:

    plse postponed on jan

  6. Shaifali Mehta says:

    Pls, the date is yet to be announced. On what grounds are u posting this..? The date is yet to be announced tomorrow. Check with Deccan Helard. VC said they’ll announce the date on thursday. Pls cross- check before you post.

  7. satheesha says:

    sir plz conducted the postponed exam in jan.

  8. harsha says:

    Plz not this sunday…..

  9. shravya says:

    plzz postpone it to jan… we dont want maths exam to happen in between the flow of schedule now…. it will be messed up… plzzzzz i kindly request…

  10. yallalllinga says:

    Randi vtu navenu kelidevu postponed aali antha

  11. sangu says:

    leave any one fix date for M-3 and let us study…….

  12. vishwanathsharma says:

    please postpone the maths exam to january

  13. sridevi says:

    Plz we dont want sunday beczz we hav electronic ckt exam is on satdy so sunday mens we cant write so plzz sunday we dont want.

  14. Raju says:

    Kindly postpone maths exam to Jan since electronic circuits is scheduled on 14th Dec 2pm-5pm. If maths is scheduled on 15th Dec, ie the next day itself, most students will fail since they will hardly get any time for preparation. Please have some mercy on us. Maths needs at least 3 days of preparation before the exam. Kindly do the needful.

  15. Anujkumar says:

    Sir please you will conduct exam on sunday

  16. Bindu says:

    Sir, Pls postpone maths exam to Jan, else students would have tough time. Existing timetable was well scheduled giving students sufficient time for preparation for each subjects. If maths is scheduled between any of these exams, students will not get sufficient time for preparation for maths as well as the next day’s subject. Results would be adversely impacted. Jan 3rd or any date after that would be ideal date for postponing maths exam.

  17. param says:

    don’t make it in jan…all the planning for family holidays will be messed up n anyway v hav already prepared for it so do it on 15 plzzzzzzzzz…

  18. armaanlove11 says:

    pls postpone DMS Exam 😀

  19. sachinkrthk says:

    postponed the maths on 15/12/2013 itself civil engg student’s…..

  20. sumanth says:

    don’t give so…that students will not get interest to read and plannings as also been done for holidays.so keep it on 15/12/2013

  21. deelip says:

    keep it on 15th dec plzzz….

  22. Anusha says:

    Plzzzz make it on jan 3rd

  23. riya agrawal says:

    VTU ko jai

  24. Carl says:

    It would be better if it is postponed to the 15th of December. Ain’t 2 days enough for BTD??
    Can’t believe its happening again!!

  25. dileep says:

    Still how many 2day

  26. dileep says:

    Thnk god

  27. Sunitha R. says:

    Really Fucking.
    Do it as fast as before january.

  28. krishnagururaj says:

    vtu….don’t conduct exams on Jan1st….as w want to celebrate new year…plz don’t ruin our party!!!!!

  29. Sindhu says:

    If exam postponed 2 Jan 4th den Wil be d 4th sem graph theory exam held

  30. Vijay says:

    As there is time left please make optimum use of the days you’ve got and do really well in the exams …. Utilize such holidays and make a huge difference in your percentage and marks! All the best to all of you.
    2 minutes of silence praying for the Great Rashtrakavi.

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