Firing in Mangalore | two men on a pulsar bike tried to massacre | They managed to escape with the traffic | Alert to Mangaloreans

Mangalore, August 2 2013:There was Shoot out at Ballalbagh, near lalbagh mangalore.
Two unknown people in a Bajaj Pulsar bike tried to shoot a person called Sudhindra bhat twice but all in vain. The culprits managed to run away in traffic. This will be updated soon.

Sudhindra Bhat is said to be the proud owner of Sudhindra Bhat Mart, p.v.s, Mangalore. However more news awaited.


One Response to “Firing in Mangalore | two men on a pulsar bike tried to massacre | They managed to escape with the traffic | Alert to Mangaloreans”
  1. Michael says:

    Good to get to read about both sides of a story. I agree that the media has not exactly been anegilc all over India, recently.All the same, it is sad to see my beloved city turning into another Bihar. As many people have been mentioning, if it is not illegal, it is RIGHT. Rogue elements such as KRV, Ram Sene, etc have no right to impose culture or any opinion on other citizens of Bengaluru.At the moment, it is all going wrong. There is no respect for the law, policemen command no authority and are forced to sway according to directives of political motives.Fair criticism has become an alien concept. Everybody whines, but does nothing to help each other. People should realize that it is partly their responsibility to ensure that they empower the govt. by being fair in praise and criticism.Peace, liberty, freedom and the lives of all Bangaloreans, kannadigas or not, are larger than saffron or green agendas.Unfortunately, Dr., law and order is not very stable in our state. Officially, you are responsible for it as well. I have faith in this government, and Dr. Acharya- NOT because I voted for them, but simply because this is government that the majority has chosen, and it is our duty as citizens not to hamper progress by causing additional roadblocks to it.At the same time, I’m going to be critical wherever required, because this city is my home, and I live here. I’m empowered by means of my freedom of speech, which is what I’m doing RIGHT NOW.Support your govt., and the govt. WILL support you.Secularism for life!P.S: “Support” is a big word, take a moment and try to recognize how and in what ways you can do your little bit to help the govt. do it’s job.

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