Sameeksha 2013, organized by MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore, Technical Fest, Karnataka on April 26, 27 2013

April 11 2013, Bangalore: Department of Civil Engineering at MSRIT is proud to announce it’s first inter-college civil tech fest. Sameeksha 2013 is organized by Civil department organized by MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore. Backed by the strong Royal Society of Civil Engineers, the fest is bound to bring a paradigm shift to tech fests in the city.

Sameeksha 2013 dates:
Fest dates: 26th-27th April 2013

Sameeksha 2013 Technical Events in Bangalore:
The fest is divided into 4 segments:
1) Symposium
2) Competitions
3) Workshops
4) Exhibitions

1. Symposium: CEvolution (Paper presentation)
Civil Engineering Students’ Symposium
Aim: to encourage research among students and prepare them to present their works at national and international conferences.
Last date to submit abstract is April 15, 2013.


2. Competitions:
i. Trestle – Bridge it!
With ice-cream sticks students will make model bridges which will be put to load testing afterwards. This event encourages hands on experience and promotes creativity and workmanship.

ii. Real Estate Tycoon
Technical knowledge is not sufficient to survive in this fiscal world. Providing the best skills with an economical touch is the requirement today.
The participants will be asked to prepare a plan of a residential apartment in AUTOCAD and later will be asked to present the USP’s of their project before the judges. The plan must adhere to the bylaws and participants must quote a selling price for their project.

iii. Concrete guru
MSRIT has been a pioneer in researches related to concrete like HPC, SCC etc. To make students understand concrete better, they will be asked to do a mix design and cast cubes of a special type of concrete.

iv. CiviQ
A quiz to assess civil engineering aptitude of participants. MSRIT has an active quiz club and CiviQ will have a standard which will set example for others.

v. Confluence
A tech debate focused on emerging environmental challenges

vi. Quick Surveying
An event to check field knowledge of participants to do a Sameeksha of their surveying skills.

vii. Fast and Furious
An amalgamation of crosswords, jumbled words, and other puzzle games related to civil engineering to tickle the grey matter of participants.

viii. aap DUDE hai.
Show us your cool quotient in this non-technical event.

Sameeksha 2013 Co-ordinators Details:
For any other query and information about sponsorship opportunities drop us a mail at

How to reach MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology:
M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technolgy
Vidya Soudha, MSRIT Post,
MSR Nagar,
Bangalore – 560054,
Karnataka, India

Sameeksha 2013 Website:
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Sameeksha 2013 Event Departments: Civil

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