Students from Shree Devi Institute of Technology will visit Government school on 3rd April

Students of Information Science department from Shree Devi Institute of Technology form an association are going to visit a Kannada medium Government school, Airport Road, to help the poor and the needy. This is a Government School near Shree Devi Institute of  Technology, Kenjar, where the children are very innocent that they don’t have any knowledge about computers, its applications and benefits.

In this school, basic things which government is providing is not reaching the hands of the students, taking all things into consideration on this Tuesday that is on 3rd April students of Information Science department of SDIT are giving talk on basic skills to use a computer and internet, English talking skills, giving students some HRD training, Overall trying to make them civilized in the society. Also the association has planned to provide the students with foot wears and some other basic necessities.

Let us all Join hands with those students who are trying to enlighten the poor with knowledge also arrange for some needful for the younger generation.

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