TA Pai Management Institute students compete as enterpreneurs in DEFI 12

Students of TA Pai Management Institute (Tapmi), Manipal, are gearing up for a  entrepreneurial game DEFI,12 to be held on Friday, where teams compete with each other by running an innovative and sustainable venture for three days. At the end of it, the students gain firsthand experience in running a business. Each team participating in the contest is required to come up with a business proposal which they plan to implement during the event. The teams are required to give a cost estimate along with their proposal. Teams are shortlisted by faculty members on the basis of the feasibility and innovativeness of the contest.


OMEGA acts a venture capitalist and assists the shortlisted team by providing the necessary seed capital in return for a share in the teams profit.On the day of the event, all the teams put their concept into practice and try to make profits out of their ideas. While the aim of the each team is to earn profits; in doing so, they also learn how to manage their business effectively. They learn various functional attributes of a business like sales, marketing, promotion and finance as well.

Of the 33 teams, who presented their ideas before OMEGA, 11 teams have been shortlisted and these teams will be provided with an initial capital to start their business ventures.

The teams will be judged on the basis of profit, transparency in business and innovative ideas and online marketing.

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