How to Write a Profile Essay

How to Write a Profile Essay

A profile essay is a descriptive writing mostly about a person, things, places or certain occurrences. The major focus of a profile essay is to provide information about a certain topic to the reader. The topic of the essay should be very interesting and must intrigue the reader. It’s best to think about the audience the writer is addressing so as to make it worth reading hence the writer must be categorical in the topic being chosen. The information being written must be factual since it’s a description of a person or a place and it cannot afford to be misleading.

After the writer has the appropriate audience and the subject of the essay the next step is to gather as much and as necessary information about the subject and if carrying an interview, use of open ended questions provides more information. Reading profile written by other writers especially experienced one can provide insights on which angles are best fit to approach from.

A profile essay has an outline so as not to lose the reader, there should be a beginning, a middle and the ending note. The first paragraph contains the purpose of the essay and why the subject chosen is of importance. The writer must provide to the reader something new that is not common thinking and this will make the piece intriguing. What follows is the development of the story and giving the reader the information about the topic. When writing the profile in this section its best to make the reader feel as though they are part of the story by using the senses of smell, touch, sight, taste as well as smell. The reader will create their own images in the mind hence they must like what they are reading.

In the development paragraphs use of small details is very vital in order to present clarity, as much as suspense may be good especially when describing a destination, the essay should not leave the reader with too many question but should leave them with a satisfaction after reading. When presenting a character its integral to support what you as the writer think by providing more information. If you write about the beauty of a place, tell the reader why it is beautiful

End the profile essay by restating the goal of the essay and with a small summary of the story and how your goal and the character in the essay have connected.

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