St Joseph’s College, A pu girl (Sharanya) commits suicide attempt after getting caught copying in the exam

December 6 2012, Bangalore: A girl attempts for suicide today afternoon when she was caught red handed with chits or copying materials. The girl by name Sharanya pursuing her 2nd PUC at St.Joseph’s college, Bangalore attempts suicide after she was thrown out of the exam hall for malpractice. She jumps from the corridors of the college as soon as she was put out of the exam hall. The girl had very good academic report and she was also famous for her talent in Dance. A high scoring girl couldn’t take the insult from her teacher and friends even when it was not very humiliating. The students said that teacher had not even abused and it was a normal incident that took place. It was a monthly test where in students had to write 2 exams a day with 1 hour gap in between. And Sharanya could not take the pressure of the exam and carried copying materials with her to the exam hall. The girl is now at Mallya’s Hospital, Bangalore. She is said to have fractured her legs and also injuries on her head. Now the question is who is to be blamed for such incidents Students, Parents, Teachers or the Education System of India which gave just 1 hour gap between two exams.

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