VTU : Photocopy of answer papers emailed to students

August 21st, Bangalore: VTU emails the photocopy of answer scripts to students those who had applied for it. The email is sent by photocopy@vtu.ac.in. The email is basically to inform that your request for view of answer scripts has been approved by VTU and thus you may receive it soon.

The email also contains the following details:
– The subject to which you had applied for photocopy
– Username
– Password
– Photocopy website link – http://photocopy.vtu.ac.in/
For example:
Subjects: 1. 06cs53 – Operating System / 2. 06cs55 – Computer Networks-1
Username – 4cb09cs066 (Usually USN of the student)
Password – 334521 (Normally 6 digits)
To access the Username and password please login to : http://photocopy.vtu.ac.in/
For more details stay tuned with http://www.bookspar.com/


55 Responses to “VTU : Photocopy of answer papers emailed to students”
  1. santosh shabadi says:

    i’ve applied for photocopy today i recieved email from vtu saying dey have sent photocopy… but after changing password dey said login wid new password but now dey r saying username or id is invalid… i’m not getting what to do

  2. shrikanth says:

    hello sir i have applied for photocopy ,i didnt get that to my mail. . send it to mail as soon as possible . . . .

  3. mahendrarokkad says:


  4. mayur says:

    fuck vtu,,,,, showing error while opening photocopy

  5. praveen kurubagonda says:

    i’ve applied for photocopy today i recieved email from vtu saying dey have sent photocopy… but after changing password dey said login wid new password but now dey r saying username or id is invalid… i’m not getting what to do

  6. archana says:

    I have got the msg that photocopy came… but it is not opening .. so what to do?

  7. shamala devi v says:

    I’ve applied for photocopy today i recieved email from vtu saying dey have sent photocopy… but after changing password dey said login wid new password but now dey r saying username or id is invalid… i’m not getting what to do

  8. prabha.19sindhu says:

    plz send me password

  9. varsha thandava says:

    i ve applied to photocopy i recieved the email but its asking me password olz send me a password once again

  10. ankit srivastava says:

    actually i had apply for reval but i got mail forphoto copy…

  11. Imran says:

    Not got mail yet…

  12. Imran says:

    I got result but mail is pending. .

  13. Monica Ganga T G says:

    I’ve applied for photocopy. As i got information that photocopy has announced. I check they asked for new password but after changing the password it’s showing that “invalid username or id”. what is going on with this? if it goes on like this, What should we have to do? what’s wrong with VTU?????????????

  14. akshat says:

    am also suffering from the same problem. what is the necessary to say change password???? its fully irritating…

  15. vinayak says:

    sir,,, wen s 4th sem revaluation result
    at whch date photocopy of 4th sem ll be published…………………?

  16. mawan rasheed says:

    i got a mail from vtu for photocopy …but it is showing error………………..what to do

  17. mawan rasheed says:

    i got a mail from vtu for photocopy………..but it is showing error………and it is hot getting open what to do….

  18. sushmahk says:

    respected sir,iapplied for phoyocopy but it not at all opening by showing an server application error plz inform us how to see an answersript plz sir

  19. sagar says:

    when will we recieve 4 th sem photocopy


    email received from vtu but ,site ont opening


    email received but site not opening
    says invalid username and password

  22. pratheek says:

    got a mail 4m vtu, but not able 2 view photocopy,plz help me out as early as poss.

  23. arun khadka says:

    invalid password!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. V.Sivani Manisha says:

    sir i didn’t get my photo copy yet….plz tell me what to do now …as fast as possible because the date for revaluation has been announced so could anyone tell or help me in case as fast as possible

  25. nikita rajput says:

    Sir same wid me still i didnt get mail of my photocopy n reval date is annouced…my one more id is nikirajput90@gmail .com plzzz help me…

  26. sharath says:

    i have applied for photocopy of 4th sem. and i havnt recieved a mail.Most of my classmate have recieved it but unable to open.someone plz help asap. what do i do?

  27. nagaraja says:

    showing error while opening photocopy pls take action .dont play with students life

  28. Priyanka says:

    i have applied for 2nd sem mathamatics photocopy in clge they said it had cme but if i login to photocopy.ac.in it shows invalid password what to do please said me the password pls pls

  29. ANR says:

    The vtu website asks to use IE 6.0. Using 6.0 give a crystal report error. The answer sheets are not show. How do we overcome this problem. Later versions of IE also have the same problem. We have only 3 more days to submit the sheets

  30. ANR says:

    Note compatibility mode also gives issues.

  31. MANOJ.B says:


  32. deepak says:

    im not getting photocopy

  33. ANR says:

    Does writing on bookspar server any purpose. The answer sheets are still not opening.

    COMException (0x800003e5): Failed to open report.]
    CrystalDecisions.ReportAppServer.ClientDoc.ReportClientDocumentClass.Open(Object& DocumentPath, Int32 Options)
    CrystalDecisions.ReportAppServer.ReportClientDocumentWrapper.Open(Object& DocumentPath, Int32 Options)

    [CrystalReportsException: Load report failed.]
    CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.ReportDocument.Load(String filename, OpenReportMethod openMethod, Int16 parentJob)
    CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.ReportDocument.Load(String filename)

  34. nikita rajput says:

    Sir der is one mistake in subjcts instead of electrical electronics hua h mujhe ele revalution ke liye apply krna h plzz sir its my year problm h sir plzzz kaise bhi krke ele ko reval karo plzzzzzzzzzz itz a kind request sir my future is in ur hand plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  35. nikita rajput says:

    My usn-3gf12is049……plz sir take my ele paper for reval plzzzzzzzz

  36. manasa says:

    i got the photocopy mail i could open it but 3 sheeys r missing in tat…. its the missing of continuation of answers …. getting tensed dnt knw wat to do…

  37. sunil38 says:

    please explain how to view photocopy results ..

  38. Narasimha says:

    I didnt get my photocopy plz send it.

  39. Ajay says:

    I have applied for both RV and photo copy 1month ago still no responce.

  40. Ajay says:

    Can anyone please tell me.Hw many day will it take to get RV Results.

  41. Sowmya says:

    I haven’t got any mail from whatever website…
    Please help me with it…

  42. ganapati says:

    I applied for photocopy and I received the password.
    ..but the site is not opening from last two days,,,it showing the error,,,please help

  43. Mallikarjun says:

    sir i didn’t got the photocopy of FAFL 5th sem and my USN is 3sl05cs017

  44. vinesh says:

    sir i send many mail but i did nt get the response from vtu for user name and password
    help me want to see my photocopy

  45. vinesh says:

    i didn’t still receive the user name and password i have mail some 15 times but no response from ur end do let me know

  46. sunny says:

    respected sir, as i had applied for the reval photocopy but till now i haven,t received any mails regarding to photocopy so kindly send the photocopy to my mail as soon as possible…..

  47. sharath says:

    I got a mail from photocopy.vtu.ac.in

    it said that my photocopy has arrived and it provided me user name and password (USN and 6 digit number)
    .I logged in but it asked me to change password so i changed password successfully(a message was shown my password is changed successfully)

    when I tried to log in with my new password VTU was trolling me that my password or user id is wrong

    a day may come VTU when I TROLL you

  48. arnav says:

    vtu madarchod hai
    totally your wasted of time and mony

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