Pranay Singh, who was studying in third semester,PESIT,Bangalore committed suicide

Pranay SinghA 20-year-old student of PES engineering college on Banashankari Ring Road was found dead in his hostel room. The deceased, Pranay Singh from Patna in Bihar, was in the third semester of the course in electronics and communication. He was found hanging from the ceiling fan on Tuesday morning by other hostel inmates.

Dr BVN Murthy, college principal, blames the varsity for its ‘rigid rules’, says the never-ending internal exams and the grading system, imposed upon autonomous colleges, are piling pressure on students

Murthy claimed that he had written several letters to the VTU asking it to ease up on the rules, but he had received no response from varsity officials. He alleged that it was VTU’s rigid stand on matters such as the cumulative grade point average (CGPA) which is adversely affecting students.

“We had submitted several counter examples to prove this criterion is unscientific,” Murthy said. “This criterion has to be dropped in the interest of the student community.”

CGPA applies only to the 17 autonomous colleges affiliated to VTU and PESIT is one of them.

“Under CGPA, a student has to score at least five marks in internal examinations. If a student scores less than the minimum in three consecutive internals, then s/he cannot take the semester-end exams. With exams being held almost every fortnight, students are under constant pressure.”

Moreover, Murthy claimed, marks for internals in autonomous colleges carried as much weight as semester-end examinations , but it wasn’t the case for non-autonomous colleges. In these colleges, internal marks accounted for only 25 per cent of the total.

“It’s common knowledge that students perform better in semester-end examinations  than they do in the internals,” he said. “Equal weightage of marks handicaps students of autonomous colleges. It promotes unequal competition and is unnecessary as there are a few industries which do not want toppers.”

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