St. Aloysius college organizes ‘Art Beat’ ,’Spinout’, ‘Acme’ and ‘Imprints’ | January 2014

14 Jan 2014St Aloysius College, Mangalore, is louder than usual as its raining fests in almost all the departments of the College.‘Art Beat’,’Spinout’,’Acme’and‘Imprints’, the four annual fiestas of the College are back with innovative themes and exciting events which are sure to give an high stress and rush to the participants.

Art Beat:

‘Art Beat’ the art faculty fiesta is in all colours with their theme ‘Rangon Ka Mela’ which aims to showcase the resplendence of Indian arts and crafts tradition.

‘Ring Master’ (Best Personality) is the most prestigious event of Art Beat, says Art Beat Student Coordinator Anderson Fernandes who further adds that to win this title, the participant has to battle hard in many sub events such as Mock Press, Stress Interview, Group Discussion, Treasure Hunt, Talent Show and Documentary Analysis.

‘Jokeron Ka Darji’ (Dress up the clown) is a new addition in the event list where one has to dress up another participant using bio degradable materials and one can fly high by designing innovative kites with ‘Patang ki pasand’.

‘Haaton ka Rang’ (Mehendi Designing), ‘Rangon ki Barsast’ (Water Colouring), ‘Nautanki’ (Street Play), ‘Bolti Bandh’ (Mime), ‘Ghalli ka Khana’ (Cooking without fire), ‘Taal Pe Thirak’ (Dance), ‘Dil Khol ke Bhol’ (Pick and Speak), ‘Shabdon Ka Rann’ (Debate), ‘Suron Ka Sangam’ (Musical event), ‘Kichik Kichik’ (Photogarphy), ‘Kalam Ki Shaan’ (Creative Writing), ‘Chaturai Ki Khoj’ (Quiz) and ‘Kaagaz Ka Kamaal’ (Collage) are some unique events this year, says Anderson.

The traditional Art Beat theme song which is written by a student every year is this time in 5 languages, he adds.

“About 13 Colleges have registered for Art Beat. We have colleges from Goa and Kerala also participating in this national-level fest,” says Art Beat Staff Coordinator Dr Mukund Prabhu who further adds that the fest was started in 2000 to give students a stage to expose their talents. Art Beat gives importance to intellectual, artistic and cultural approach and gives students a break from academics enabling them to achieve heights in extracurricular activities, says Prabhu.

Art beat will be held in St Aloysius College on February 1 and 2 along with ‘Spinout’.


“Everyone who will be participating in the fest is not a mere participant but a professional in making,” says Spinout Coordinator Vinrose Pinto who says that the fest has seven events and already 15 colleges from the State have registered to participate. The event named ‘Business’ is this year’s highlight where the entire team will be involved in making a business plan, implementing it, marketing it and also solving crisis just like any other business setup.

‘Best Manager’ is the hyped event of Spinout which aims to find the perfect leader who has a dynamic personality, communication skills, leadership qualities and who can handle crisis in ease.

“Handling a fest gives us professional experience and we have started our planning well in time. We have noted down every detail meticulously and we are all geared up for the fest,” says Vinrose.


An unique science exhibition is the main attraction of this year’s Imprints where over 70 science models will be displayed, said Imprints Student Coordinator Solomon Simon who further added that science exhibition has always been a trend in Imprints and this year the participating teams are also supposed to compulsorily bring a science model and participate in the event ‘Medley of Models’. Various schools have been given invites to have a practical exposure to science by visiting the fest.

“We wanted to have a blend of social world along with the science world hence we tried to incorporate the social networking concept to the fest and themed it as the ‘The Science Network,” said Solomon.

Imprints is also a national-level fest and about 13 colleges are expected to participate, he revealed and added the fest has general events as well as some concentrating on a particular stream such as ‘Research Gate,’ a physical science event, ‘Life Knot’ dealing with Biology and ‘Techyyz Showdon’ which is based on Computer Science.

Imprints will be held on February 3 and 4 along with the Commerce annual festival ‘Acme’.


The Commerce fest ‘Acme’ is geared up to set the stage on fire with their theme ‘The Legends of Rock’. “The unique thing about this year’s Acme is it tries to bring out the business of the music Industry,” says Student Coordinator Stefi Pinto.

The fest has seven events and each of it is named after a song, she adds. When the Human Resource event is named ‘Sultans of Swing,’ the Marketing is called ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

‘The Longest Day’ is ‘the’ event of Acme, stressed Stefi who adds that the rules are top secret but the participant can expect shocks and a lot of twists and turns. ‘Master of Puppets’ (Corporate Survivor) is a prestigious title which hunts for the ‘Best CEO’ from the participating teams, she said.

‘Wall Street Shuffle’ (Mock Stock) is a unique event where the students have to exactly work the way a stock market works.

The event also has specially designed software’s and the participants have to take quick decisions in buying and selling stocks, says Acme Student Coordinator Rahail Patel and adds that over 11 colleges will be participating in the fest.

“Fests give opportunity for students to exhibit their talents and also show their organising skills. It helps them to develop leadership qualities and also learn how to work in a team,” says St Aloysius College Principal Rev Fr Swebert D’Silva SJ.

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