No VTU Special supplementary Examinations for the students who have failed in CIP71/81 / 10CIP18/28, MATDIP301, MATDIP401, 10CIV18/28

VTU has decided not to conduct any supplementary exams for students who have failed in CIP71/81 / 10CIP18/28, MATDIP301, MATDIP401, 10CIV18/28. This will definitely make an impact on the life of students. The VTU folks have been continuously pleading and requesting the VTU University. But yet there has been no action taken.

By the direction of the Vice-Chancellor, the principals of all affiliated engineering colleges are requested to note that,
1. Special supplementary Examinations will be conducted for the students who have failed in the subjects:
2. -Constitution of India and Professional Ethics (CIP71/81 / 06CIP18/28)
-Advanced Mathematics – I (MATDIP301) & Advanced Mathematics – II (MATDIP401)
-Environmental Studies – (06CIV18/28)
2. The students who have completed all the subjects required for the award of degree
other than the above subjects can only apply for these examinations.
3. The students left with any other subjects other than these subjects are not eligible to
file examination application form for special supplementary examinations.

4. Students should submit their examination application form through before 24th August 2012.
The Process for Submission of form through online is as follows:
 Use the URL: to access the supplementary examination link
 On the examform home page, click on the supplementary examination link to open the application page
 Enter the USN
 Select examination series i.e Supplementary exam aug-sep-2012
 Select the examination center to appear for the examination.
 Enter the image displayed in the enter text image shown on the right side
 Click on submit it will show the candidate details and the subjects.
 Click on the check box to apply for a particular subject. The fee amount will calculated automatically on
selecting the subject.
 Select the payment mode and enter the required details.
 Click on apply now.
 On successful completion the print button will be enabled. In case you want to apply for more subjects
repeat steps above and reprint the application to submit at college.
 Take two Printouts and affix your photograph put your signature and submit the same to the
college for the approval of the Principal before 25th August 2012 along with fee.
 Take one copy after the approval of the Principal and use the same as Hall Ticket.
5. Fee for the said examination is Rs.125/- per subject
6. College shall take a report of the students applied for this examination from the web by following the
procedure given hereunder:
There would be option in the principal login Exam menu-> Exam application /
Challenge Evaluation application report for generating the consolidated report of
supplementary examinations. Select the supplementary examination checkbox
then select the examination series and date range to generate the report.
7. Colleges shall take a printout of the report and submit the same to the office of the undersigned before 29th August 2012. ::1::3
8. The Supplementary Examinations will be conducted as per the following schedule:
This Special Provision is made for these Subjects only.
The students may choose any one of the following centre as per their convenience:
1). East West Instt. of Tech, Bangalore
2) Global Academy of Tech. Bangalore
3) KLECET, Belgaum,
4) Aappa Inst. Gulbarga,
5) Vidya Vikas Inst. of Engg. & Tech., Mysore,
6) St. Joseph College, Mangalore and
7) BIET, Davangere.
The Principals of affiliated Engineering Colleges are requested to bring the contents of this circular to the notice of all concerned.


518 Responses to “No VTU Special supplementary Examinations for the students who have failed in CIP71/81 / 10CIP18/28, MATDIP301, MATDIP401, 10CIV18/28”
  1. somanath says:

    thank you very very much this will definately help us to clear degree….

  2. rama says:

    when will supplementary matdip 401 & 301 ??????????????????????????

  3. Sharan says:

    sir when matdip301 exam fee to fill….?plz give reply am searching daily on net,am unable to find the online filling so plz inform me

  4. rama says:

    i have an doubt.. i have cleared all subject from 1 to 8th sem but matdip 401 was failed am waiting for supplementary exam and i have written pgcet can any one tel me can i attend to the pgcet document verification schedule…

    • poornachandra says:

      Plz help me , I have cleared all subjects in be except matdip301, is it possible to attend document verification for pgcet , plz help me, and when is Supplementary exam for dip301.

  5. udayakumar says:

    sir I have cleared all the semister BE upto 8th sem but problem is matdip301 fail when is special supplementary exam I have attend pg cet also can I attend document verification schedule

  6. xcv says:

    I’ve cleared all semesters except 1 subject from 5th sem, & M-2.
    Can I attend M-2 special examination?????

  7. vivek says:

    can i know when is the special supplementary exam? or whether exam is there in 2013? … completed my engineerign in 2012, but couldnt clear my m1.. so waiting for this , so many oppurtunities have gone by…

  8. shalini says:

    when will be supplementary matdip 301…? if anyone came to know about that plz reply it will be helpfull to get the degreee plz….

  9. sangu says:

    when is the re exam for the subject matdip301……????? plz if u knw reply me……

  10. pradeep.r.m says:

    hi sir plz inform me when will be the vtu supplementary exam conducted I have one subject back dipmat301 so pls inform me thanking

  11. Lokesh says:

    Sir when will be the special supplementary exam I need to write dipmat 301 so please tell me . My company joining coming near so I need to clear.

  12. Lokesh says:

    Sir when will be the special supplementary exam I need to write matdip301 so please tell me . My company joining coming near so I need to clear.

  13. p.arun says:

    respected sir wht about this year special supplymentry exam sir

  14. Nishit says:

    Hey is anybody aware of dates ??
    I need to know the date for Dipmat301.

  15. anu says:

    when s supplementary mat dip301…?if anybody came to knw abt dat plz reply

  16. poorvi says:

    when ll be the special supplementary exam i need to write matdip401

  17. vivek says:

    for gods sake when is the special supplementary exams.. or vtu will conduct exam this time…

  18. divya says:

    Hi, plz tel me when is matdip exam ….sir if exam is not their plz inform that bcoz we are waiting from the past one month…

  19. bhas says:

    Link for Special Supplementary exam is displayed in website , VTU should clarify about exams , it vllhelp so many students

  20. shalini says:

    when s matdip301..? plz if anyone came to know abt dat plz reply….

  21. Basavaraj.D says:

    Hi, plz tel me when is matdip301 exam will be conduct.
    ph no:9880880595

  22. Chethan Kumar says:

    when is the Special supplementary exam?… if anyone came to know about that please reply….

  23. sanju says:

    r u ppl playing ????? form is not getting submitted properly…. once 1 sub is selected d nxt time d same sub won get highlited but print option is also not found for the previous submission……. moreover tll is id bloody m1 & m2 necessary for diploma entry???????

  24. supreeth says:

    sir. When results out of matdip301,401, exam…

  25. Darshan says:

    Please let me know when the results of this supplementary exams are gonna announce…. how will us get to know about results…..??

  26. SACHIN says:

    whens the result

  27. siddhi says:

    do v really need dis bloody hell m1 n m2 exams….????? v found hell…. stil many r stepping ahead…. damn sub..i cant clr dis…

  28. seema says:

    do v really need to write dis bloody hell subj of m1 n m2 ….??? v do cant… plz do remove such compulsory exam for diploma students…

  29. vinay says:

    I cleared all subjects except dipmat301 n 401 in 2013. Can I say am 2013 passout??0:)

  30. mahesh R says:

    can any one suggest when will be the special supplementary exam for matdip301….

  31. raj says:

    Pls let me the date of supplymentory examination for the dipmat301/401

  32. pradeep says:

    sir i hve both matdip1 and matdip2.. can i rite supplymentory examination…
    i hv cleared all subjects… expect m1 n m2….

  33. pradeep says:

    reply me any 1 plz

  34. chethan says:

    when is supplymentary for matdip301

  35. chaitra says:

    I cleared BE in distinction but I got back in matdip401
    Till clearing this sub we won’t get degree certificate,I really not lykn dis rules from vtu …
    :-(… Diploma shud suffer a lot in dis… Dis maths,CIP n all won’t even count for our certificate den y dis punishment for distinction or first class holders? I need reply

  36. sampath says:

    Please inform me the date of supplementary exam for the dipmat301/401 – 2014

  37. Guru says:

    Plz any one inform me date of matdip301 supplementry.
    There r saying exam will conduct in September

  38. Guru says:

    There r saying exam will conduct in Septem

  39. harshith says:

    Actuaaly im 2013 passed out student i have cleared all sub except matdip301 can i take supplementary exam

  40. Mahesh says:

    please inform the supplementary matdip401 exam date

  41. ravireddy says:

    does any knows when is the dipmat301 for 2014

  42. ravireddy says:

    any knows when is the dipmat301 for 2014

  43. anu says:

    Hello anyone alive here? Tell us wen is matdip401 exam? First reply for students quest later continue wit ur work:@

    • VTU help says:

      vtu will announce circular very soon regarding conduct of special exams for CIP, CIV, MATDIP301, MATDIP401 on its official website. & also that circular will be put on all college notice board. dont bother about dates start preparing for exam. This exam is similar to regular one. no grace marks or simpaty for students. if u score 35 u will through otherwise u have 2 wait for another 1 year for ur degree. dont be in an delema that u will get >=35marks without 30% correct answers… passing ratio is only 30% out of 100% in this exam.
      So prepare well.

  44. VINOD SHETTY says:

    can any 1plzzzz tell me wen s the advance maths I (MATDIP301) supplementary examiation ????

  45. Tejus says:

    I have applied for the revaluation of matdip301, at the same time can I apply for the special supplementary.. plz give the feed back. ?

  46. Rashmi says:

    sir, could u please tel wen will b the last date to apply fa ths special supplementary?…

  47. pradeep says:

    sir plz tlel d date for exam fees plz plz…

    • VTU help says:

      official circular is not yet been declared. exam will be in September. dont worry about last date to apply, every college will get notified & official notification is also made available on , so stop worrying about last date & start preparing for exam.
      The date will be notified here as soon as the official circular is released.

  48. Sathya says:

    Sir plz let me know about the Supplementary exams date of matdip(301) and matdip(401).I had been searching for last 2 weeks in but i couldn’t get any kind of information in that.So i am waiting for ur response.

  49. rajesh says:

    Dear sir,
    Could you please me.I have Dipmat301 as backlog.and my admission to BE was in 2008 according to VTU .this year I fulfill 6 yes duration of my maximum duration allowed applicable for Dipmat301 arrears as well?.I have cleared all other subjects only Dipmat301 remaining.plzzzz help me with your valuable reply

    • VTU help says:

      Dear rajesh,
      yes u r right, being an lateral entry student, duration of ur engg degree is 3 years & maximum years to complete ur degree is double (6 years). This MATDIP & CIP,CIV exams are required to award degree in VTU. So you should have to clear this subject in this(2014) exam, dont worry, securing 35 in Adavced mathematics-1 is not an big deal. Dont think on DEADLINE, just focus on subject. be confident.
      All the best.

      • pradeep says:

        sir once u call vtu people n ask when is the supplementary exam plz plz……
        v people r blocked here…… do thid favour 4 hus…. m requesting u sir

      • rajesh says:

        Dear sir,thank you very much for your valuable reply.I am really much worried sir.because vtu circular states that I am allowed to attend last exam on July 2014. which is already over. Even I tried to enquire at vtu on phone but I could not received any proper response from there. Just due to DIPMAT1 I will be permanently declared as NFTC? I’d there any options to cross this . please sir it’s question about my future. Can I attend further attempt for dipmat1? By paying some kind of penalty or extra fee for special request. Please sir suggest me . help me. Looking forward for your answer.

  50. Nandini R says:

    Sir i want to write dipmat301 Advance mathematics I as supplementary exam please send me when is the last date to pay exam fee and also exam date .

  51. pradeep says:

    sir once u call vtu people n ask about supplementary.. plz plz plz
    ask dem wen v shud pay exam fees

  52. pradeep says:

    friends if any knws any informations about matdip supplementary plz tell

  53. rajesh says:

    rajesh says:
    August 17, 2014 at 10:19 PM
    Dear sir,thank you very much for your valuable reply.I am really much worried sir.because vtu circular states that I am allowed to attend last exam on July 2014. which is already over. Even I tried to enquire at vtu on phone but I could not received any proper response from there. Just due to DIPMAT1 I will be permanently declared as NFTC? I’d there any options to cross this . please sir it’s question about my future. Can I attend further attempt for dipmat1? By paying some kind of penalty or extra fee for special request. Please sir suggest me . help me. Looking forward for your answer.

    • VTU help says:

      dear rajesh,
      You can take special exam of september 2014 for your MATDIP301. but remember this is last chance for u. No further exams will be given as per AICTE & UGC rules. This rules are not framed by VTU. as per UGC & AICTE maximum duration to complet dergree is double of its minimum. but in your case you are falling back because of your addition subjects that are added by vtu, so you are eligible to take this year’s special exam.

      stop worrying & just clear it out this time.

  54. priya says:

    can i attend document verification of pgcet and cni go to pg after dip exams

    • VTU help says:

      no, its not possible. This year u cant join for PG. what u will produce during document verification, u will not get neither PDC nor 8th sem original marks card.

  55. vinod shetty says:

    sir there is a rumor that the supplementary exam for matdip301 and matdip401 is cancelled , is it true ???? plzzzz do reply sir .

    • VTU help says:

      dont worry. exam will be their. VTU delaying because to avoid inconsistency. after RV results of 3/4 sem their will be an supplimentary exam for CIP/CIV/MATDIP301/401.

  56. pradeep says:

    sir i my coll dey told supplementary may b or not b… depends on vtu means….
    is it ture r wt sir.. plz reply……

  57. sinchu says:

    sir please tel me when s da m1 exam?bcz of ths subject v r nt eligible for pg course…plz gve exam fast…it save 1yr…otherwise please do special cousilling for dip back ground students after supplementary exam…after supplementaey exam pu student join to b.e..ds rules only for pu students?please gve ds like opportunity for pg students..dis save 1yr of the student..please sir..think about student career..ds subject nt considering in degree course…it kills dip background students…so please save students 1yr life

  58. Mahesh G says:

    Sir, How many attempts are there to pass this subjets…? Im 2014 Passout

  59. Harsha says:

    Dear sir,i failed in matdip301 because of my negligence but now i realized now wats the use of it,but now no time for to take exam so u please force the vtu people for giving special supplementary exam,and one more thing if we have backlog as m1 thn can we eligible to join for job? please help us

    • VTU help says:

      if u dont clear this subject u wont get ur degree, that means u r not an B.E graduate(&not 2014passout). for job it depends on company, if they dont want ur PDC / degree cetificate/8th sem markscard, then u can join. if they ask for PDC or 8th sem marks card then u cant get it until u clear this subject…. & for sure not eligible to apply for any government jobs..

  60. ayan says:

    sir… when is the supplimentary exam for matdip 401 for 2014 pass out students… rumors are there last date is 24 august 2014 to apply online.. sir plz reply..

  61. ayan says:

    sir… when is the supplimentary exam for 2014 pass out students… matdip 401 sir rumors are that 24 august is last date to reply..

  62. Pavan says:

    No Supplementary examinatins until reval results

  63. Dharma says:

    Sir, I have MATDIP301 subject back and I cleared all other subject.. My question is “Can I try for a job by putting I am a BE graduate?”??
    Sir, please reply me.. I’m 2013 passed out..

    • VTU help says:

      This subject is required to get your graduation. so until u dont clear this subject u cnat be an 2013 passout….! if u clear this in upcoming special exam then u r an 2014 passout.

  64. swetha says:

    Dear sir:
    As u said the supplementary exam will be in september but the dates are not yet announced plz give the dates and when is the last date to apply for exam.

  65. suresh says:

    Frnds anyone knws the dates to apply for special supplementary exam

  66. Tejus says:

    Sir i have a back subject i,e dip maths so I have applied for banking exmz those exmz will be on next month and verification of marks cards will be after 2-3 months so will it be a problem

  67. vijay says:

    sir… i cleared all the subject except one subject ie, regular subject micro electronics,so can i attend supplementary exam?

  68. vijay says:

    Sir…. I cleared all the subjects except one subject ie.regular subject microelectronics, so can I attend the supplement ary exam?

  69. Manjula says:

    The supplementory exam is only for 2014 passed out or any year passed out

  70. jayanth says:

    Sir i have two subjects back in 8th sem as well as matdip301 and matdip401 the problem is my maximumcourse duration is over .thus further is there any chance for my degree completion plz inform…

  71. jayanth says:

    Plz andwer

  72. pradeep says:

    sir any in4mation of supplementory

  73. divya says:

    Sir when will be the exam.. its already sep 3

  74. pradeep says:

    sir plz help hus…..still hw long v people shud wait… 1s call vtu n ask dem

  75. Mahesh R says:

    Dear Sir,
    will the special supplementary exam happen for this year.?

  76. vinod shetty says:

    sir plzzzz tell us wen s the supplementary exams ?? some ppl r telling this time no supplementary exams …. plzz help us out sir ….

  77. praveen nayakawadi says:

    dear sir , please at least exam date inform to us because we ll get one strong confidence ,, and when ii be 3/4th sem rv result ….so we are in totally blind to prepare the exam so please discus with ur senior officer and confirm it …..thank u sir

  78. praveen nayakawadi says:

    dear sir , please at least exam date inform to us because we ll get one strong confidence ,, and when ii be 3/4th sem rv result ….so we are in totally blind to prepare the exam so please discus with ur senior officer and confirm it …..thank u sir

  79. sanjana says:

    when is MATDIP301 exam please inform us as soon as possible

  80. Mahesh R says:

    Plz sir,, confirm the special exam date…

  81. ramesh says:

    sir pls confirm the dip mat 301 and 401 examination particular date.

  82. pradeep says:

    sir 4th sem RV result s out…. but wen s supplementary xam…
    plz plz m requesting 2 comform d xam sir,,,,,,,

  83. sampath says:

    Sir all revaluation results announced when will they announce matdip301 exam date

  84. sampath says:

    Plz reply sir……

  85. uday shankar says:

    sir, pls confirm dates for supplymentary exams for mat dip 301 i have passed in all other subjects

  86. Raghu says:

    Plz conform the date 3 sem result also announced

  87. vinod shetty says:

    sir both 3rd nd 4th Rv results are out …. wen s the special supplementary exam …. plzzz confirm the dates nd the last dat pay the exam fee ….

  88. swetha says:

    Plz confirm the supplementary dates still hw long v should wait

  89. Melvin says:

    Have they really withdrew the exam this time……(special Supple 2014), Please Confirm…

  90. Mohammed says:

    Sir plz tell me when is the supplementary exam of math dip 1.plz reply bz i have cleared all subject except dip 1

  91. pradeep says:

    sir plz plz plz plz confirm xam date sir plz

  92. Mohammed says:

    Sir plz tell me when is supplementary exam of dip 1:)

  93. sachin says:

    sir, when is matdip301 exam ? i placed in banking, in December i have document verification. exam fully afraid . is it possible to get degree certificate before December?

    • VTU help says:

      dear sachin, sorry to say this that you are not eligible to get that job. refer that job notification, in that they clearly mentioned the date for having degree.

  94. raj says:

    Sir Rv result s came by past 2days ..wen u will announce d special supplementary exam..for dip mat301,401……after clear those exam can I go for p.g by management cota…..?

  95. raj says:

    Sir Rv result s came by past 2days ..wen u will announce d special supplementary exam..for dip mat301,401……after clear those exam can I go for p.g by management cota…………? I’m looking ur reply

  96. suresh says:

    Dear sir, special supplementary exam is there or not?

  97. iftekhar says:

    sir all revaluation results had been announced.. now plzz announce the supplimentary exam dates for lateral entry student.

    • Nadeem says:

      Hey bro from whr r u..? nd any info abt suppl xam. ?????

    • Nadeem says:

      Hey bro from whr r u..? nd any info abt suppl xam. ?????

    • mohan says:

      Dear sir plz give us supplimentry exam .I have cleared all subject except dipmat301.I’m waiting fr my degree to join mtech in management .plz give us supply sir . many students r awaiting fr supply. Its an humble request plz ..

    • mohan says:

      Dear sir plz give us supplimentry exam .I have cleared all subject except dipmat301.I’m waiting fr my degree to join mtech in management .plz give us supply sir . many students r awaiting fr supply. Its an humble request plz ..bcz of dipmat301 we wil spoil our 1yr ..nd degree certificate wil get extend fr next yr .

  98. rajesh says:

    Dear Sir.
    As you know . revaluation results announced . could you please provide information about expected exam date. it will be much helpful to students like us.
    Thanks in advance. :)

  99. puneeth says:

    sir, pls tell us when is th supply exam for mat dip 301 i have to complete my degree

  100. abhishek says:

    Sir pls let us know whether exam wil coduct or not and if it is goin to coduct thn pls cofirm d date
    Thank you sir

  101. Harsha says:

    sir please inform us about exam’s dates

  102. abhishek says:

    Sir pls let us know whether d exam is going to conduct or nt? And if it is going to conduct then pls confirm d date thank you

  103. suresh says:

    Vtu help not replying….

  104. abhishek says:

    Sir pls inform us d date for supplementry exam

  105. Mahesh G says:

    Sir, please inform us about schedule of supplmntary exms. We r waiting

  106. VTU help says:

    ” Breaking news ” today VTU announced dates for online filling of dec 2014- jan 2015 exam.( for regular subjects)

  107. VTU help says:

    starting date of online application is 22-sept-2014, & Last date for online apply is 30-sept-2014( for mysore/bangalore regions)

    chances for announcement of special exam is 20% only.( still have to wait until 22 September).

  108. Raghu says:

    Plz conduct special exam it’s helpful for lot of students like us. Take students decision. Iot of students are hopeing for positive decision from vtu

  109. Raghu says:

    Plz conduct special exam it’s helpful for lot of students like us. Take students favor decision. Lot of students hopeing positive decision from vtu

  110. Raghu says:

    Hello vtu help plz reply its a matter of students we are suffering a lot. we are in the sitiution thay not able to going for jobs plz reply

  111. Raghu says:

    Hello vtu help plz reply its a matter of students we are suffering a lot. we are in the sitiution that not able to going for jobs plz reply

  112. suresh says:

    Please confirm about special exam…

  113. ravi says:

    Please help me vtu…..

  114. divya says:

    Sir plz conduct the exam

  115. iftekhar says:

    dear sir ,
    regular exam dates had been announced.. .
    Sir plz say is there any supplimentary exam or not..

  116. basavaraj says:

    Sir plz conduct the exam.i applied for bescom exam.plz sir I paid 4000/- for 5 years they will not recruitment plz sir conduct exam

  117. basavaraj says:

    Vtu help plz rply

  118. divya says:

    Sir plz inform the correct information so that we can move forward to do something else.. we are waiting from so long.. plz tell us wether we will be having exam or not.

  119. sampath says:

    Dear friends no supplementary exams,for,more information call vtu,regional,office 08023181188

  120. basavaraj says:

    Vtu help plz conduct supply exam

  121. basavaraj says:

    Vtu help I applied for kptcl recruitment plz conduct supply great full to u plz plz plz it’s humble request to u

  122. sampath says:

    Yes friend i had called u too call,and ask vtu office

  123. basavaraj says:

    Wat they told 2 u

  124. yash says:

    vtu please conduct supplementary exam for matdip401… please please it’s request…
    Guys ll call vtu belgaum and tell ur college official also to call. and request for special supplementary…

  125. pooja kotagi says:

    plz can anybody inform me that when is suplimentary exam for dipmat..???

  126. sampath says:

    No supplementary they told bro. I hv given the number know bro .you guys too cal and enquire about exams

  127. basavaraj says:

    I send a request letter through FAX to Registrar(Evaluation) VTU. So please requesting u to all of send a REQUEST LETTER TO VTU through FAX to conduct the supply exams. It will put more pressure on vtu to conduct the exam. May be it will work.FAX NO.0831-2405467

  128. basavaraj says:

    Don’t delay send a letter through fax

  129. aravinda says:

    O my vtu help me for supply exam…..

  130. vinod shetty says:

    Vtu help plzzzz reply …

  131. basavaraj says:

    Send a request letter to registrar (evaluation) belgaum. Not to vtu regional office of banglr.they follow only orders they won’t take decision so send a letter to belgaum registrar (evaluation) Only.

  132. VTU help says:

    I am posting General enquiry telephone numbers of VTU Belgaum. For more information you people can call directly to these numbers.

  133. basavaraj says:

    Fax no:-0831-2405467

  134. basavaraj says:

    They r waiting any 1 students put pressure on him then only they announce supply exams. If we kept quite they won’t announce send a letter to belgaum through FAX or courier.

  135. basavaraj says:


  136. Munna says:

    Guys please request VTU for supplimentry exams, am already written mail to registrar VTU requesting for SUPPLIMENTRY exams, you guys also do it so that we can put little more pressure on them.That will help students like me very much. Email to this id or send fax to VTU.

  137. divya says:

    Sir this is unfair if exam is not their they could have inform before the regular exam. many students did not write the matdip exam thinking that they will be having supplementary . so plz conduct the exam this time.

  138. basavaraj says:

    BETWEEN 10 A.M TO 5 P.M I DIALED BUT SAME THING NO ONE RECEIVING a call. Also if they received they rply there is no supply exam this year. So u may try to call but don’t forget to FAX a letter it will put more pressure.n they understand our problem.

  139. divya says:

    r u really sure that this time supplementary is not their

  140. basavaraj says:

    Conduct this time supply exams

    n announced now from next year there is no supply exams. Vtu did not before regular exams there is no supply. So we cleared all subjects except matdip. So conduct plz conduct nw.n u cancel it from next year.if u want to cancel from next year announce circular nw. But plz conduct supply exams nw

  141. basavaraj says:

    Send a FAX letter

  142. iftekhar says:

    sir say it weather is there supplementary exam or not..

  143. iftekhar says:

    basavaraj have you called on that numbers

  144. basavaraj says:

    Ya called Bt nt receiving call so u may also try to call n also don’t forget to send letter to vtu belgaum

  145. vinod shetty says:

    i too hav sent the mail

  146. Harsha says:

    friends now no time to wait for vtu notifications regarding suppli exams,so please all who want to write Suppli exams those of all please do one mail to vtu,belgaum, And in mail please mention for giving suppli exams

  147. Harsha says:

    here few days back “vtu help says” only told tht examll b thr but now ty are telling it may b only 20% ,so vtu people please help us for they giving suppli exams otherwise our 1year life will b spoil for 1useless subject, and also its not considered for agreegate,please vtu people show your concerns on this

  148. Harsha says:

    and guys please all who needed suplli exam they r all should create one new group and all should start strike against vtu if they say no supplementary exams,,,,,,,,wake up guys its our last chance otherwise we should suffer for one year,please all should support we can ask our rights ,last year why they gave suppli but why this year no suppli for us???? wakeup friends,,,now no time …..please all should support us..

    • raj says:

      Vtu……plz conduct d supli exam and save d one year as u knew no s getting gvrnmnt job till d cmpltion of degree even higher study s also not possible……. S u could tell before d our last exam but u didn’t….. So plz confirm d exam n from this onwards no supply exam means bring d notification to all collage…..but dis tym conduct d special supply exam….save us vtu. . thanks a lot

    • raj... says:

      Vtu……plz conduct d supli exam and save d one year as u knew no s getting gvrnmnt job till d cmpltion of degree even higher study s also not possible……. S u could tell before d our last exam but u didn’t….. So plz confirm d exam n from this onwards no supply exam means bring d notification to all collage…..but dis tym conduct d special supply exam….save us vtu. . thanks a lot ……..

  149. aravinda says:

    Vtu decision 100% wrong, because they must tell before the regular exam…. it is human rights oppose

  150. yash says:

    And tell your college incharge to call vtu and request them to conduct special supplementary exam. for lateral students…. please friends…

  151. vinod shetty says:

    ny 1 got ABVP number ?

  152. vinod shetty says:

    no supplementary this time.

  153. priya says:

    how to check vtu previous results i have a confusion whether i have passed m1 or m2?

  154. rahul says:

    Please friends call your college staff and tel them to call to vtu belgaum and request to conduct supplementary exam…. do it all

  155. iftekhar says:

    go to vtu fast results priya you can check over there.

  156. iftekhar says:

    sir the numbers which you have gave they are saying itz not exam section… number. sir plz you ask and clearify us weather is there any supplimentary exam or not.

  157. iftekhar says:

    sir they are eecieving the call and not talking …. sir ask them whats the problem to speak….

  158. divya says:

    Hi guys i have called to my college they are telling they are taking exam fee for supplementary..

  159. iftekhar says:

    Is it true divya. … whats the last date to pay the fees …

  160. iftekhar says:

    08312498196 sir he is recieving the call but saying he is not from examination section.. and other numbers are recieving the call nut not speaking.. sir plz help

  161. divya says:

    He just said they are taking exam fee.. i think better u ppl call to college and ask for the updates.. any update plz keep post

  162. yash says:

    how they can taken fee….it’s DD rgt to make and send…???

  163. iftekhar says:

    without any notification or circulation about exam how can they take fees…

  164. iftekhar says:

    divya which college you from..

  165. basavaraj says:

    I called to my college Bt they told not receaving supply exam fees

  166. divya says:

    sir, plz conduct the supplementary exam

  167. pradeep says:

    same here also bro….. dey told still no annoucment of supply

  168. pradeep says:

    friends v can take any news channel help,,, 4 tis den vll gt xam

  169. iftekhar says:

    same with me to bro.. they said not yet any notification or circular came about supplimentary exam..

  170. basavaraj says:

    Vtu belgaum told no supply Wat to do yar how can we put pressure on him.

  171. basavaraj says:

    Vtu help please rply.

  172. ramya says:

    I hate vtu decision

  173. pradeep says:

    friends wt 2 do nw……………… last 2 yrs supply was der….. y nt nw.. wt v did 4 vtu.. y dey r makin cry 4 hus

  174. basavaraj says:

    We have to fight still nw vtu not announced a circular there is not supply this year. Still we have a chance so please we have chance n put more pressure on vtu to Conduct exam n fax n mail

  175. iftekhar says:

    dude only few of us cant do anything … friends come on support us.. we each other can help put pressure on vtu..

  176. divya says:

    morning i called to my college ya. tommorrow i am going to pay exam fee then only i can tell u surely . but they told its for supplementary only. let me confirm you tommorrow

  177. divya says:

    you people once call to your college and confirm it know.

  178. iftekhar says:

    fine divya.. but you from which college.I.. and say it as early as possible.. ask whats the last date to pay fees tomorrow..

  179. basavaraj says:

    In our college to me to no supply exams

  180. basavaraj says:


  181. iftekhar says:

    to whom we should believe.. vtu reply..

  182. Ranganath says:

    hi guys, today i checked in my college
    they r telling to pay the exam fee for regular exam i.e for dec/jan exam.
    and he told there is no info abot special supple exams till now.
    so he asked me to pay the regular fee.

    please vtuhelp ask with university and tell us
    we all r waiting our life will be spoiled ppl

  183. Ranganath says:

    hello guys

  184. iftekhar says:

    friends just I called vtu .. they are saying there is no supplementary exam this time.. I asked the reason they are saying it depends upon the higher authority.. and he didnt said anything about supplementary so..

  185. simith says:

    No supplimentery exam……

  186. Harsha says:

    Hi divya college receiving fee for regular subject not for supply exam,and urs is which college? i think u r confused plz ask clearly….and friends plz ready for strike with vtu if they tel no supply.

  187. Harsha says:

    Friends tel ur opinions,plz wake up, now no time otherwise definitely we gonna suffer for 1 year.. plz friends let inform all of ur friends also

  188. pradeep says:

    friends i went my coll 2day…. dey told if all coll sends a request letter 2 vtu den dey ll keep supply xam means…
    so plz tell u r coll 2 send a letter,, plz plz friends

  189. rajesh says:

    Dear Sir.
    You can help students like us. I believe that your website portal will serve its purpose by helping and guiding students. it’s our request to you. Please. Get the information from vtu.

  190. iftekhar says:

    friends I have informed to my friends they are ready to strike and tomorrow I will go with my friends to solg and tell them to speak to vtu and say about supplementary exam.. plz friends you to do this

  191. suresh says:

    Leave it…

  192. iftekhar says:

    you all decide.. weather to go to boelgaum or to do strike in individual colleges.

  193. yash says:

    please vtu help help us sir. .. ll beg you please tell vtu to conduct supplementary exam…

  194. yash says:

    By the way why vtu help is silent regarding supplementary exam???
    from last 2 year it was there why not this year.. and raise your voice friends… pressure vtu….

  195. VTU help says:

    No Supplementary exam this year.

  196. VTU help says:

    Sorry friends, don’t loose heart. Apply for dec/jan exam and clear it. just 3 months are their. u will get PDC as soon as you clear this subjects.

  197. rajesh says:

    Dear Sir. I am surprise by seeing your reply. How easy you said no exam this time. A month ago you told it will be conducted.:-(

  198. rajesh says:

    Dear Sir. What about me. My coarse duration over at last attempt. And special exam is the only hope. Please show me some ways. will I be declared maximum duration exhaust?

  199. basavaraj says:

    Sir I have only matdip is back n i completed all 8 semesters n duration is also completed can I apply for exam

  200. basavaraj says:

    8 years

  201. basavaraj says:

    Sir only supply I can attend. As per supply all sem must cleared n only matdip is back n nw no supply Wat to do sir. I will get nftc only for matdip

  202. basavaraj says:

    Rply me sir

  203. basavaraj says:

    Sir 8 years duration is completed n matdip is back n all 8 sem cleared n E n E branch. Nw no supply . can I apply for matdip nw

  204. basavaraj says:

    Only supply exams r hope nw Wat to do sir

  205. rajesh says:

    Dear Sir.
    Mechanical branch. Lateral entry admission in 2008.
    Could you please help me … please sir. as per vtu notification I have completed 6 years duration in July 2014.:-(

    • VTU help says:

      ohh, maximum duration is over. but once visit VTU belgum and clarify at registrar office. if they did’nt allow u for that M1 exam then you can move on to AMIE or IGNOU BTECH in mechanical (under university transfer scheme) . their are many ways for you. be confident. only VTU is not your world.
      I suggest to try for government job based on your diploma. Their is an notification in KPSC for junior engineer, check it and apply. dont waste time. all the best.

  206. basavaraj says:

    We have to strike

    • VTU help says:

      i dont think that just candidates strike will do.

      convince ABVB to rise voice in this issue. u people have to convince them because in each college their are only single digit candidates who are suffering from this.

      if possible take the help of Media( TV news channel).

      if anyone interested then File a PIL in High court of Karnataka

      bring this issue to the notice of UGC and AICTE.(specify that no classes are conducted for this MATDIP subjects).

      ALL THIS things should have to be done before announcement of CHALLENGE reevaluation results. remember once challenge RV results is announced then nothing is their to do with last years subjects or results.

      —–”””””my personal suggestion is to apply for dec/jan exam. just forget about special supplementary , think like you got failed in regular subject, learn lesson from this issue and never neglect any subject in future.”””” —–

  207. rajesh says:

    :-( sir. I struggled all the way to clear all subjects and did. Just because of m1.I am not getting degree:-( may I contact you personally. Could you please reply to my emai.

  208. basavaraj says:

    Wat is this sir for only 1 sub u r telling like dis .If u conduct supply then all these problms r solved. Vtu playing game with students. Try to convenience to vtu to conduct supply sir plz. Tell him all these problms sir. After struggling 8 years Wat is dis sir.

  209. basavaraj says:

    Sir give me ur mobile no.i don’t want to get nftc please sir. My mail n no . 8105232065 please give ur no. Sir

  210. unknown says:

    Sir my joining year is 2007 can i write exam next time

  211. unknown says:

    anyone plz reply that can i write exam next time my joining year is 2007

  212. unknown says:

    basvaraj which year you have joined

  213. nirmala says:

    plz help anyone that can i write exam next time my joining year is 2007

  214. rajesh says:

    Please reply me to my email I’d.
    So I can contact you . please sir.

    • VTU help says:

      rajesh did u had attended that m1 subject this year? have you applied for reevaluation of M1? what marks u got in RV result?

  215. basavaraj says:

    Rajesh send ur mobile no. I have also same prblm

  216. Agasthya says:

    better plz cancel this m1 m2 concept for diploma ppl … many of the students life got ruined bcoz of this..
    r else dnt put them in between regular exam date .. v cant do it .. acadamic marks r important for campus and off campus interviews…

    sad part is i got placed but bcoz of m1 , nw m rejected.. no job nothing

  217. rajesh says:

    Yes sir. I had attended that. But that time I was not aware of vtu rules of maximum duration. I got 28 marks. and even applied for revaluation but no use. My revaluation results shows same marks. but from past 1 month I am attending tuition classes from 5 am to 8am.I am confident about clearing in special exam. But this is really very sad vtu not showing any curtesy towards students like us.:-(

  218. Harsha says:

    Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad
    No.55, Yova Shakthi, 1st Main Road, Seshadripuram, Bangalore – 560020 http://www.abvp.or +(91)-9663636040
    +(91)-80-23366456, 23466332, 23565431

  219. Harsha says:

    guys start convincing for ABVP it may definitely help us

  220. Harsha says:

    guys please wakeup inform to ur friends also

  221. basavaraj says:

    Ya we have to convenience abvp

  222. basavaraj says:

    We to do 2 things
    1. Abvp
    2.Apply PIL in HIGH COURT

    Guys ready to apply PIL in high court

  223. Harsha says:

    I’m ready friend, ask about ur friends, before this please create one group in ” whatsapp” that may really help us for our communication

  224. Raghu says:

    Same problem to me also what to do I am aslo 2008 lateral entry student

  225. basavaraj says:

    All of u those who living in bangalore n having this prblm tmrw let’s come n meet together. Don’t miss it.guys don’t hide urself . Tmrw we meet n make decision. Wat u say

  226. suresh says:

    I can ready…

  227. Harsha says:

    raghu do something otherwise it may b waste

  228. Thiru says:

    Guys please do one what’sapp group for communication.

  229. Harsha says:

    I’m ready friend wer i can meet u all? and u guys please bring ur friends also who hav same problem

  230. Harsha says:

    and also u people plz inforn to ur other college friends also who have this problem

  231. basavaraj says:

    We make a group n apply a PIL in high court don’t fear.we have to do this on 2012 PIL applied in HC FOR SUPPLY N THEY GOT. So nw we have to do same think don’t worry yar our names will nt come in tv.lets come n meet tmrw don’t miss guys n girls who living g angle. Tmrw we meet

  232. Harsha says:

    y no ans boys???? don’t sleep getup boys?? wats ur decisions tell us

  233. basavaraj says:

    Tmrw we meet a lawyer. Please come guys.

  234. Harsha says:

    basavaraj how we can meet together n wer?

  235. basavaraj says:

    Ifthekar come yar tmrw we meet divya u also Come

  236. basavaraj says:

    Tmrw we meet at vijaya nagar or mejestic

  237. Harsha says:

    basavaraj I’m also thr here,y u left my name? I’m shouting here

  238. basavaraj says:

    If we have members In our group then only we can fight in high court.

  239. basavaraj says:

    Already delayed come guys.

  240. basavaraj says:

    In 2012 vtu told no supply Bt after PIL in high court they told vtu to Conduct supply so wake up guys tmrw we meet.

  241. Harsha says:

    i think u peoples not interested in this work so it can’t be happen by only two peoples,U guys show some interest in this work else definitely we will suffer

  242. Thiru says:

    Where to meet exatly

  243. Raghu says:

    I am in chamarajnagar

  244. basavaraj says:

    Harsha tmrw we meet. 8105232065 it’s my no. Call me tmrw morning. Two more guys r der so let’s come n meet.

  245. basavaraj says:

    Rply guys otherwise all of we loose supply. We up.

  246. Harsha says:

    @basavaraj dude please fix the place and b alive here for informing other also

  247. Harsha says:

    basavaraj please fix the place and b alive here for informing other also

  248. basavaraj says:

    Tmrw 11am we meet at vijaya nagar two more two guys coming there to meet.

  249. basavaraj says:

    Tmrw call me at 11am I tell u where we meet B coz two more guys same prblm ready to meet so call me tmrw.

  250. Raghu says:

    9738116678 this my number now I’m in village call me at any time

  251. rajesh says:

    Hi friends. I am in Mumbai. And very unfortunate that I can’t meet you there. But once you make any final decision on next step please inform me also. I will join immediately. Basavraj having my mobile number. Please be in touch

  252. Raghu says:

    Samaya news channel number 8043308333

  253. Harsha says:

    guys my friend working in samaya and other news channels also ,if i tel them they may b definitely help us

  254. rajesh says:

    PIL-is the best solution but it has to be done immediately. So we can get special exam . but I know it takes more time and to PIL it needs strong reason to get accepted by initial judiciary. giving try is not bad.

  255. rajesh says:

    Dear friend. Harsha. can it be possible to make samaya news corresponds to question vtu authority about immediate changes in exam cancelation for special exams. Even if they call to VC and enquire that is much better. So the vtu authority will think again on this.

  256. praveen says:

    all of you send to this site your known lateral entry friends number and inform to them . . strike is going on in Bangalor so please response to this strike .then only you gyes get passing certificate in this year only if it miss you will get 2015 pass out due to only one subject think wel and call to my number 9900553085.

  257. basavaraj says:

    First we have to meet at a fixed place today at any cost.

  258. basavaraj says:


  259. basavaraj says:

    If we appeal PIL court will move it atleast 1 week for final decision so let’s appeal PIL. If u fear today u never get up in life.u always hide urself through life. Remember 2012 batch supply candidates they got success. Today we have to meet. If we appeal PIL in HC on a group then no one student name will publish in tv channel instead of that tv channels publish vtu students appeal in HC. CHECK OUT 2012 BATCH SUPPLY STUDENTS RECRUITMENT IN GOOGLE. LET’S COME N MEET TODAY. PICK UP UR MOBILE N CALL ME NW ALREADY 3 STUDENTS READY. WE HAVE MAKE NO. OF PEOPLE’S IN OUR GROUP. TO APPEAL HC.

  260. basavaraj says:

    We have less time. We have 2 to things must to do.
    I’m ready for both my no. 8105232065. I’m in bangalore.

  261. basavaraj says:

    Within 15 days we get success. Once matter came on tv vtu mayl fear.

  262. basavaraj says:

    Vtu 2012 batch supply candidates get success in HC n no one’s name came out who applied in HC. IF WE FIGHT INDIA I DUAL IT’S A WASTE OF TIMES. THINK URSELF NW N GET UP N MEET TODAY. ALL OF U CALL ME OR MESSAGE ME TODAY NW.

  263. Rahul says:

    Guys even am one among you ppl, lets have it done, even am ready to fit anywhere, we have to get thru this, let vtu conduct the special suppli exam. let us have this one validated…me too from bangalore, 8867474746, cal me, and tel me the procedure to log PIL in HC.

  264. Rahul says:

    guys its better to go for abvp, do anybody have the contact number of abvp, so that i can speak with them…i think this may strongly stand in VTU.

  265. Agasthya says:

    contact samaya news whatsapp number:7259011777

  266. pradeep says:

    friends wru 2 meet……. no tym plz vll meet soon… n 2day also ill b goin 2 my coll….n ask about supply…

  267. Harsha says:

    Gm and thanx guys ur valuable talk regarding this problem,so all of u wru now???. please post ur contact no’s here that may help us to contact each other.

  268. Harsha says:

    Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad(ABVP)
    No.55, Yova Shakthi, 1st Main Road, Seshadripuram, Bangalore – 560020 http://www.abvp.or +(91)-9663636040
    +(91)-80-23366456, 23466332, 23565431

  269. Harsha says:

    friends the above one is ABVP contact number so all.of you please contact and tell them,just convince them and do one mail to ABVP

  270. Raghu says:


  271. Harsha says:

    dude u r in whatsaap?please post ur numbers i will add that in whatsapp group,that may really help us for better conversation than here

  272. Harsha says:

    friends please post ur whatssap number and also please inform to your friends also ,otherwise it is very difficult to find solution

  273. Munna says:

    guys go to this link and keep on send messags and do calls to vtu ,these are examination enquiry numbers

  274. Harsha says:

    dude now vtu people won’t do anything, so we should go to other ways

  275. Harsha says:

    munna please inform to your friends to come here,just circulate.. fast bhai..

  276. shreyas says:

    please even I hav matdip401 back and guys I can’t participate in strike nw m in mangalore bt I’ll tell my friends those who are in bangalore…. please tell me strike place..??… Voice your voice now or never…

    even call to ABVP


  277. yash says:

    Today is 2nd Saturday…

  278. Raghu says:

    Ihv called to tv9 & samaya news they will enquir abt this if any one knows TV news reporter plz inform them abt this

  279. basavaraj says:

    I’m going to meet other students nw come to vijaya nagar nw.

  280. yash says:

    I hav matdip401 back guys I can’t participate in strike me in mangalore nw so bt I’ll tell my friends those who are in bangalore for participate and tell me place where strike ll be held…?

    fight for justice..

  281. pradeep says:

    friends wt happen….. any in4mation about xam… plz…. plz…..

  282. pradeep says:

    friends nw oly media people can help hus.. if any 1 knw news channel tell dem.. dey ll sure help our life,,plz plz

  283. karthik says:

    some one create whats app group and post ur number here, we all will send request to tat person to add up in grp, it will easy to communicate ASAP

  284. Raghu says:

    Please any one visit human Right commission & explain the problem to them

  285. basavaraj says:

    Monday we planned to strike with abvp in regional office plz come at least 100 members we need.

  286. basavaraj says:

    Wat about PIL in high court

  287. karthik says:

    timings plz

  288. basavaraj says:

    If we have atleast 50 members then we appeal PIL in high court

  289. pradeep says:

    friends wt 2 do nw…..really vtu ll nt keep supply xam nw….
    help me….if v b silent vtu ll nt keep xam
    plz ask any news channel help
    i dont knw any new channel friends

  290. Harsha says:

    I’m ready i will come with 3 more guys for strike,wat abt others?

  291. basavaraj says:

    Harsha call me I tell u 8105232065

  292. basavaraj says:

    Please all of u come on Monday to strike with abvp near vtu regional office nagarbhavi banglr. Don’t miss

  293. basavaraj says:

    Harsha ifthekar pradeep munna please all of u come on Monday with ur frnds

  294. basavaraj says:

    All of u those who r here plz come on Monday to strike.

  295. basavaraj says:

    Harsha some students r ready nw call me I tell u detail

  296. basavaraj says:

    Those who want supply come on monday

  297. basavaraj says:

    Vtu help rply

    • VTU help says:

      @basavaraj: i know u r tiring hard because u r at extreme risk because of ur maximum course duration.. but i think no other(majority) candidates will support u long in this fight. so its better to convince & place an REQUEST at VTU belgaum for additional attempt for ONLY THOSE STUDENTS who had crossed their maximum course duration.

      i dont think VTU will bend down its decision for strike.

      if u file an PIL in HC your name will be advertised for sure. you cannot file PIL anonymously.

      even if u people file PIL then also possibility of succes is only 10% because VTU has strong point to stand with its decision.

      ( Remember their is NO rule to give Special supplementary exam. Due to this supply exam many students didn’t attended regular exam and neglects this subjects, VTU started this Special exam only to increase pass rate but this Special exam results in negligence of subjects….!)

      so think once, you have to take wise decision, don’t get aggressive. just keep in mind that you had already got 8 attempts to score 35 marks in that subject but u failed to score that, in this scenario expecting support from proper channel/experts/teams is just an HOPE.

  298. VTU help says:

    Their is an Government JOB Notification in BANGLORE METRO for Diploma candidates.

    check and apply for it.

    just forget about Special supply exam, better to take REGULAR exam of DEC/Jan. apply for regular exam.

    stop worrying about BE(DIPMAT) result, be confident you people can clear it in dec/jan exam. & start preparing for that metro exam.
    ALL the BEST.

  299. basavaraj says:

    How to convenience vtu

  300. rajesh says:

    I rely respect your thoughts sir. But it’s not only about a degree it’s about our identity and career. Even I am having same issue as same as basavaraj.I believe that you can prove us some soft way to convince VTU to allow us attend to attend atleast December/Jan exams. could you please help to clear some of my doubt’s.
    1. as you mentioned previously. Time frame to complete course is decided by ugc and AICTU. does this law is out breaks VTU and allowed us to attend dipmat1
    2. as you mentioned. These subjects are not included by UGC and AICTU.
    Then as per UGC we are already graduated. What makes VTU to restrict for giving one more chance to us.
    3. do you really think that VTU will show some sympathy to us? In this and helps us to get a chance to write exam? What is your openion sir.
    4. does VTU have that authorities to extend our duration by 4 months. That is by allowing us to attend December /January exams?

    And please mention percentage chances of getting an extra chance to attend exam. In ℅. as your observations are extremely good. That will bring us since motivation. And hopes

  301. basavaraj says:

    No sir I got 12 so not to convenience sir

  302. basavaraj says:

    If vtu permit me to write dec/Jan 2015 then I will be more happy

  303. VTU help says:

    @ basavaraj:
    my suggestions,,

    apply for challenge reevaluation.

    Insted of asking Special Supply exam request for another attempt in regular exam( only for this optional subjects).

    you are E&E branch right, so try for that bmrcl(metro) job. if u got that job no need to beg anyone you can take AMIE exam whenever you want.

  304. rajesh says:

    Dear basavraj.
    Please find as many as possible students who are at the edge of maximum duration of course completion. We will move toVTU belgaum with all. And give a request on the same. Registrar evaluator examination and register evaluator academic . if needed we will meet VC . so we can convince them and get permission to attend December exam. Please respond me.

  305. basavaraj says:

    How to request vtu to attend exams for matdip301/401 only.

  306. basavaraj says:

    How to convenience vtu for another last chance plz help me n rply me vtu help.

  307. rajesh says:

    We will visit university at belgaum. Or else it’s not gonna possible

  308. VTU help says:


    MATDIP subject is not mandatory under AICTE & UGC ( even Autonomous colleges under VTU don’t have this subjects) so with this points you can approach VTU Belgaum (central belgaum region) to allow to take one more attempt (only for those students who had failed in MATDIP not regular subjects).

    you can also write directly to CHANCELLOR( GOVERNOR OF KARNATAKA) regarding seeking another attempt for this subjects. i hope Governor will take it in to notice.

    cant give any % predictions because this is an result of pure student negligence. Therefore Try your chances politely. if not succeeded don’t worry try for job on diploma.(as i told now their are many vacancies are their)later if interested can go for AMIE or BTECH in other universities(under credit transfer scheme or fresh lateral entry admission).

  309. basavaraj says:

    PLZ RAY ME or CALL ME STUDENTS THOSE WHO COME TED MAX COURSE duration B coz we want to meet VTU belgaum n try Convience for another last attempt to write exam ( dec/jan2015) so plz those who completed duration n matdip is back plz call me we make a group n try to convince n get a chance to write dec exam. Call me 8105232065

  310. basavaraj says:

    Call me those who completed max course duration.

  311. divya says:

    Basvaraj which year u hav joined plz tel knw

  312. basavaraj says:

    For course duration completed students only.
    1. Matdip sub’s are not mandatory in UGC/A I CET
    2.AUTONOMOUS colleges under VTU CAN CALLED these sub’s
    3.suplymentry not offered regular classes for these subjects
    So these are main points to Covienence vtu to get one more last attempt to appear exam.
    Rply me those who completed maxm course duration n only these sub’s back.
    These are the main points to get one more permission to write dec/jan2015 exam.

  313. basavaraj says:

    Admitted to degree at 2005

  314. basavaraj says:

    .y no.8105232065

  315. Hari says:

    Dear vtu help,
    plese tell me what is d last last date to apply CRV of DIP401..
    please tel me sir..

  316. basavaraj says:

    Already course completed 4 students rply to me so r
    Call me nw we make group n ask vtu. Individually we can’t do it n they never allow. If we ha e group they listen our words. So call me duration completed students. My no . 8105232065

  317. basavaraj says:

    4 students r ready nw .

  318. basavaraj says:

    Course duration completed students making a group 4 students joined any have same prblm call me. I give u other 3 members no. N my no . 8105232065

  319. basavaraj says:

    We 4 people planned. So call me nw those who completed course duration.

  320. basavaraj says:

    VTU HELP thanx for ur rply. I’m impressed . I try to Convience vtu maxm how much possible from me . IF VTU not PERMITTED . then last option is end of days ………read news paper regularly may be possible u read about me in future……

  321. naveen says:

    Vtu help pls reply I joined b.e in 2006-2007 lateral entry diplomo student so can I eligible to write Dec 2015 regular exam and also I put revaluation but I got 27 before that 26 so can I apply challenge valuation..when is last date pls vtu help reply

  322. naveen says:

    I am having only matdip401 subject back so plss vtu help reply me

  323. pradeep says:

    friends wt 2 nw….. and main v hv oly tis week tym..
    coz 4m 22sep… regular online xam fee start..
    plz support all of u
    we hav oly tis week 2 fight
    if v miss tis week.. again our LIFE S GONE FOR 1YEAR..
    plz plz plz plz help me…….

  324. pradeep says:

    friend v if take any news channel…. 100% vlll gt supply xam
    wts u option….
    v hve oly tis week 2 fight…
    wt u ll say dude

  325. puneeth says:

    Hii friends I called abvp ppl..dey are busy so dey told come on Monday and meet in office so who are all interested pls come to abvp office tom ….

  326. Munna says:

    By doing these and all also by side, all of you write letter or mail to vtu requesting supplementary by explaining our difficulties, don’t waste time do it now it self tell ur friends also ,so that they can come to know how many students are waiting for this supplementary if we have luck this may change their mind, also we have no time, if reply not received mail keep on write to them, it will create little pressure on them.

  327. Munna says:

    it will not cost u any thing extra do this also

  328. puneeth says:

    Every one send mails to vtu saying if unit conduct supplementary exam we all do strike in front f vtu of five

  329. pradeep says:

    friends cum on v hv oly tis week tym..
    4m next week regular online filling xam start..
    y all r silent……

  330. arun says:

    Plz sir conduct suplmentry exam.
    .my course duration completed. 2008 batch

  331. praveen says:

    all of you gyes come to nagarbhavi regional office .to join a strike then only we will get some solution . . we are conducting the strike for the purpose of pure special supplementary exam this is helps to those who are in last chance so you have to be join this strike . . specially 2011-14 gyes u must be participate otherwise you ‘ll get certificate as 2015 pass out due to only one subject . . tomorrow sharp 9 am you should be in front of nagarbhavi regional office

  332. Agasthya says:

    put one msg abot this issue in facebook and gv a link v all will share to as many ppl as possible..

  333. pradeep says:

    friends any in4mation plz let me knw..
    wt 2 do nw
    m totally blocked coz of vtu
    plz plz help me

  334. Ranganath says:

    Guys my friend had went to ABVP office today
    They r ready to helpus but the problem is they need minimum 100 students. If all the 100 members arrive at vtu regional office on Saturday with there respective documents. They will do a strike. Please do come in a large no make this strike a succes for more info contact Puneeth-9066403656

  335. puneeth says:

    Hi friends who r all interested to fight for this matter pls contact me …today I have spoked with ABVP ppl dey told Saturday morning at 10 am in front of vtu regional office we all do strike n give letter to VC oh vtu regarding supplementary exams so we need all students support so friends pls inform all students who r facing problem and inform dem to come der on sat 10 am

    .any query contact me 9066403656 …any way we all make vtu to conduct exam

    • rizwan says:

      Respected sir,
      i am intermediately agreed with your statement that all the student are taking less response to the academic examination for those 4 subjects,
      Now may question is, when the university have knowledge about student interests, Then why they have not informed earlier like, there will not be any special supplementary exam will be conducted for those,

      if you have informed earlier then all the student will not take easy to last exam.

      Sir we are very needful at this stage, i request you to take a positive response to present suffering students.

      Thanks and regard

    • rizwan says:

      Respected sir,
      i am intermediately agreed with your statement that all the student are taking less response to the academic examination for those 4 subjects,

      Now may question is, when the university have knowledge about student interests, Then why they have not informed earlier like, there will not be any SSE will be conducted for those,

      if you have informed earlier then all the student will not take easy to last exam.

      Sir we are very needful at this stage, i request you to take a +v response to present suffering students.

      thanking you

  336. Raghu says:

    Hello any news from VTU

  337. iftekhar says:

    friends tell your respective college Is to send a letter to vtu office belgaum.. to conduct supplimentary exam.

  338. anu says:

    Don’t break students heart … Idiot vtu … Doesn’t know d value of students emotions ah Thu shame on u vtu … How easily u ppl r tellin no exam … Bloody …il go to media … I got 80 %in engg … Y shud we suffer just because of dis exam Thu ..shameless vtu … Shud throw slipper on dem … If u hav dare com infront of us n tel dis … Definitely il slap from my slipper

  339. pradeep says:

    thu coz of vtu m life s goin 2 end….. coz of tis sub i m no able 2 do mtech….
    friends cum all ll fight… nw oly medis can help hus plz reply

  340. chaitra says:

    plz I beg u don’t do dis:’( wt to say in house … I shud die if I don’t get supplementary exam … Plz plz don’t do lyk dis … I m not gettin any way … :-( il surely commit suicide… How can it possible ? Y u ppl r doin lyk dis … Io I don’t want 215 passed out I never accept dat … Till now I dint hav any backlog but for d first tym in dis sub even I don’t tell its a back sub … First of all dis system Is not good … Plz plz plz save me help us… I beg u plz vtu … Never do dis … :-(:’(

  341. sathya says:

    They dont give any supplymentary….. i lost my life ….shame vtu…
    Am ready to fight contact me 9945717638

  342. iftekhar says:

    vtu we request you please give us a chance for supplementary exam a mandatory subject will waste a year of us.. plz sir. .. give a chance and send a or inform to the upcoming students there will be no supplementary exam.. but give us a chanace sir I dont want to be a 2015 pass out student due to this bloddy paper … vtu help reply….

  343. iftekhar says:

    friends unity is strength we all can do and change the system…

  344. iftekhar says:

    sir.. do a favour for upcoming students and say itz not a mandatory subject itz a regular subject … but we say give us a chance for supplementary exam sir.

  345. pradeep says:

    friends m again telllin nw oly media can help. hus
    wt plz plz v can contact any news channel n tell our problem
    den pakka vll gt xam…..wt u say people
    any 1 hv cantact n any news channel

  346. basavaraj says:

    Vtu help any hopes of supply. Someone told me VTU VC (H.Maheshappa) is out of country n they decide abt supply after VC comeback to it true.

  347. basavaraj says:

    Vtu help any hopes of supply. Someone told me VTU VC (H.Maheshappa) is out of country n they decide abt supply after VC comeback to it true. VTU HELP Rply for this plz plz….any new news u heard abt supply in office VTU HELP.PLZ RPLY

  348. Marks Looise says:

    Hi guys,

    dont loose the hopes there are still some chances to announce the supplementary exams,,as my observations
    last year also they announced the dates after 10-september.But don’t give up try to convenience to VTU by enquiringly daily.

  349. pradeep says:

    VTU HELP plz plz u also help hus.. i beg u shud help hus
    my life s goin end…. plz help hus

  350. VINAY says:


    Hi basavaraj i am with you, and i will support U, i have ,m1 due, and with me i will bring 27 students with me for your support.

    My sincere request to VTU is to provide a spl supplementry.

  351. chaitra says:

    Out of country ? Thu here many ppl r dying … He Is out of country itseems if vtu has atleast 25% prestige de shud keep supplementary exam … Hey vtu u shud hatold before itself lyk Der is no supplementary exams any more … But u ppl playin now … U shud keep exam dis year n announce for juniors dat from next year Der is no exam lyk dis … It’s a basic common sense to announce before itself … As if ur playin cricket here to tell rubbish thing at d end Thu

  352. chaitra says:

    Receive our calls… So scared to receive call ah … Unfit to be in dat position … Wt u would hav done if ur daughter or son is waitin for supplementary lyk us? U would hav changed whole rules itself na … Guys any one has news channel phone numb? If u hav means inform dem n post here too

  353. basavaraj says:

    Samaya news wats app no.7259011777
    Samaya news channel no.8043308333.

  354. basavaraj says:

    Vtu help plz reply

  355. pradeep says:

    friends wt happen…. y all r silent.. cum on wake up…
    or else v shud suffer 1year…..
    2day also i went my coll.. dey told no idea about supply
    wt 2 do nw

  356. vinod shetty says:

    plzzzzz guys take it seriously….. it ill save ur 1 year … plzzzz do attend the strike on saturday …. plzzzz contact Puneeth-9066403656 … to join

  357. latha says:

    Helli sir,
    Please let us know when will be m1 exam we are literally waiting fr ur response we are scored with good percentage in BE because of M1 exam our life is screwing like hell. Make sure you conduct exam pls degree is very valuable for us. Please give us a last chance awaiting for your reply sir.

  358. iftekhar says:

    dude you all from bangalore region me from gulbarga region.. I cant come bangalore but trying our best with my friends to conduct supplementary exam for us..

  359. VTU help says:

    I got news that “maximum course completed candidates( those who joined BE through lateral entry in the year 2008(6 years completed) or later) can take MATDIP exams in this dec/jan regular exam.”

    from 22 September Online applications starts, if your USN is accepted then it conforms that u people are eligible for this exam.

    AND their is NO any news updates regarding Special Supplementary examination.

  360. Sharanagouda MK says:

    When will you conduct MATDIP301 exam sir…..
    I want PDC for job while during document varification they are asking so

  361. pradeep says:

    sir v want supply xam…..coz we want tat v r 2014 passed out

  362. pradeep says:

    friends v ll fight r else vll waste our life for 1year
    plz join hus

  363. madhu says:

    sir am calling to vtu not respond sir plz wen will announce supply ,,

  364. chaitra says:

    Guys I had been to my coll … De called to vtu n spoke Der is no supplementary exexam:’(

  365. chaitra says:

    Hey vtu … Wt we did … U ppl r not human beings oly thu y v ppl r playin lyk dis? Atleast make it 2014 passed out oly y cont u do lyk dat… If everythin is possible by u ppl y cont u do dis… Heartless ppl we hate u

  366. chaitra says:

    Hey guys I complaint to tv9 de received my complaint n de asked me to say others numb I gave my other friends numb … U ppl please call n tell dem de wil surely support us this is tv9 numb 08040312999

  367. chaitra says:

    Hurry up … I alone cont do anythin please please hurry up

  368. chaitra says:

    Hello anyone wants to complaint about this please call to dat numb de need more ppl to consider … I called … Post ur numb’s il give to tv9 de wil call u n ask regardin dis please guys hurry up … Being a gal I came up… Guys start na …

  369. chaitra says:

    tv9 numb 08040312999
    tv9 numb 08040312999
    tv9 numb 08040312999
    tv9 numb 08040312999
    tv9 numb 08040312999
    tv9 numb 08040312999
    tv9 numb 08040312999
    tv9 numb 08040312999
    tv9 numb 08040312999
    tv9 numb 08040312999

  370. pradeep says:

    friend post u mobile numbers here
    v hv whatsapp grp
    so v can add u.. n u can gt more in4mation

  371. rajesh says:

    Dear Sir.
    My joining year is 2008 lateral entry. As per your latest update. Am I allowed to attend this Dec/Jan exam?
    What shall I do? Shall I wait until exam form date or shall I visit once to vtu and confirm? For belgaum region exam form filling starts from 1 October. Please I need your guidance on this.

    • VTU help says:

      its not yet conformed. but they told last year also they allowed max duration completed candidates to write MATDIP301 & MATDIP401 subjects. so it means 70% u will get an chance.

      Its better to contact your college examination section & inquire about did last time VTU allowed Max duration completed students for MATDIP or not ? if they did fill exam forms( online system allowed they to do so ) then u will get this time also.

      ( if u get any special exam then its fine, if not you should have to try to apply for dec/jan exam. so lets see what will be the result).
      At this point their is no other way for u rajesh. So dont worry lets see what will happen. i personally think u will get 70% chance.

    • Raghu says:

      Rajesh send ur contact number I am also 2008 batch. I hv One more student with same problem. If ur in belgaum plz go & visit Vtu there & get the correct information

  372. raj says:

    what kind of rules is dizz??how can u change the rules every year like diz…if u cant handle it y d hell did u keep special supplementary for previous year..what wrong have 2014 students have done…when u cant handle this simple exam u would have informed us before only…i have wasted my time waiting for this exam..i have no choice left aready i am broke to the core and fed up of u vtu..plz keep exam and save students life

  373. Raghu says:

    Just now I called to tv9 they register my phone no.

  374. pradeep says:

    coz of tis vtu.. my mtech dream s gone
    nw totally my life s goin 2 end….

  375. yash says:

    Vtu help please help us convince vtu to conduct supplementary exam. please please sir ll beg you….

  376. basavaraj says:

    Vtu help any meetings in vtu abt supply

  377. basavaraj says:

    Sir will vtu give a chance to me to write dec/Jan exam for matdip301/matdip401 subjects

    • VTU help says:

      basavaraj u r 2005 batch lateral entry candidate right?? if yes you got more than 6 years, had u attended june/july2014 exam?

  378. Raghu says:

    Sir what what about 2008 lateral entry

  379. basavaraj says:

    Yes sir I Tended July 2014 Bt 1998 batch students those who have matdip also written exam in june/July 2014.they allowed 1998 scheme students only for matdip301 n matdip401

  380. Raghu says:

    Vtu help can I take exam in dec

  381. basavaraj says:

    I have circular of 1998 scheme students got permission for matdip301/matdip401 subjects in june/July 2014. Vtu help rply plz.

  382. basavaraj says:

    For only matdip subject( not regular sub n also nt consider agreegrate). For this Hw can they give NFTC.I CLEARED ALL REGULAR SUBJECTS. ANY CAN ES VTU HELP

  383. basavaraj says:

    Vtu help plz rply.

  384. basavaraj says:

    Will vtu give NFTC. FOR THIS NON MANDATORY SUBJECT matdip.

  385. basavaraj says:

    Then how vtu give permitted to 1998 scheme students for matdip subject to write for 12 years

  386. basavaraj says:

    Vtu help rply plz

  387. VTU help says:

    @basavaraj: call to VTU Belgaum and ask about did u r eligible to take this years regular exam. mention your joining year. I think u will get chance to attend in regular exam for MATDIP subject. clarify once by call or visit to VTU.
    for what you are waiting make a call and clear your doubts & start preparing..

  388. basavaraj says:

    2004 batch lateral entry students also attended July 2014 exam sir

  389. basavaraj says:

    Vtu help rply plz according to 2004 batch lateral entry students then me also get a chance

  390. ibbu says:

    7353478654 add me to wassup grp

  391. chaitra says:

    M really not gettin sleep o my god … Vtu please keep exam please … It’s impossible to imagine 2015 on certification … Please cancel m1 n m2 sub from engg oly … Or else keep multiple choice please … Try to understand students emotions… More over oly once I hav written m2 exam cause all d tym it was scheduled between regular exam so I couldn’t attend but wtever it may be please change ur decision please … Now m living my lyf so scary … Please help

    • Agasthya says:

      i hv shared some post in Facebook and called tv9 and other channels tooo..

      plz do share some msgs in social sites bcoz most of them not know about this site..

      at least protest to get the supplementary exam before dec/jan exam commence ..

  392. chaitra says:

    Did anyone called to tv9? Please call n complaint

  393. meghana says:

    My life gng 2 lost 1yr bcz of m1 sub its not mandatory 4 us ryt vtu s playing wid us guyz letz hurry 2 complaint media pls plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 2gether all

  394. meghana says:

    My life gng 2 lost 1yr bcz of m1 sub its not mandatory 4 us ryt vtu s playing wid us guyz hurry 2 complaint media pls plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  395. iftekhar says:

    pradeep add me on whats app my number.. 917411400107

  396. Aditya says:

    hey, please add me in that group.. 8792575442

  397. pradeep says:

    i called 2 tv9 dey register my num
    friends all of u call to tv9

  398. lakshmi says:

    Helli sir,
    Please let us know when will be m1 exam we are literally waiting . Make sure you conduct exam pls degree is very valuable for us. Please give us a last chance awaiting for your reply sir

  399. Raghu says:

    Hello Vtu help any news today from vtu

  400. vinutha e says:

    Dear sir,
    please give us a last chance to clear our matdip301 subject.Please give us special supplementary exam,we 12 members in our batch wait to clear this subject.please please give us sir

  401. vinutha e says:

    Dear sir,
    Tell us Wt we did … U ppl r not human beings ha, At Least make it 2014 passed out oly y cont u do lyk dat… If everythin is possible by u ppl y cont u do dis… Heartless people we hate u…

  402. chaitra says:

    Hey friends call to samaya also yest I what’sapp to
    samaya today de had called me
    SleepPlease call to dis numb hurry up08045360000

  403. Raghu says:

    Rajesh send ur contact number I am also from 2008 lateral entry

  404. chaitra says:

    How many members r Der in what’s app group?provide d numb … Samaya news is callin me … I alone cont speak s

  405. Harsha says:

    Who is admin of whatsaap group? I’ll join wid u guys

  406. Harsha says:

    my friend is working in samaya ,if we ask thy may help us,so wake up guys

  407. chaitra says:

    Add me 9036486053 please don’t misuse

  408. chaitra says:

    It’s urgent please add to group … Samaya crime reporter manju is in my contact please hurry up…

  409. Manu says:

    Add me to whatsaap group 9738510299

  410. Harsha says:

    frnd chaithra ” manju” is my friend even i also tried to contact him ,n he is working as reporter in samaya ,so please all of u contact him by below no’s :-Manju 7022024884 -off, 9980614906- personal number

  411. chaitra says:

    Give ur numb I hav what’sapp group … Il add u already few members r der here

  412. Harsha says:

    i texted to ur whatsapp no,please checkout

  413. Raghu says:

    Hello puneeth send ur contact number

  414. ibbu says:

    7795510445 add me too pls

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