Equinox and Jnaapti conduct the first of its kind techno-soft skill workshop

Mangalore, January 2013: Fast Trackers Workshop, set a phenomenal milestone for the year 2013. This training involved students from 5 Engineering colleges including PA College of Engineering, Canara Engineering College, St. Josephs Engineering College, Sahyadri College of Engineering and Mangalore Institute of Technology. This unique workshop brought together a group of students from 2nd to 4th year of Engineering who are in the CS, EC/EE branches and coached them on skills required to be a successful engineer, creating a wonderful platform to learn and earn knowledge and showcase their talents!
This training involved a wide range of activities which were neatly moulded to adapt the students to the corporate atmosphere. The students got an opportunity to attend technical mock interviews. Many students got into internships and many are working independently on mini projects. Equinox and Jnaapti, being training firms, jointly organized this event and were very successful in transforming these young minds to independent souls. The next program of this kind is going to be held on the 25th of January 2013. Registrations for the same will be closed on 22nd January 2013.
Reach Equinox To register for this program
Email : equinox.teamsuccess@gmail.com

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