VTU Carry over system | Year Loss System | Number of back logs to carry forward | Court orders on VTU

Bangalore, 25 July 2015: There were several question raised by students community on the VTU backlogs carry over system. The talks have been running around the bush since past 3 years. It is important to get glimpse of what has happened in the past before reading this article.

In the year 2012, a group of VTU students filed a petition against the VTU year back system. Due to this the Student were allowed to carry any number of backlogs to the next year. Later, The judgement of the High Court of Karnataka ruled out the petition. High court announced that “Students should know the rules before joining VTU or any of its affiliated colleges”. Thus all the rules of carry over system were reverted back within 2 years.

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If the VTU candidates fail to clear the below criterion, the students will have a year loss, and they can re-join back to the college after they satisfy the below conditions.

The current rules for year back system are as follows:
To advance to next year, the student should not have more than 4 backlogs in the current and previous years all together. i.e. Maximum number of backlogs that carried is: 4

First year Students (1st and 2nd semester):
If the student is in 1st year and he has 5 backlogs at the end of the 2nd semester, he won’t be permitted to study 2nd year.

Second Year Students (3rd and 4th semester):
There should not be any backlog in the previous year (1st year) and the total backlogs of 3rd and 4th semester must be 4 or less than 4. Only then you are eligible to be promoted to the next year(3rd year, i.e 5th semester).

Third Year Students (5th and 6th semester):
There should not be any backlog in the previous years (1st year, 2nd year) to be eligible to be promoted to the Final year(4th year) from the current year (3rd year).

Final Year Students (5th and 6th semester):
To get the B.E. certificate one must clear all the subjects for all the years including Constitution of India and professional Ethics, Environmental Science subjects. Even if 1 subject is pending, they will have to wait for another year and receive the certificate.

Diploma Students:
The same above rule is applicable for the students who came from Diploma with small addition:
For the students who joined VTU directly to the 2nd year, have 2 subjects of Diploma Mathematics. These subjects can be carried till the final semester of Engineering. The rule for Diploma Maths is that it must be cleared in the course due time.

Read the news on VTU Carry over system which is running since 2012:

Bangalore, October 3rd 2012: Final verdict on the plea made by 100 students delayed as others file similar petitions before the High Court With the High Court adjourning the hearing on a plea challenging the varsity’s carry-over system, the ongoing tussle between BE students and administration of the Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) is set to continue. High Court fiat on carry over temporary, await final order: VTU

After the case came up for hearing, lawyers of a few more students who filed similar petitions against the university approached the High Court, asking that all the pleas be clubbed and heard together. Hence the hundred-odd students, who were given an interim order by the High Court granting them admission to the next semesters of their courses, will now have to wait for the final verdict. VTU carry-over system: HC relief to pupils

VTU vice-chancellor Dr H Maheshappa, however, categorically stated that unless the High Court specified that the order would be applicable to all the 19,000 students who will be affected, it will not be made a general rule. “We are presenting our argument against this order. For students who are nor part of this petition, on which the interim order has been issued, there will be no admissions”, he added.

The university argues that the policy not to allow students with backlogs of more than four subjects to move to the next semester is to produce quality engineers. “The focus of the students should be on studying and excelling in exams. If they do, this rule will not seem insurmountable,” said Maheshappa.

But, with the courses already begun, students who have not been part of this petition are having a harrowing time. Most students claim that their only option is to approach the High Court with similar petitions.

However, caution is also in the air because of preceding cases. Recently, engineering diploma students also approached the High Court to be allowed to have a carry-over system for all eight subjects. There are at least 12 similar petitions against the VTU itself which is yet to be decided upon and the students are in the dark about the fate of this academic year.

Even those 100 students who have been given the interim order by the High Court are still waging their own battle as their colleges have said that the admissions cannot be done until the VTU gives them a direct order in this regard.

Bangalore, 26 August 2012: The Karnataka high court’s interim order came as a relief for the students of Visvesvaraya Technological University. The HC had allowed a group of engineering students to be promoted even if they had a carry over of more than four subjects. The varsity vice-chancellor, S Maheshwarappa, however, told Bangalore Mirror the order holds good only for the 100 students who had originally filed the petition.

When asked about the colleges’ stand, Maheshappa said, “The VTU has no problem if the colleges give admission to those hundred students who were part of the petition on which the interim order has been issued. However, the university is still presenting its side of the case and arguments against this order are still on. So the VTU will not issue an official order to the colleges till the final verdict is delivered.”

While the legal battles are being fought, students continue to be uncertain about their future.

Students on Rage:
“Don’t judge students by their marks. Many students have more technical knowledge than the bookworms. High Court, please give justice for all. If this interim order does not apply to all 19,000 students. I will surely commit suicide and VTU will be responsible for it. Let us fight for our future.” said Manjushree.

“The back-year concept does not exist in other universities in India or anywhere else in the worldl!!!! We request VTU to abolish this concept because it does not really serve the purpose of creating quality engineers. It only creates more and more stress and forces us to learn our modules just for the sake of passing an exam.”, said Reina

“We appreciate the Vice Chancellors’s point about producing quality engineers. In that case, why don’t they ensure that every college has well-qualified and quality lecturers and sufficient coaching is provided to produce quality students rather than having a system that penalises them.”, said Arun.

“VTU V-C Maheshappa told BM that the ruling will apply to only the 100 students who petitioned the court and not others. Is this democracy?”, said Aakash.

“Please do something fast. One of my friends attempted suicide because of this year-out system. I request you to cancel this system and save lives.”, pleaded Varun.

Varun: The back-year concept does not exist in other universities in India or anywhere else in the worldl!!!! We request VTU to abolish this concept because it does not really serve the purpose of creating quality engineers. It only creates more and more stress and forces us to learn our modules just for the sake of passing an exam. They only notice the student get backlog.why don’t they ensure that every college has well-qualified and quality lecturers and sufficient coaching is provided to produce quality students rather than having a system that penalises them.I request the high court to intervene,lot of student eye’s are on your judgement. I request you to cancel this system and save lives.

Yashpal: VTU’s detention policy for engineering students seems ridiculous. Quality production of engineers requires proper planning, quality teaching faculty, students friendly atmosphere of the college. This policy has brought down its dignity only. My son has been the victim of vtus policy. He is not allowed to stay in the hostel also. This harsh decision of vtu has compelled me to keep my son outside paying huge amount of money. The vtu has inflicted rigorous punishment on the parents through their wards. Is it fair for the vtu to send out the students from its colleges without informing/communicating their parents ? If any untoward incidence takes place, will the vtu held responsible ? The students of NE states have become the victims vtu as well as communal riots. Shameful. The Karnataka government also should not keep mum in this regard. Collective effort made by the victims(students)of vtu is appreciable. We are optimistic, hon’ble court will deliver fair judgement for the sake these students.

Sudeep: VTU is an educational institution and behaving like a political one. do they even know what students have to go through? in many colleges they are not given hostels because they have been detained,which forces them to stay outside without basic facilities.they’ve to struggle each and every day of their life. what about the mental frustration and torture they face. specially critical subject backs. in VTU even many toppers have faced backlogs. And if a student is trying hard to clear all subjects so VTU’s method of appreciation is YEAR BACK, 1 subject you can make an exception. everyone is not a born genius. there are people in administration and faculty of many colleges who cant even speak proper grammatically correct english. and wake up VTU! quality engineers does not mean they’ve to be nerds. I know a guy who is an ethical hacker and does’nt need a degree to get a job. and he is sitting with an year back. dont measure a student’s potential according to books. I know a guy who met with an accident and was unable to appear for his exam he also got detained.that student was a topper. and if you want to give good engineers to the country reduce the pressure on students which even forces many into drugs and other addictions. giving two exams back to back one is ELECTIVE other is CRITICAL the people who set the paper can they themselves face the situation? because the student has more subjects to attend to. VTU think!!!

Manjunath: Is this is you call it a law? How can one get a grant of admission when others are facing the same problem? Is it not shows that people who have money to purchase the law? Mr. Maheswarapa must have to be sacked from his roles because he failed in giving the justice for many of the students. First he should be proven he was not involved in any of duplication of thesis while he was doing his Doctorate. Such rogues should be kept out of VTU to get proper justice to common students. Do not play with the life of the students. It is an alarming sign for the impotent government.


172 Responses to “VTU Carry over system | Year Loss System | Number of back logs to carry forward | Court orders on VTU”
  1. Manjunath says:

    Carry over forward system is kills de quality and value of education….

  2. Akhilesh KL says:

    PLEASE…. abolish this year back system
    it’s rueining the students and their dreams by vtu they introduced new syllabus system for 2014 batch..but Still we have yearback system is this justice….plz plz abolish this system and save us and our dreams

    • rameah says:

      please sir /madam please 2010scheme make should not any critirea for thier current studies please let the people can go further future for 2010 Scheme

  3. Akhilesh KL says:

    PLEASE…. abolish this year back system
    it’s rueining the students and their dreams by vtu they introduced new syllabus system for of modules..for 2014 batch..but Still we have yearback system is this justice….plz plz abolish this system and save us and our dreams

  4. Gayathri says:

    I just request VTU to give 2014-2015 batch students one chance so that they can prove themselves, each student with lots of dreams and hopes they have joined engineering. Many families are dependent on those students. So I request VTU to either cancel year back or increase the number of carry over subjects or give them a supplementary exam. Even after supplementary exam they don’t clear the backlogs let those students hav year back. Its my humble request to VTU to give students one more chance please

    • Satyanshu says:

      Why only 2014-2015 batch gayathri, there are innumerous students suffering from the same disease irrespective of batches.
      so, everyone should get equal chances, no….??
      I had went to vtu for some documents & 1 thing i noticed that they don’t care of students at all ( their excuse is they have lots of work despite talking about all these ).
      This is our university…..vtu…..!!

  5. Sanjay says:

    Plzzz change the carry over syst eure m for 2014-2015 students

  6. abdul Junaid says:

    please I dnt have any other things to say but just think how many people may hve been gt year out because of this new syllabus and we are suffering for tht who is the responsibility… please just cancel the year back system please its an request from all of the students

  7. akarsha says:

    pls cancel year back system,vtu ppl it’s shame on ur part jst fr the sake of money u fail so many ppl,so that they apply fr revaluation and u van collect enough money,but do u knw how many families are suffering by this year back system,specially this year I.e 2014-15.can the vice chancellor clear all the subjects of in 2014-15 scheme,if so then dnt cancel year back,I bet he never ever can clear it

  8. Madvav Kadival says:

    You chose academic year 2014-15 batch as experimental batch. Being convinced the experiment is not worth perusing you are reverting back to 2010 model again for fresh batches of 2015-16 and those few fortunate students who have cleared to 3rd sem. But because of your experiment thousands of students are facing year back. Please do not make them scapegoats of your experiment.

  9. Subhranil Roy says:

    When all other university can produce quality student without year loss then a question arises that what is that extra that vtu student would have with this year loss system? I think it just a source of income for vtu. Instead of year loss and detaintion I think it would be better to concentrate on proper marking and checking of answer scripts.

  10. Ananya SV says:

    We students are suffering due to the new syllabus. And by the new rules formed by vtu..we want justice for our batch. Please cancel year back system

  11. Student says:

    Dayamadi e system chaing madi sir
    3rd year barbekadre 1year clr erbeku
    4year barbekadre 3year clr erbeku
    yake sir,, kelvabru kelvond subject artha agalla
    so what he can do,, he warks more for that subject
    but the in exam pepr will be difict sum time

    and any 4 Subj from last year thats also too diffict sum times

    yallar tale ondethara use madake aagala sir
    kelvobrige kelvand subj interest erute but haganta entha shikshe yake sir
    it will breaks all hart,,

    • BGHH says:

      4th year barbekadre 2nd year clear idre saku

    • Annamika says:

      Like see Mr. Vtu if at all a person meets with an accident in the even semester what is that person supposed to do is there any particular method to over come year back system

  12. shreya says:

    please cancle this year back system..

  13. Nausheen fatima says:

    please cancel this year back system.

    • thrishul says:

      Dont wory year back students u will have to strugle initaily for 2 years then u r on a sound foot i took 6 years to complete my engineering but am wrkng as a senior engineer in a American product based company,doing much better than Fcd counterparts :-p.

  14. jagadish says:

    please cancel this system as it is spoiling students future. And 1 year goes waste in just a matter of 1 sebject of 1st year to enter into 3rd year

  15. Mahesh babu says:

    It is a Good concept that a person should not have more than 4 backlogs to get promoted to next year because, it might hamper the performance of the student in the next year..but there is no point to detain a student with 1 critical subject….Please amend this policy as many students are undergoing through a great difficulty due to this rule..

  16. shashi says:

    Please cancel the year back system

  17. punith says:

    sir please cancel year back or increase number of backlogs pls sir give one chance humble request pls sir …..

  18. naveen says:

    pls sir cancel year back or increase number of backlogs pls sir cancel …….

  19. praveen says:

    sir pls cancel year back or increase number of backogs dont play our lives sir pls sir give one chance….

    • vinay says:

      i’m hearing your kasta so plz listen my kasta..!

    • Alina says:

      I’d like to speak to someone about a morggate this is one of the best flicks on this whole site in all the other vids i havent found any of them more arousing than this one shit i wanna fuck her so bad lol

  20. nandini says:

    pls remove year back or increase number of backlogs pls sir give one chance to 2014 batch students

  21. pallavi says:

    pls give chance 2014 batch students pls remove year back or increase backlogs pls sir……………..

  22. pallavi says:

    pls give chance 2014 batch students pls remove year back pls sir……………..

  23. shanu says:

    pls remove year back sir….

  24. anupam says:

    i have a 2 year back just because of 1 subject m2 i have cleared all my exams till 4 sem.

    please cancel this year back atleast for 1st yr papers

  25. Srinivasa t k babu says:

    29th(tomorrow )@9:00pm results announce BE 6th sem results for 2015 June/July.

  26. adarshanw says:

    Please sir abolish this system and save us and our dreams.we are not here to fight with your vtu passing system.some us came from other state to.now after getting year back several times,all we want to finish it.so plz do something,at least give some more chances,or help us by taking re-exam,after one or two month…we don’t want to stuck here…and at the end………when the INDIA, WORLD is moving so fast with lots of new concepts,you just can’t stop us by your unethical passing concept……plz do something,or else we the youth will do something…..and i think that will be better………….apologizing for my rudeness

  27. Vidya says:


    • oves ahmed says:

      Vidya, what you have told above I didn’t understand. Please explain me in detail. Because I was also absent for 5 subjects due to my serious health problem.

  28. VTU Student says:

    Vtu university is really big cheating one. They eat all the students money by collecting fr rv and photocopy wantedly they fail the students by giving 28,29,32 border marks are we students put fr rv and photocopy to get clear, Wat the poor ppl should do? And the worst thing is if we have failed in and subject and we have to write it in next even if we clear that subject that subject the new marks ll not be added to our %. And Wt is the use of writing that subject again

  29. vtu student says:

    plzzz plzzz vanish dis year back systm.otrwis lot of studrnts vl quite deir study.. bcz lot of stdnts cam frm poor famly.. n.. evn dis tym lot of difficulties in sylbs..
    soplzzzzzzzzzzzzz ppzzzzzz rmv dis yrbck.. or extend d carryover sub..

  30. nandini says:

    Please remove year back system. One year waste just because of only one subject..

  31. Praveen says:

    sir/medam pls my humble request
    pls give carry over system or increase 2 subject and save atleast some students life pls sir

  32. .m.y says:

    plz give supplementary exam once on a year..in 2,4,6,8 sem…
    other wise make backlogs subjects per year 4 to 5….otherwise
    autonomous students will move 4wrd by taking make up …back up….but in vtu direct back….without make up and back up only back

  33. Praveen says:

    Sir please give us carry over atleast 6 because an friend of mine died by suicide attempt not only my friend but also lots of people due to 4carry over, do you think it is worth more than life the carryover is.. We are not there to fight against you but we are just begging you, sir/madam just think if you were in our situation what will you do. Just give a chance and see tomorow we will be the greatest in our nation..

  34. Sachin says:

    I don’t get one thing even though we clear engg with aggregate of more than 60% we barely get the job. And these people in the urge of producing a quality engg made the syllabus a total pile of grass. We engg don’t eat grass thanks t Vtu we are forced to do so. However my question to Vtu is Are u gods to make rules which takes lives of youngsters? We know how to survive in this world without having the year back system we can clear all and we will hovewer complete the engg. So what is it with you and the scams and the game of lives that you play with students. The quality of education is bad and those who teach them are bad and those who correct them have no freaking idea of what the Answer is! So this is the situation you have given the youths of India and yet you expect a quality of engg. Shame on you Vtu if u think you are making a better future you are destroying it. Stop it if u have any humanity left in u before many other innocent lives are sacrificed for ur inconsiderable rules. Stop it before its too late

  35. basavaraja says:

    sir, pls cancel yearback system.

  36. Shivananda says:

    Sir , plz cancell either Vtu year back system r else increse the backlogs lyk 6 or 7 so. It is helpful for us

  37. Govardhan Reddy says:

    plz vtu remove back over subjects…r increase the subjects from more than 4 subjects and allow for supplementary exams…it makes a lot of stress to the students who are having their subjects arrears even me…this back over system is not their in another universities in india….y in vtu…and asking for quality engineers…how is comes their should chance their way of educational system…hope ths high hourt gives the right judgment…and make students alive….

  38. akshay says:

    Is CIP is consider for year back?

  39. jayadev says:


  40. Anonymous says:

    Dear sir/madam
    I’m one of ur student facing the most unfortunate condition of year back because of not 4 or 5 but just 1 critical subject…this is not just a plea 4m my side but all those who r experiancing an year back because of just 1 critical subject…I request u to overlook this rule so that 100’s or maybe 1000’s of lyf of engineers might be put on track..this rule has inflicted a lot of disturbance in the minds of we students and also our parents who think that their children r nothing but dumbshits not able to clear 1 freaking subject while all other chaps r goin on with their course…plse abolish this rule nd respect our dreams for a better future nd a better country…!!

  41. vijay says:

    Vtu is thinking that we are a big fools we are not

  42. Anonymous says:

    MaHeSh appa .. Down down…

  43. srinivas HV says:

    please cancel year back system

  44. skief says:

    maheshappa down down

  45. vijay says:

    if we seat quietly we can’t do anything pls friends decide something this is out future friends they won’t listen by this words we have to do something

  46. vijay says:

    if we seat quietly we can’t do anything pls friends decide something this is our future friends they won’t listen by this words we have to do something

  47. arjun says:

    let’s all the of them send their mails here and contact each other otherwise we have to die that’s it no other option

  48. sushma says:

    plz… frnds do somthing otrwise lot of students vl lose deir lives.. n.. parents lose hop on us.. plzzzz

    • Sukeerthi says:

      Is this not unfair on the part of VTU? Suddenly if they change the pattern of 5 out of 8, what the students have to do? Sir we have some dreams to come up in the life & wants to take care of our poor parents. Just this year give some concession to the student.

  49. Sunil says:

    Dear Sir

    Please give your attention to all these cries of students. Year back is an irony. Your conditions are very tough. Those person sticking on this rule is blind enough to see the present educational system around the world. Every thing VTU do is for the betterment of students. Students are your key factor. If you don’t soften the rule, you will regret later.

  50. Mahesh says:

    Plzzz remove yb system or give a supplementary exam plzzz its a humble request to vtu

  51. saad says:

    The only humble request for Vtu to give supplementary exam. Because a student may fail due to his problems such as accidents, or problems due to rains, or some other family problems.so they must be given a chance as supplementary exam. And immediate supplementary help the student to have a touch over the subjects or they ll be having 6 months of gap which erases the topics.. And another word, just by commenting in this site its of no use at all. Just a time waste so every student has to unite together for our requests.. So if any one wants this they can call me for 8762399380.. And my request to all is please comment your contact numbers so that we can unite together and fight for our justice.

  52. Dhani says:

    I’m sure that we were getting question papers before half an hour of an exam ,that was 2 year before.. That shows the real quality of vtu…

  53. unisa says:

    sir some students wil hv only 1 r 2 baklogs n due to year cary over system they should wait fr 1long year. so i kindly request to give a supplementary exam. so that some might get a chance of not wasting 1year of thr life waiting fr another chance.

  54. sonu says:

    u study correctly the no problem of year back arises my friends…..

    • Harish says:

      I think ur from first English medium and u have faced many verity of exam..but for the new fresh commerce they may be from Kannada r they may be from local society so how can u judge that only to study…some will be book muggers some will be readers some will be the teaching depends..so wasting a time in 1 year do u no how much they should suffer haaa from coliges from parents and from neighbours some of my friends above 90 % in pu..but in this brain less and no mercy VTU is fucked and they had 4 back 5 back 2 back 6 back..wats this…can u say they didit read haaa I’m BEGGING FOR VTU PLZ UNDERSTAND THE STUDENTS PROBLEM DON’T THINK ABOUT UR FILLING POCKETS SO MANY INNOCENT PPLZ R DIED MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY…FOR 1ST YEAR STUDENTS MAKE ABOVE 6 BACK YB ..FOR 2ND YEAR 4 BACK FOR 3RD YEAR 3 BACK ..SO THAT STUDENTS WIill show the intrst of improving…and Now THEY r LOSSING HOPES AND LIFE …THUS R MY WORDS..PLZ PLZZZ MAKE THEIR LIFE UPSTANDING NOT LIFE LOSSING

  55. prakash says:

    pls cancel with criti subject year back or give supplementary exams

  56. UDHAYA RAJ says:

    manjunath sir said he wants student to excel d university… how will dey xcel if dey hav lost d faith… mny students suffering frm various issue… every1 wants to study not to waste der courier… but who is givng d oppurtunity… i question vtu hw mny colleges under vtu gud quality of education.. if dey provide also r d teachers able to convey der knwldg to studnts .. if a teacher is from iit it doesnt mran student shud tnk in his manner but he tries to tnk…. teacher shud hlp him….. but dis year back system is ruining mny ppls lyf… our grt leaders said youngsters are icons of india … if dey keep ruining youngsters courier der mind set will chng frm gud tng to bad tng… by this way our gud mind gets spoiled we r forced to do wrong tng becoz of our depression… we bcm terrorists coz we dnt knw wat to do after getting our courier spoiled…. sir manjunath talks nd cares abt students welfare i ask him hw mny of d vtu ans gt a job…… dey r knwn fr der poor quality of education system….. dizx is d sickest university i hv ever seen… we get less marks in first correction in reval our marks get increased by 10 – 20% of our real marks… if d university just want to mk mny den y to play wid students lyf…. if every1 says we r future of india our future is getting spoiled. we need justice. we want prove ourselves . we want to serve our country show us d way…

  57. manu says:

    Nanu autonomous student….1st yr dhu m2 idhe 2nd yr dhu two subject idhe….. 3rd yr ge entry agbhodha yar adru autonomous students idre heli… plz

  58. arshnabi says:

    please remove this system,I just failed in one subject by 10 marks and now i have to wait for a year to join the college .. I haven’t told to my parents about this .. now i know why students commit suicide, vtu your responsible for there life’s ..
    and my life too. .

  59. #MAK says:

    students vtu has decided to spoil students life,,they committed themself,so stop begging in front of vtu,,they won’t change there mind,,,they just collecting money by revaluation,they don’t even check the paper,,,revaluation marks put as before,,,they want money nothing elso,,,

  60. Arul says:

    Please c the papers when they give for revaluation, simply you vtu people take money and just give the same marks and spoil the students education and do not correct properly only you wanted money from the students and act like you are very busy

  61. christopher says:

    2009 batch students suppose if they having 1 sub back , which is not regular one ( i.e M1 or M2). Is 2015 is final attempt ? Pls confirm …..

    • BGHH says:

      Which is not regular one means? Can you please explain? For 2009 batch students 2017 is the last. 8 years is the course duration!

  62. Laxmir says:

    Please sir nammanna nambikondu nam appa amma eddare .nam jivana halu madabedi dayavittu namage ondu avakash kodi navu madi torisutteve. yellara prana ulisi . onde ondu chance kodi . jasti janara jiva ulisi . nam life halu madabedi … year back cancel aadre yesto janara prana uliyutte nodi dayavittu ……….it is my humble request pþlzzzz sir cancel it……….

  63. Sunil says:

    hello Yella vtu staff 1st attempt subjects na pass madbitra nimmali yesto Jana fail agirtira navu m4 ondu subject fail agirodakke namage elgible illa one subject inda one year life alagbeka ha Nim makalige e Tara agidre nimge novu agtirlilva fist critic subjects year back system change madi ildidre navu vtu munde suside nodkoltivi

  64. Sunil says:

    revaluation ge sumne amount tartare sariyagi check madolla results nail no change anta kotiddare adakke ivru challenging valuationa tagdbittirodu vtu money nodtre aste students life bagge yochne madode illa

  65. Sunil says:

    revaluation ge sumne amount katuskoltare sariyagi check madolla results nail no change anta kotiddare adakke ivru challenging valuationa tagdbittirodu vtu money nodtre aste students life bagge yochne madode illa

  66. Laxmi says:

    Please sir cancel it ……..nam mele karune eddre nivu cancel madtira nodi dayavittu …. karune torisi . jiva ulisi …..jiva ulisodu obba devarige samana…… nodi plzzzzz karune torisi

  67. Hemanth says:

    sir hechchenu beda nam ge dayavittu year back system cancle madi onde ondu subject jasti back adru adu kevala 8 to10 marks inda adru one year wast exam timelli elli year back agutto anthane odoke agolla and chance kodi navenu antha thorustivi

  68. Aafiya says:

    U know vtu management,,ive been continuing my studies with so much off difficulties,since i was not able to write my externals properly due to family oriblems ijust 8 marks to get over this year back oly a humble,merciful,obidient human can understand this..request is please cancel this year back system dont destroy youth lives..thank u.

  69. Ashish says:

    Don’t make student wait:-A.P.J kalam
    Due to network analysis (criti) made my life worst,pushed, me in to ditches of self frustration,complete brokerage of family trust and hope,and finally leads come to the path of Drugs and moreover….O’god please have mercy on us..pls.pls.pls.

  70. sujit babagond says:

    siir.. Pls year back cancel madi nam jivana west maf bedi pls .. Nam prana ulisodu nim kade ede sir .. Matte revalue result pass adre aste nav badukodu .. Illa endre nav savige nive karana agtira .. Eda antu fix .. Bekadre nodi wait nodi .. Nanu already .. Fix agidene adakke nive karana .. Nim vtu

  71. priya says:

    Sir plz year back cancel madi ondu subject inda one year wait madoke agla….question paper tough kodtera…valuation adru liberal madtira adu ila …yake elru student life Jote ata adtera….plz sir tumba kasta pattu odirtve hege adre hege plz parents nam bagge hopes kalkotidare plz do something plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..rv nali pass agute ankodene aglila Andre nijvaglu badkirola…serious adke e vtu ne karana…..

  72. pavithra says:

    sir/madam plz remove the year back system for 14-15batch its a humble request from all the students,give a one last chance to prove our self, plz give a chance just one last chance……

  73. Naveen s says:

    Remove year back system .

  74. deepa says:

    plz abolish this year back system …

  75. anil says:

    please allow students to carry 2nd year subjects to carry to final year

  76. veeresh says:

    Respected sir,
    my one of the frnd whi is vtu student she is suffering from year back system.
    she is completely broken please sir I request u to cancel year back or extend the carry over system.
    I think many students suffering like my friend.
    Please Maheshappa sir cancel the year back system. If u didn’t might be she may loose her life actually she tried 2 times please Sir cancel this year back.
    if u didn’t I don’t know how many students are going to loose their life and ur are the victim of it.

  77. Rashmi says:

    Sir nivgalu nam coments nodtiro elvo but adru niv nodtira ano nambike enda coment madtidini plz…. sir nan life 1 subject enda spoil agtide please sir nan thara esto student ege odadta edare please sir year back system cancel madi sir final year g
    e entry kodlike 1 subject criteria sir 4th sem ali pls……… cancel madi madi sir

  78. Naga sravya.k says:

    respectd sir I have seen so many students commenting ya its really true guys and sir even I m one of them sir my family is very poor and my parents depending on me n becoz of one subject I should loss my one year it’s very hard to bare dat thing sir I m avg student sir but becoz of one subject I should loss my one year n sit in home
    I have really critical problem s my parents should stay by my income
    becoz dey both were in critical position s only in their health issues so I only should take care of her I don’t have elder ones to look after by parents sir plz sir now all on ur hands …….but humble request plz give me one and only one chance …..
    not only for me those who r suffering from dis for al of them plz sir dis is my humble requests
    and plz read al da comments becoz it’s over lives
    and say when is rv results for 3rd and 4th sem

  79. aaru says:

    please cancel the year back system sir, it is a punishment to the parents, and mental torture to the student, give them 1 opportunity by conducting supplementary and reduce their burdens and it will even more motive the student to go further in their studies.

  80. aaru says:

    there are so many students suffering bcz of this year back God have mercy on these students, atleast by conducting supplementary and motivate them.

    • RP SINGH says:

      Each vtu student should try to advised his juniors not to take admission in vtu.ihave written a story in exam and got 63% marks but my friend attempted all question but he is fail. vtu has developed money making system by reval.

  81. manju says:

    I known u don’t change rule but at least who have 5 or 6 back sub and he put onto revaluation if he can got more then 20 marks i can try to give passing marks plz my friends are got yb plz plz i have tp do this

  82. manju says:

    I known u don’t change rule but at least who have 5 or 6 back sub and he put onto revaluation if he can got more then 20 marks u can try to give passing marks plz my friends are got yb plz plz u have to do this

  83. Srinivas says:

    Plz..give us to once we can prove our talent.

  84. manju says:

    i request to vtu chancellor to cancel the year back system.for finel year students give at least 2 backlogs in 3rd and 4th semesters.

  85. Vishal Sisodhiya says:

    There are three exams one after the other without gap of one day.
    Those are having more number of backs how they can clear.
    No body is genius by birth it depends person to person some can grasp very fast and some takes time according to their mental capability you cannot force them to clear all the subjects at a same time. But due to this system you might loose such engineer who can make a new India by building new technology which can not be imagined till date.
    The student studying in VTU might be his knowledge is exceed the IIT but due to year back he can’t do anything.
    My opinion is that either abolish this rule or let us suicide.
    We will die, our sacrifice will not be worthless.

  86. priya says:

    Please cancel the yeaback. ……..

  87. KURIAN CHACKO says:




  88. Kiran says:

    your words are going to deaf ears

  89. Shalini says:

    plz cancel the yearback…….

  90. abhishek says:

    Due to the new module system for 2014-2015 batch,many of yhe students failed in many subjects and iam one of them who failed in 3 subjects in first sem and cleared one of them in second sem and i have 3 subjects of 2nd sem back.
    so totally i have 5 backlogs on the whole.
    i need 5 more marks to pass in civil ,so i had applied for revaluation hoping that i would pass and continue 2nd year,but now the results are now out,even this time i didnt get those 5 marks in revaluation inspite of having 20 avg internal.Is is the care vtu have towards students ,i guess many more students are there in the same situation ,i.e with 5 backlogs.on the top of it VC .MAHESHAPPA has said that he would do something in favour of such students,but till now there is verdick from them.
    so i request vtu to increase the number of backlogs to 5 or 6 so that it will help thousands of students like me for fullfilling our dreams for our families.Hoping for best as soon as possible.

  91. chandana says:

    Sir plz extend the back logs to 6. And give us a last chance.. Plz sir

  92. Faidy says:

    Sir Please reply to my Comment Below
    Actually iam 3rd year Student , i want to get entry to final year, but problem is that i have got 3 backlogs
    in that 2 subjects from 3rd year and 1subject from 2nd year (after my Revaluation Result Also)
    Because of my this 2nd year subject iam geting year loss of 1 year..:-(
    Sir I want to Save my this 1 year
    so please tell me that is thier any chances of getting entry to final year through Any Court Order or Any Other Ways..
    Sir please Reply to this comment
    Else if u can personally contact me tel me i vl give here my contact number

  93. Tanu Honey says:

    Sir/madam i have only one back sub in 3rd sem and all sem results are cleat bcoz of one sub one year loss plz give chance to entry for final year most of all students suffering same problem plz do something for students sake

  94. Ileana says:

    I know vtu never makes inequality among students but this time revaluation has been done only for those papers who have spent huge money. I have also witnessed it. If I’m wrong you can evaluate every paper which has been put by the students for revaluation it’s my request sir please help them out please check their papers again please announce another revaluation date.There are many poor students who can’t afford so huge money like Rs. 30,000-50,000 for making their papers clear.They may commit suicide or their parents may do so. because of just one paper which has not at all been evaluated. I hope you might have understood what I wanna say sir please go through this case and announce another revaluation date atleast for those who go through year loss please sir save their life… Thank You sir n even I’m Sorry if I said something wrong which must not be said. Once again sir please help them and announce another revaluation date please sir I beg you. response to this soon please

  95. Sufaid says:

    Friends Here No one responding for our comments
    I think we are wasting our time by expressing our problems here…

    “Let us Consider the Engineering Academic Rules of Thamilnad, Karnataka, and many other States they are providing ‘n’ number of Backlogs , even in Autonomous Colleges of Karnataka also they are providing a Improvment Exam(RE-EXam) after the Final Result announcement
    We want to Bring this Rules in our ‘Vishweshwarayya Technological Universty’ also, but
    its only possible due to all of your Support by making Strike, prossession against the VTU Rules ”
    if all of u intrested in this we can take our Problems to High Court through ABVP
    Who all intrested in supporting to this decission please Comment/Reply Below
    ………Waiting for all of your Support
    Personal Details can be share here>>(not mention College details)

  96. yajnesh says:

    respected sir/madam
    because of year back system students loose interest in education because of this unemployment category increases which is a huge problem to this nation like ours which is a developing country so I please request you to stop this year back system

  97. pavithra says:

    I support u

  98. Babu N says:

    Hi! is there any student who got carryover? during 2012 when petition was filed against VTU? if so please reply! cause 100 students have already filed petition again for the year 2015-16.. so we are hoping for the best..please reply!! thanks in advance..

  99. kirthiraj says:

    naan suicide maadkondre adikke VTU ne karana

  100. rk... says:

    this time….. ????check answer scripts neetly of engineering students ….14-15

  101. thrishul says:

    Dont wory year back students u will have to strugle initaily for 2 years then u r on a sound foot i took 6 years to complete my engineering but am wrkng as a senior engineer in a American product based company,doing much better than Fcd counterparts :-p

  102. ramesh says:

    plzz friends and sir,naku c09 syllabus nakku 6th sem oka subject udi,adi any days lo rayochu.plzzz chepadi,naaa num 7659856915 call or msg.plzzz

  103. ramesh says:

    plz sir,i have one backlog,

  104. jeevan says:

    depressed….unable to face d society from yb…..hope i get good time…n clear…my brain got fuckd by overthinking….waiting for my time…it has been very hardest times of all…

    • Bookspar says:

      Hi Jeevan,

      As there is a saying -“Everyday is not a Sunday”/”Every dog has its day” hope you will face the society boldly, overcome your difficulties, do not waste your time, involve continuously in one or the other activities, start writing blogs in free time and meanwhile soon be a Graduated Engineer. All the best.


  105. meenakshi says:

    Dnt u thinkk itss quite wrng.. gettin an year back.. jstt bczz of damn 1 subject… sir I m a 4 sem student at present.. plzzz sir jsttt look upon it once again and tryy to discontinue dis scheme.. still waitingg fr d results to cum… bt damnn tensed… .

  106. jagadish says:

    now we have very tough & heavy syllabus ,so remove this year back system ……

  107. somanath susaladi says:

    How can I get my original marks card without completing the course. I want to leave the b.e.course so please could you tell me the procedure to get the certificates. Is there any procedure to write quit certificate

  108. Manjunatha says:

    2010 batch. atempting 8th Sem exam in 2016 June,
    – Uncleared 4 subjects from Sem-1 – NO 2nd Attempts
    – Uncleared 2 subjects from Sem-2 – Multiple Attempts
    – Uncleared 1 subject from Sem-3 – Multiple Attempts
    – Uncleared 2 subhect from Sem-4 – Multiple Attempts
    – Uncleared 1 subject from Sem-5 – Multiple Attemps
    – Sem-6 All Cleared – NO 2nd Attempt
    – Uncleared 1 subject from Sem-7
    Looking at the VTU regulations for admissions to 2/3/4th years subjects/backlogs etc… how did VTU allowed this student to attend final semister or my understanding in-correct. If this the case, all other students should be permitted

    • Amar says:

      I have only Mathematics 4 back… am an diploma lateral entry student for Engg… am i not eligible for final year just because of one backlog now??

  109. Nawaaz says:

    Sir our clg in black list teaching will not go properly number of students YB because of this back log system many of students driving auto pls pls sir do something

  110. sucheth says:

    Everyone pls raise voice 2014-15 batch year pls cancel i hace 1 subject of 1 semester and i have to wast 1 year for that pls cancel year please please

  111. gavi says:

    respected sir/madam
    because of year back system students loose interest in education
    Please give 10 back logs……Please……

  112. Vtu.ac.in says:

    Please cancel this yearback back logs 2015-16…

  113. saagar says:

    sir u r destroying our dreams

  114. Jayasheela says:

    Please cancel year back system as soon as possible please please……….

  115. Anirudh says:

    Pls cancel this yearback system bcz of this most of the students who have the ability to do engineer will loose their hopes and also they will loose their precious life just bcz of this yearback system so this is our request pls cancel

  116. pavitra says:

    Plz cancel this year back system this system kills students life plzz cancel this

  117. Amulul says:

    Nw am in 3rd sem and evn i got my 2sem result yesterday in tht i have got 3 back logs …am an distinction student in 10th and puc bt nw i failed in eng course am waiting for my 1st sem result …if i get more than 1 back log thn i cant able to attend clases and i will become an yb student …thn am 100% sure tht i will definitely attempt the sucide becoz i cant face my yb and i feel shame on my parts and i cant show my faves to my parents still nw am feeling scared to inform my parents abt my backlogs if i nform abt my back logs …after tht i wont live ..my mim is doing house eork my dad is an tailor ..becoz of my compeltion thy made me to join in clge and seeing my scores bt nw i have lot of knwledges bt am gettibg back logs bt the ppl who is similar to bookworms and who dont knw anythng they r getting distunction …hw come it is possible …plz dont spoil the lifes of students …the rich ppls wont mind to become an yb stut bt like me so many students r there who r talented bt thy cant pass out the exams …today will be mine 1st sem result in tht if i get more than 1 am gng to suicide its my promise bt plz sir /mam let am be the last person to get suicide fr the reason yb plz its my humble request frm me … Gud bye

    • anusha says:

      plss nam kasta artha madkoli, nam maneli appa amma ibru sari illa nanu hudgi agi tumba kasta anubhavisidini… plss year back system beda help madi…

      • anusha says:

        educatio nalladru khusi sigutte knowldge sigutte andre adu illa plsss year back system cancel madi estondu jeeva ulsi punya katkoli.. yaak papa madbedi

  118. kavyashree says:

    I hv backlogs in 4 subjects and I dint attend the 2 more exams so totally I have 7 subjects as a backlog becouse of personal problems can I attend the further classes in 2 yr

  119. HARDIK says:

    Sir mai 2014batch ka hu or mera year back h jiski wjh se mujhe wps se 2nd sem krna padddaa pr uss tym new patter of CBCS aagya tha jis jgh se mujhe grading se he exam deni padiii ….ab mai 3rd sem mai hu but ab mujhe CBCS se exam deni hogi ya fir grading se he …..

  120. Nitish kumar says:

    For god shake plz remove year back system and save student from comitting suicide or frustration

  121. M.V.S.Nambiar says:

    Hai VTU officials.Don’t underestimate the efficiency of those students who suffers year back issues.
    because all five fingers are not equal.Some students are book worms and they will surely pass the exams. But in practical life they can’t come up. I noticed this fact Since 25 years in my carrier as HR Senior consultant.
    And the highest mark is not a right criteria to obtain a job
    So please withdrew the year back rules which makes the students mentally and physically impotent. Only in VTU university is following this system which is barbarian and substandard system by comparing other universities in India.
    please think and do the needful.

  122. meghana says:

    Only because of M2 i did’t eligible for 5th sem plz suggest me what can I do, I wrote current answers fr70marks bt still they give 26mark, did I get a photo copy after the revaluation result came? ? plzz any one suggest me plzzz

  123. Ram says:

    I have only 1 back log in 3rd Sem and I don’t have any other backlog .
    B’coz of only 1 back log I’m not able to go to 7th Sem. Pls Cancel this system….
    stop playing with students life .

  124. Arvind Nayak says:

    Sir remove year back system or arrange make up exam bcoz autonomous students complete there BE with the help of make up exam..

  125. yearout student says:

    Vtu has produced engineers,backbanchers,backlogers,yearouts,dropouts…and mainly d.addicts!

    • Gayathri says:

      Please cancel year back system for 2015_2026 batch please it’s students future,please give them a chance,please please,beg u vtu ,please sir give them a chance,please, please

    • Gayathri says:

      Please cancel year back system for 2015_2026 batch please it’s students future,please give them a chance,please please,beg u vtu ,please sir give them a chance,please, pleasecancel for all the years please

  126. Gayathri says:

    Please cancel year back for all the years please, please sir beg u,please

  127. rock says:

    Plz cancell this year back system other state don’t have this rules u making this rules so many students struggling and suicides their families to suffers plz cancell this system to save students to attempt suicides “rules made for good for student” this is indian constitution
    this student died for foolish rules only just do it good sir

  128. sathish says:

    actually if person written 2nd puc exam bt he coudnt able to clear subject bt later on if cleared means wat date wud be wen hav cleard

  129. Chandrasheka r says:

    Dear all..,
    We together will letter to out honarable PM and education system of karnataka…. Students are so stressed they even commit suicide…. Parents have to suffer…. So we Wil join together and remove this year back system….

  130. kumar says:

    plz sir gve me carry over system bczs i hve 1 sub back in 4th sem bt in carsh course i failed in dt sub i can’t entry fr final year plz gve me last chance i finished fainl year….

  131. rakesh gowda says:

    This very worst system

  132. savitha says:

    I joined BE (lateral entry) But i cant pay fees and i cant continue my studies .
    cant i get my originals (its private college i joined through CET govt seat )
    plz answer me

  133. Ysh says:

    Remove the critical yearback system… Please announce 2nd sem result fastly..
    If not YB students isnt able to change to other degree courses…

  134. Rabiya says:

    I have one back log in 1 st year….so can I go to 3 rd year now.?

    Pzz reply soon

  135. thiru says:

    This is not a good system.How can only VTU have such a system wile this doesn’t exist in other state universities.
    Just spoiling future of Karnataka college students alone.Has to be uniform across India and not at thew hims and fancies of one university.
    Hope the University looks into it and changes the rule and saves lot of students agony.Let students decide their future.

  136. sudha says:

    sir plss yb system cancel maadi 1,2 sub ind nam life haalu agtaide…onde student 2 sari yb andre hege heli nodona…haagagi bhalastu students sucide maadkondidare….

  137. Rakshith says:

    Why can’t vtu have the system like degree colleges . Carry on even if he is fail till finishing final year . And he is Engineer only if he clears all the subjects if not until he clears all the subjects he will not get his cirtificate of Engineer. . . .

  138. harshitha says:

    please console the year back system for 4th year entry I just wanted to let me enter 4th year

  139. Anu says:

    If I have more than four backs in my 5th semester can I carry over to the next semester and then clear it? Or will I get a year back??

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