VTU 5th sem results for Jan 2017 has been announced

Bangalore, 13 May 2017: VTU 5th semester results have been announced for Bangalore, Mysore, Belgaum and Gulbarga regions. To check your results, click here.

Stay tuned with us for details on revaluation and photocopy of answer scripts, they will be posted here.

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Bangalore, 8 May 2017: The crucial semesters in VTU are the 5th and 6th semesters. This most awaited results are expected to be announced by second week of May 2017. There is news across the state that the correction has been very liberal and in favor of the students this semester due to various factors which resulted in delay of the VTU Results.

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VTU results are delayed as digital evaluation goes for a toss. To know more click here.

Bangalore, 2 April 2016: B.E/B.Tech 5th and 6th Semester Revaluation Results Announced for All Region of Examinations Dec 2015 / Jan 2016.

To read about the revaluation details of VTU B.E. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th sem, click here.

Previous year results

Bangalore, 30 January 2016:VTU B.E. 5th & 6th sem results for exams conducted during Dec 2015/January 2016 of Bangalore region will be announced tomorrow, i.e. 31 January 2016 after 8:00PM.

Bangalore, 28 January 2016:VTU B.E. 5th & 6th sem results for exams conducted during Dec 2015/January 2016 of Mysore, Belgaum and Gulbarga regions will be announced tomorrow, i.e. 29 January 2016 after 8:00PM.

Bangalore, 25 January 2016 :VTU B.E. 7th & 8th sem results for exams conducted during Dec 2015/January 2016 of Bangalore region will be announced today, i.e. 25 January 2016 after 8:00PM. VTU 5th semester results will be next to follow.

Bangalore, 24 January 2016: VTU B.E 7th & 8th sem results for exams conducted during Dec 2015/January 2016 of Belgaum, Gulbarga and Mysuru regions will be announced today, i.e. 24 January 2016 after 9:00PM.

Bangalore, 14 January 2016: VTU B.E. 5th semester results are not yet announced. Keeping this aside, the more talks in VTU are now about the Choice Based Credit System (C.B.C.S.) where in the the 2015 all the students and faculties are waiting to see the out come of this new system. For more, download the #1 VTU app here: https://goo.gl/wgfpGI

Bangalore, 3 August 2015: VTU B.E/B.Tech 5th semester results for all regions will be announced today, i.e. 3rd August 2015 after 8:00PM. To check your results, click here.

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Bangalore, 28 July 2015: VTU B.E/B.Tech 6th Semester results will be announced for all regions tomorrow, i.e. 29 July 2015 at 8:00 P.M. To check your results, click here.

To read the complete information on VTU carry over and year loss system, click here.

Bangalore, 23 July 2015: VTU B.E/B.Tech 1st and 2nd Semester results will be announced for Bangalore region tomorrow, i.e. 24 July 2015 at 7:30 P.M. To check your your results now, click here. The VTU results have been announced within 3 weeks after the exams were over.

You can also now download all odd semester VTU notes and question papers for free on Bookspar VTU Notes

23 Jan 2015, Bangalore: VTU B.E/B.Tech 5th and 6th semester results for Bangalore region will be announced tomorrow, i.e. 24 January 2015 after 8:00 PM. The Mysore, Belgaum and Gulbarga region results will be announced on 25 January 2015 after 7:00 PM. The 3rd and 4th sem results will be announced next week on wards. Revaluation and photocopy details will be announced once the results are available. Click here for revaluation updates

21 Jan 2015, Bangalore: This week VTU result 1st, 2nd, 7th and 8th sem results were announced for all regions. The 5th and 6th sem results are expected to be announced soon before the 3rd and 4th sem results.

Bangalore, 2nd feb 2014: VTU B.E/B.Tech 5th and 8th Semester Results Announced for All Region(mysore, bangalore, belgaum, gulbarga) of Dec 2013/Jan 2014 Examinations.

Belgaum, 31 Jan 2013: VTU announces 5th sem B.E/B.Tech results for for Bangalore Region of Dec 2012/Jan 2013 Examinations on 31 January 2013. More results awaited. Belgaum, Mysore and Gulbarga Region results will be announced on Feb 1st and 2nd respectively.

Mysore, 29 Jan 2013: VTU announced its 3rd semester B.E/B.Tech results for Mysore region on 29th of January. The other region (Bangalore, Belgaum and Gulbarga) results are expected tomorrow. Which will be later followed by 4th,5th, 6th, and 7th sem results.

The corrections seem like been have been done moderately. However the results compared to previous year 3rd sem results are less. Revaluation and re-totaling details will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned at bookspar.com


28 Responses to “VTU 5th sem results for Jan 2017 has been announced”
  1. vidhya says:

    ples for un god name ples iam requsating for easy valuation of dsp .ples sir ples help.me

  2. praveen says:

    dont wry vidya they wil correct easy

  3. saba says:

    flat and cn1 was very difficult will the correction be easy..

  4. saba says:

    plz tell me flat and computer networks-1 was difficult will correction be easy …
    will they pass..

  5. bharath says:

    when is 6th sem result will be announced

  6. bharath says:

    please we all are waiting for the 6th sem results to be announced can u tell the date please sir

  7. NASEER AHMED says:

    Vtu results are very slow plz give the 4th sem results fast

  8. Rahman says:

    When is the vtu 5th sem results of gulbarga region plzzzzz tell

  9. parashu says:

    when will be the 5th sem result

  10. shruti says:

    plz display 5th sem results fast…

  11. shruti says:

    when will be the vtu belgaum 5th sem results

  12. xyz says:

    when is BE 5 Sem result?

  13. Rahul says:

    sir i am very poor people plz help me an other wise i sueside now i am in 5th sem civil

  14. ashithosh khan mendis says:

    hope the correction is liberal

  15. Ranjitha says:

    when is 5th sem BE results for Bangalore region?

  16. Akshay says:

    When r the B.E 5th sem results of B’lore region??

  17. Shivagange says:

    whuch day is comming in 5th sem Bangalore region

  18. MEHRUN NESHA says:


  19. vidhyashree says:

    5sem tesults r not good if we apply for revaluation same marks will display no changes plzzz valuate revaluation applyed paper correctly

  20. vidhyashree says:

    5sem results r not good if well apply for revaluation no use plzzz don’t discarage student sir plzzz valuate and give marks correctly

  21. Tagam tali says:

    Sir, when 5th sem result of jun-July2016 ll be anounced. Now the month also comes 2 end n classes of 7th sem goin oon
    . The result still an announced till yet..

  22. xyz says:

    I wnt to see the results of 3rd sem … not a revaluvation result. .wt we got in the first time…plz some one inform me hw to check

  23. xyz says:

    this is way toooooo long. the results had to be out by feb or march… now its april 2017

    i dont have any regret to say this…. vtu sucks to the core!!!!!!!

    when will the 5th sem result release??

    even if we get now when to apply for revaluation and whn to write the back papers!!!!!

    man honestly worst university ever

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