VTU : 3rd and 4th Semester B.E/B.Tech Revaluation Results Announced for All Region.

Bangalore, 4 April 2016: B.E/B.Tech 3rd and 4th Semester Revaluation Results Announced for All Region of Examinations Dec 2015 / Jan 2016. To check your results, click here.

Bangalore, 2 March 2016:The revaluation results for 3rd and 4th semester for Dec 2015/Jan 2016 exams can be expected by first week of April 2016. For 1st and 2nd semester the revaluation results will be announced during the mid of April 2016. Please note that this is just our prediction based on previous years. There may be variance of 5 days.

Bangalore, 08 February 2016:VTU B.E. 3rd & 4th sem results for exams conducted during Dec 2015/January 2016 of Bangalore region will be announced tomorrow, i.e. 09 February 2016 after 8:00 PM. To know more about VTU results updates, kindly follow us on facebook page- facebook/bookspar

To check your results, click here.

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Bangalore, 04 February 2016:VTU B.E. 3rd & 4th sem results for exams conducted during Dec 2015/January 2016 of Mysore, Belgaum and Gulbarga regions will be announced tomorrow, i.e. 05 February 2016 after 8:00 PM. Check your results here.

Bangalore, 16 September 2015:VTU B.E / B.Tech 3rd and 4th Semester revaluation Results Announced for All Region for the Examination June / July 2015.To check your results, click here.

Please note that this is last year post but now we have been updating it on request. See below for new links:

Bangalore, 08 September 2015:To get complete details of 3rd and 4th semester VTU revaluation results, click here.

To read the complete information on VTU carry over system and year loss system, click here.

Bangalore, 9 September 2014: VTU B.E/B.Tech 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Semester Revaluation Results announced for all region of Examination June / July 2014. As Bookspar predicted the result have been announced after first week of September.

Bangalore, 6 September 2014: VTU 4th and 5th sem revaluation results announced today, i.e 6 September 2014. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th semester revaluation results will be announced within 3 days.

Bangalore, 5 August 2014: VTU 7th and 8th sem revaluation results announced today, i.e 5 August 2014. The rest of the semester revaluation results will be only after the first week of September 2014. Whereas the answer scripts photocopy may be in your hands by last week of August 2014.

10 March 2014, Karnataka: VTU B.E/B.Tech 3rd and 4th Semester Revaluation Result announced for all Region of Dec 2013/Jan 2014 Examinations. 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th semester results to be announced by this week.

03 March 2014, Karnataka: VTU revaluation results announced for 1st/2nd sem B.E/B.Tech.

There is no Challenge Revaluation for the batches of VTU after 2011-2012. To know more about this, Click here.

September 16 2013, Bangalore: VTU B.E/B.Tech 3rd and 4th semester Revaluation results announced for All regions of June/July Examination.

August 28 2013, Bangalore: B.E/ B.Tech 6th Semester Revaluation Results Announced for All Region of June/July 2013 Examinations.

August 28 2013, Bangalore: B.E/ B.Tech 5th Semester Revaluation Results Announced for All Region of June/July 2013 Examinations.


136 Responses to “VTU : 3rd and 4th Semester B.E/B.Tech Revaluation Results Announced for All Region.”
  1. abhi says:

    when wil u announce 3d sem revaluation results

  2. prav says:

    when is the last date for submitting revaluation form?

  3. mounesh says:

    sir when you sending photo copy

  4. shilpashree J says:

    sir, when will you announce 3rd sem revaluation results 2013

  5. jeetendra says:

    when is the result of 4th sem?..

  6. john says:

    I m waiting for 4th sem results. They may announce it today…
    All the best for all..!

  7. sharth says:

    When izz the reval results for 4th seM???

  8. johny says:

    Today atleast ?

  9. praveen.. says:

    Sir which date for 3rd sem rv result

  10. p says:

    eligiblity problem plz display 4th and 3rd sem reval result sir,if nt there is only one way to sucide

  11. sharth says:

    Someone plz give a proper result info plz

  12. Ajy says:

    Wl 4th rv results today?

  13. aru k says:

    4 th sem reval will b announced today 8 pm,,results can be dispatched at port 8080 php3

  14. poorvi says:

    Someone plz give a proper result info plz

  15. sumanth says:

    eligibility problem plz gve the information about result

  16. jeeva says:

    plz let me knw whn l b 4th sem reval..pl .,

  17. hb says:

    when is 3rd and 4th sem revaluation results

  18. sumanth says:

    r u playing with students??? wn is 4th sem rv result

  19. priyanka says:

    When is 4th sem revel result. Please vtu

  20. Ajy says:

    Jst called vtu 4th sem rv results cum by next week

  21. your jija says:

    What a bullsht…now itz heit of passnc…tody vtu hav 2 dispatc result of 4th sem..b.c m.c vtu

  22. Santhosh kumar B.v says:

    I cald Vtu..they told results wil b announced next week

  23. arun khadka says:

    the revaluation results will come by 10th of sep

  24. santosh n says:

    when is the revaluation results of 3rd sem and 4th sem BE?
    in the top page its showing announced but it is not displaying please provide information to above email.

  25. pradeep r says:

    How many times we checked still there is nothing update abt 4th sem rv results :) dont checks our patience :) plz update asap :)

  26. n says:

    when is the 3rd sem reval results get announced.it’s a eligibility subject.pls reply

  27. sreesha says:

    sir i have got 4th sem 31,30, 29 if i pass in this only get eligi .problem its my life sir ill i pass pls

  28. sreesha says:

    every day my life wit tears :'( my faith :'( pls vtu help us every day student loosing there life more than life passing mark is not a mistake come on vtu sir waiting for your good results or yu have to hear bad results feel like dieing paining so much taking sleeping pills n sleeping every day no proper sleep no proper food

  29. pavan says:

    when the 2nd sem reval result plz tel me 9740315887 its my no cal me

  30. mk says:

    nt at announced…

  31. arun khadka says:

    ELIGIBILITY PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. fatima says:

    I regrt da day i tuk admsn in be :/ wel plz tel me whn da hel r u gng tö dclr 4 sem result?its gtng hctc…. Dnt chk our patnc plz

  33. gowda says:

    hi I’m waiting for 3rd sem dip maths 1 result , if it fails we can’t go for higher studies , so Wen is results will come

  34. Mounesh says:

    waste Vtu… Bcz still 3 n 4th sem revaluation results nt announced…hello vtu ru sleeping..??? if u nt sleeping means plz getup n displays revaluation results…. plz don’t play wit us… otherwise tell one exact date….

  35. s says:

    Plz vtu..annce soon..eligblty prblm

  36. Amar says:

    wen will be the 3rd & 4rth sem revel results of Belgaum region

  37. jeeva says:

    whn l u disptch 4th sem reval reslt?atlst 2day?pl m dyn here plz

  38. poorvi says:

    wn ll u announce the 4th sem rv result… don’t check our patience

  39. Sharukh says:

    Sir everyday Dieing Inside I need to pass One subject to get eligibility Plss wen Is 3rd nd 4th sem Revl Results..???I got 28,29,27 in 3subjcts il i pass atlst 1…??

  40. Roopini says:

    when will you announce the 3rd sem results? Please announce it soon,

  41. rahul says:

    Hi sir when the 4th sem rv results sir all are waiting for the results plzzz as possible as announce the results

  42. jee says:

    Nanmakla, illi clg avru torcher kotre, alli neev torcher kodtira…internals Average kotila m3, onde back irodu, adrinda detain agidini,. Bega result announce madri,…

  43. Rudru says:

    when 3rd&4th sem result ..eligibility problem………

  44. n says:

    sir eligibilty prblm,pls tell whn is revl rslts?i applied revl for 4 sbjcts..29,26..ths hvng chanc of passng..wll i pass?

  45. ABDUL says:

    Tell me that wn u r going to announce of 2nd sem revaluation result..

  46. srik says:

    when are these 2nd sem revaluation results going to come ?
    waiting like hell.. please inform..

  47. tom says:

    the motherfuckers have no mercy on student..i die each day..they dont correct papers properly and then they take a eternity to display the results..these people should be shoot on their balls..

  48. Santhosh kumar b.v says:

    I cald vtu yestrdy they told RESULTS WIL BE OUT WITH IN 2 DAYS GUYS…

  49. Rudru says:

    plz….announce 3rd and 4th sem revln result…….then one subject pass i get eligibale….

  50. megha says:

    Please reply
    when do we get 4th sem revaluation result?
    Please tell exact date..

  51. manasa says:

    wen will u announce 2nd sem results .. even 1st internals also over..please announce soon..

  52. Gajendra says:

    Sir plz 3rd &4th sem rev result anno soon as possible . I m checking every one hour even night also I got 38, 37 but did not ve Ia marks.if ill passed in 2 sub I ll got eligible so soon plzzz z z z z $$$$$€$$$$$

  53. vaishakh says:

    atleast tell d expected date of third sem results….vtu literally sucks

  54. Ali says:

    VTU devils…..!!!!!
    Anounce th rv results of 3rd n 4th sem asap.. Hw much time u want to check our answer sheets??? We paid u thousand rupees per sub.. Just do ur job in time…

  55. prabhat singh says:

    @vtu plzzz announce 4th sem revel result..

  56. rahul says:

    is it today

  57. singh says:

    results delayed for 3 more days guys

  58. singh says:

    pure bull shit … its such a big university… don thy ve commom sense … so many students lives in thier hand… vtu sucks……………. critical sucks vtu sucks…..

  59. shash says:

    plz announce results asap dnt play with students lifes

  60. nani says:

    Ree sawmyeee navu egale jeevane bejar agide.adaralli nivu bere dinna result late madi madi namna sashita edira sa vtu.

  61. Frustrated student says:

    Hey Guys may be they declare all results by wednesday.I think so.

  62. arunkumar says:

    its already very late:)so please announce 3rd sem result:)am in home waiting for my result since 1month 5day:)its my neck subject so please announce it early or else i’ll leave this world and i’ll write VTU is responsible for my death

  63. s says:

    If 1sub pas i’l gt eligbl.. plzz ancnc today atleast

  64. arun khadka says:

    eligibility problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. arun khadka says:

    the result may come by 21 sep.

  66. ashu says:

    leee vtu sulemakla announce madro nam life eega criticallagide……
    atleast idannadrue sareyage madro nennamun sulemakla…..

  67. ashwin says:

    sir im waiting for 4th sem results….plz tell me the exact date……plz sir

  68. shankar patil says:

    Today announced revaluvation result or not.tel me any one. i think today announced rvl rslt.plz announced today only.

  69. arunkumar says:

    we posts 1000’s of comments and we’re not even getting 1 reply to solve our problems:)

  70. bhaskar says:

    when will the 3rd sem reval result will be announced………..?already 1st internals are over…………

  71. avinash says:

    sir when is the 3rd sem revaluation result…?
    tell us the date sir plzzzzzzzz…

  72. vtu says:

    hi guys,

    there is a technical issue in valuating the marks. so guys have patience. probably you may get results by end of this September. good luck

  73. satyanathan says:

    By tmrw or within wednesdy 4rth sem results might come!! Reason am saying this is.. Go to vtu results site and enter 4rth sem results itz not opening nw! This shows they are uploading 4rth sem reval results!

  74. praveen.. says:

    Why late pz 1st I.A COMT ??????

  75. Satyanath says:

    By tmrw or within wednesdy 4rth sem results might come!! Reason am saying this is.. Go to vtu results site and enter 4rth sem results itz not opening nw! This shows they are uploading 4rth sem reval results!

  76. anil says:

    helo guys who have eligibility problem ru go to clg (“ru going classes in clg) plz replay guys……………..

  77. vajiha says:

    guyz is thr any good results of rv.. am afraid bcz i hve to clear 2 subj to elligible..

  78. don says:

    hattra paa nimga… shanta passmadangilla math ee natak… thu… VTU sattru TOP aagangilla … from “uttar kannada hudga”

  79. s says:

    End of the sep ahhh????????????oh god!!!!

  80. Santhosh kumar b.v says:

    I m also nt going to colg…smone cl vtu n ask abt results guys..

  81. VTU says says:

    result is on 15th of october

  82. vaishakh says:

    i think vtu is makin illiterate ppl to correct our papers dey first study den correct so it takes so much time…

  83. vaishakh says:

    guys do we hv provision to comment on official vtu site???

  84. anil says:

    hello guys lets call vtu (phone) ask about 3&4 sem rv reasult (every body call) if we all ask about reasult at time (today) may they get pressures…..plz call (i m call ing nw)

  85. janu says:

    wt t fuck dis vtu…..plz dnt spoil students life……when ll be the 4th sem revaltn result..its ma gate paper fuck off/………plz tel the xact date

  86. vajiha says:

    is thr any chances of pass in rv.. am dyingggg….

  87. How long we should wait says:

    please announce our result..we are almost half dead now..are you going to announce after our death

  88. p says:

    sir plz say when is reval result of 3rd and 4th sem.sir dieing daily.plz display soon sir.

  89. nagesh says:

    finally results r out…

  90. shruthi says:

    please do announce reval results…dont punish us like this..dieing every minute..

  91. bhaskar says:

    i got eligibility

  92. raj says:

    sir revaluation result kab announce hoga 2014 be 2nd year

  93. vijay says:

    pls announce the 2nd sem revaluation results quickly …..

  94. sahana says:

    if not got photocopy till now what to do please reply

  95. shivrajkumar says:

    hello hello hello awaz aa rahi hai aapko mere 20 subjects back hai kya main ander aa sakta hu please jaldi results announcement karo ! karo ! naughty chennai express

  96. tejashri p g says:

    vtu sir coz of 1 sub tat to i hv gt 30 marks more 5 marks required but i got year back. only 1 sub. in 6th sem i hav passed al sub.i don hav back sub in 3rd year. only 2nd yr. tat to 1 sub n 5 marks. pls cn do anytin sir. we r diein in hm sir…

  97. surya says:

    sir mke it pass foe all…. der ll b criti stndts …. itz studnts ftre

  98. arun says:

    When is re-valuation result for 3rd sem be

  99. arun says:

    When will revaluation results announce for 3rd sem be

  100. jyothi says:

    plsssssss make all the student get in sir

  101. chandra shekar says:

    when is the 3rd semister revaluation results for engineering going to be announced?

  102. vivek says:

    hello sir when is 3rd sem revaluation result of DEC -jan 2014-2015 exams

  103. suguma says:

    hello vtu when is 3rd sem rv result iam waiting plz anounc sooon

  104. Gowthami says:

    When is be 4th sem revaluation results!???

  105. manju says:

    Pls I will suffer from eligibility problems ..pls give the results

  106. srinivasa t k says:

    When r/v 4th semi results for 2015 June/july

  107. veeresh. hiremath says:

    4th sem du r. v result send maadi

  108. Manju Kammar says:

    ಸವಿನಯ ವಿನೊತಿಯೊಂದಿಗೆ ತಮ್ಮಲ್ಲಿ ಕೋರುತ್ತೇವೆ ದಯವಿಟ್ಟು ಮರು ಮೌಲ್ಯಮಾಪನ ಫಲಿತಾಂಶವನ್ನು ಪ್ರಕಟಿಸಿ….. ನೊಂದು ಕುಳಿತಿರುವ ವಿಧ್ಯಾರ್ಥಿಗಳ ಸಂಘದಿಂದ…..

  109. manju says:

    y u r so delay in declaring 3&4 sem revaluation result July 2015 haa

  110. vaishnavi says:

    these many days i had trust on vtu. but wit today its totally gone.they should utleast understand students.eligibility prblm.atleast they should pass the subjects nearby to pass.now cant escape year back/// i think death is the only way. VTU cause for upcoming suiscides.

  111. Shilpa says:

    When will they declare mtech revaluation result???

  112. asif says:

    When cbcs 2nd sem revaluation Result announce

  113. asu says:

    please declare the results of 3 td sem revaluation as soon as possible… the more u delay v suffer a lot .please kindly declare it soon.

  114. abc says:

    vtu is playing vit students life…. If they are playing defnitly guys vtu courses are useless……
    Already Texas instruments HR is rejecting vtu affliated degree students wt a ****ing VTU
    They are spoiling SIR M V name

  115. praveen KN says:

    Why u r so delay in declaring 3&4 sem revaluation result 2016 when results will be announced?

  116. b says says:

    yavag bidatirapaaa rv results…..plz understand our eligiblity problem…

  117. santhu says:

    From 19th sep u pepole updtng samething results will be announced today r tomorrow. …already 3today’s and 2 tomorrow were gone….but still u pepole nt announced. ….

  118. Sachin bg says:

    U vtu peoples updating as results will be today r .tumorow …but silll results r not available if u not able to display the results means then why should they update like that don’t play with students life already we wasted two months without going to classes our colleges not giving internals also we people’s suffer from avrages am again doing the same ting waiting for revaluation results r thismuch late means u have to understand wen we have to read .prepare for exams finally wee sufer no once is going to responsible for that filanaly we will sufer

  119. pavan says:

    I am frustrated because of late revaluation of 4 rh sem …. please get the result as soon as possible bcz m not able to control ma frustration ….plz plz get it soon or reply the exact date of announcing result…..ahow the power of advance technology…….. cannot wait more…….

  120. Sourav says:

    For wat happiness u ppl r having this website update something new

  121. raghu says:

    Hey u vtu ppl , u ppl check the answer sheets or not , i m the 5th sem student my friend had applied for revaluation many of my friends did’nt got increased 1 marks also wt u done in first dt remained same only ,vtu got loss in financially means y u ppl throwing in danger zone ,no 1 got 1 marks also increased i m the student of rymec u plzzzzzzzz my friends dont apply for revaluation u wl never get 1 marks also if u written also just making profit for the vtu …………………..hey vtu ppl who is the head ,plzzzz close ur university its not a buisness sir its a knowledge dont spoil it plzzzzzzzz plzzzzzz i m begging u many many many of friends r suffering if u have a doubt u can chect the rymec clg EC BRANCH results there is no change same marks all had got

  122. ravikiran says:

    sir.when will be announced in 3rd sem cbcs result…?
    sir please announce before the exams

  123. Sunil marandi says:

    Sir, when you will announced 3rd sem revaluation result.?

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