VTU Special supplementary Examinations for the students who have failed in CIP71/81 / 06CIP18/28, MATDIP301, MATDIP401, 06CIV18/28

By the direction of the Vice-Chancellor, the principals of all affiliated engineering colleges are requested to note that,
1. Special supplementary Examinations will be conducted for the students who have failed in the subjects:
2. -Constitution of India and Professional Ethics (CIP71/81 / 06CIP18/28)
-Advanced Mathematics – I (MATDIP301) & Advanced Mathematics – II (MATDIP401)
-Environmental Studies – (06CIV18/28)
2. The students who have completed all the subjects required for the award of degree
other than the above subjects can only apply for these examinations.
3. The students left with any other subjects other than these subjects are not eligible to
file examination application form for special supplementary examinations.

4. Students should submit their examination application form through http://examform.vtu.ac.in before 24th August 2012.
The Process for Submission of form through online is as follows:
 Use the URL: http://examform.vtu.ac.in to access the supplementary examination link
 On the examform home page, click on the supplementary examination link to open the application page
 Enter the USN
 Select examination series i.e Supplementary exam aug-sep-2012
 Select the examination center to appear for the examination.
 Enter the image displayed in the enter text image shown on the right side
 Click on submit it will show the candidate details and the subjects.
 Click on the check box to apply for a particular subject. The fee amount will calculated automatically on
selecting the subject.
 Select the payment mode and enter the required details.
 Click on apply now.
 On successful completion the print button will be enabled. In case you want to apply for more subjects
repeat steps above and reprint the application to submit at college.
 Take two Printouts and affix your photograph put your signature and submit the same to the
college for the approval of the Principal before 25th August 2012 along with fee.
 Take one copy after the approval of the Principal and use the same as Hall Ticket.
5. Fee for the said examination is Rs.125/- per subject
6. College shall take a report of the students applied for this examination from the web by following the
procedure given hereunder:
There would be option in the principal login Exam menu-> Exam application /
Challenge Evaluation application report for generating the consolidated report of
supplementary examinations. Select the supplementary examination checkbox
then select the examination series and date range to generate the report.
7. Colleges shall take a printout of the report and submit the same to the office of the undersigned before 29th August 2012. ::1::3
8. The Supplementary Examinations will be conducted as per the following schedule:
This Special Provision is made for these Subjects only.

The students may choose any one of the following centre as per their convenience:
1). East West Instt. of Tech, Bangalore
2) Global Academy of Tech. Bangalore
3) KLECET, Belgaum,
4) Aappa Inst. Gulbarga,
5) Vidya Vikas Inst. of Engg. & Tech., Mysore,
6) St. Joseph College, Mangalore and
7) BIET, Davangere.
The Principals of affiliated Engineering Colleges are requested to bring the contents of this circular to the notice of all concerned.


38 Responses to “VTU Special supplementary Examinations for the students who have failed in CIP71/81 / 06CIP18/28, MATDIP301, MATDIP401, 06CIV18/28”
  1. somanath says:

    thank you very very much this will definately help us to clear degree….

  2. rama says:

    when will supplementary matdip 401 & 301 ??????????????????????????

  3. Sharan says:

    sir when matdip301 exam fee to fill….?plz give reply am searching daily on net,am unable to find the online filling so plz inform me

  4. rama says:

    i have an doubt.. i have cleared all subject from 1 to 8th sem but matdip 401 was failed am waiting for supplementary exam and i have written pgcet also.so can any one tel me can i attend to the pgcet document verification schedule…

    • poornachandra says:

      Plz help me , I have cleared all subjects in be except matdip301, is it possible to attend document verification for pgcet , plz help me, and when is Supplementary exam for dip301.

  5. udayakumar says:

    sir I have cleared all the semister BE upto 8th sem but problem is matdip301 fail when is special supplementary exam I have attend pg cet also can I attend document verification schedule

  6. xcv says:

    I’ve cleared all semesters except 1 subject from 5th sem, & M-2.
    Can I attend M-2 special examination?????

  7. vivek says:

    can i know when is the special supplementary exam? or whether exam is there in 2013? … completed my engineerign in 2012, but couldnt clear my m1.. so waiting for this , so many oppurtunities have gone by…

  8. shalini says:

    when will be supplementary matdip 301…? if anyone came to know about that plz reply it will be helpfull to get the degreee plz….

  9. sangu says:

    when is the re exam for the subject matdip301……????? plz if u knw reply me……

  10. pradeep.r.m says:

    hi sir plz inform me when will be the vtu supplementary exam conducted I have one subject back dipmat301 so pls inform me thanking

  11. Lokesh says:

    Sir when will be the special supplementary exam I need to write dipmat 301 so please tell me . My company joining coming near so I need to clear.

  12. Lokesh says:

    Sir when will be the special supplementary exam I need to write matdip301 so please tell me . My company joining coming near so I need to clear.

  13. p.arun says:

    respected sir wht about this year special supplymentry exam sir

  14. Nishit says:

    Hey is anybody aware of dates ??
    I need to know the date for Dipmat301.

  15. anu says:

    when s supplementary mat dip301…?if anybody came to knw abt dat plz reply

  16. poorvi says:

    when ll be the special supplementary exam i need to write matdip401

  17. vivek says:

    for gods sake when is the special supplementary exams.. or vtu will conduct exam this time…

  18. divya says:

    Hi, plz tel me when is matdip exam ….sir if exam is not their plz inform that bcoz we are waiting from the past one month…

  19. bhas says:

    Link for Special Supplementary exam is displayed in website , VTU should clarify about exams , it vllhelp so many students

  20. shalini says:

    when s matdip301..? plz if anyone came to know abt dat plz reply….

  21. Basavaraj.D says:

    Hi, plz tel me when is matdip301 exam will be conduct.
    ph no:9880880595

  22. Chethan Kumar says:

    when is the Special supplementary exam?… if anyone came to know about that please reply….

  23. sanju says:

    r u ppl playing ????? form is not getting submitted properly…. once 1 sub is selected d nxt time d same sub won get highlited but print option is also not found for the previous submission……. moreover tll is id bloody m1 & m2 necessary for diploma entry???????

  24. supreeth says:

    sir. When results out of matdip301,401, exam…

  25. Darshan says:

    Please let me know when the results of this supplementary exams are gonna announce…. how will us get to know about results…..??

  26. SACHIN says:

    whens the result

  27. siddhi says:

    do v really need dis bloody hell m1 n m2 exams….????? v found hell…. stil many r stepping ahead…. damn sub..i cant clr dis…

  28. seema says:

    do v really need to write dis bloody hell subj of m1 n m2 ….??? v do cant… plz do remove such compulsory exam for diploma students…

  29. vinay says:

    I cleared all subjects except dipmat301 n 401 in 2013. Can I say am 2013 passout??0:)

  30. mahesh R says:

    can any one suggest when will be the special supplementary exam for matdip301….

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