VTU results for 2nd sem | June – July 2014 examination announced by August 1st week


Bangalore, 5 August 2014: VTU 7th and 8th sem revaluation results announced today, i.e 5 August 2014. The rest of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th semester revaluation results will be only after the first week of September 2014. Whereas the answer scripts photocopy may be in your hands by last week of August 2014.


Bangalore, 24 July 2014: VTU 1st and 2nd sem results for Bangalore region will be announced today, i.e. 24 July 2014, 6PM IST. You can check your VTU results in the below box. Complete Revaluation and Photocopy of Answer Script details are provided below.

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Bangalore, 22 July 2014:VTU B.E/B.Tech 1st and 2nd Semester results for Belgaum ,Gulbarga & Mysore Region announced. This was as said by Bookspar a day earlier. If you want to thank us, kindly follow us on facebook page- facebook/bookspar

Bangalore, 22 July 2014:VTU 1st and 2nd sem results will be announced today i.e. 22 July 2014 approximately 6 PM IST. The results will be announced Belgaum, Gulbarga and Mysore regions, conducted during May/June 2014. The Bangalore region results may be expected by tomorrow or day after just to avoid huge traffic and server problems.

1st and 2nd Semester revaluation & Photocopy Information


Starting of on-line Filing of applications


Last date for on-line Filing of applications without penalty


Last date for on-line Filing of applications with penalty of Rs.500/-


Bangalore, 21 July 2014: VTU 1st and 2nd sem results will be announced tomorrow, i.e. 22 July 2014. The sources suggest that, similarly as in January 2014, the even semester results will be announced in short gap between. Sources say that results will be announced starting from the fourth week of July 2014. Also Within August 1st week, all semester results will be announced. For more updates and news stay tuned with bookspar.

Bangalore, August 1st 2013:B.E/B.Tech 3rd semester result announced for all regions for June/July 2013 Examinations.
Bangalore, August 1st 2013:B.E/B.Tech 4th semester result announced for Bangalore region for June/July 2013 Examinations. That is all regions.

Bangalore, July 26 2013:B.E/B.Tech 2st and 2nd semester results announced for All regions for June/July 2013 Examinations. Mysore region announced today.

Bangalore, July 25 2013:B.E/B.Tech I/II semester results announced for Belgaum , Gulbarga & Bangalore regions for June/July 2013 Examinations. Mysore region results will be announced tomorrow.

Bangalore, July 25 2013: VTU university will announce its 1st and 2nd semester results for B.E. June July 2013 examination today, i.e 25 July 2013, region wise. The results will be announced in ascending order. Starting with Bangalore region probably.

Bangalore, 16 July 2013: The VTU university 2nd semester results are expected to be announced by 1st week of August 2013. The 2nd sem exams was completed successfully no 4th July 2013. The evaluation process has been started. Since it is digital correction of papers, results are expected to be announced early compared to previous years. The 1st semester back-log results will be announced soon after announcing 2nd sem results.

Earlier during the year 2013:
Feb 18 2013, Bangalore: VTU B.E/B.Tech 1st/2nd Semester Results Announced for All Region of Dec 2012/Jan 2013 Examinations. (bangalore region incl.)


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  1. Basavakumar says:

    when will be the 6th sem results

  2. sandhya gowda says:

    that’s good to hear… and i’m in eager to know results soon

  3. Mahendra a s says:

    When BE 2nd sem results be announce

  4. sandhya gowda says:

    ramya i think by august 1st week….. as specified in bookspar.com

  5. Ramya says:

    Thanks but I asked u exact date @sandhya.g

  6. Mohith mirja says:

    When will be the 4th sem result??

  7. Abhinandan n says:

    2nd sem results on 28th of ths month guyz…

  8. sandhya gowda says:

    may be by aug-3 ramya

  9. Xyz says:

    Anybody can tell me wen does vtu announce d 2nd sem results 4 b’lore region. Plz reply frndz

  10. kushal says:

    2nd sem results plz

  11. Suvreen guggal says:

    Aaarghhhh… Got fed up of waiting 4 diz damn results….:@

  12. Ramya says:

    Today i.e 25th july 2nd sem result of all region source:decana herald and prajavani news paper. . .

  13. nishanth says:

    when is the 2nd sem results ……

  14. susu says:

    wen is 2nd sem results dudes

  15. susu says:

    wen is 2nd sem results machas

  16. Suvreen guggal says:

    Ramya.. Iz it confirmd news…??

  17. Abhishek says:

    thanks ramya . Got fed of waiting for this results.

  18. Ram says:

    when the 4th sem result aanaunced.

  19. ramya says:

    Wn is vtu 2nd sem rerUlts of blre region guys

  20. sandhya gowda says:

    which website to check for results i mean 2nd sem results….. plz someone reply

  21. nagaraj says:

    when wil second sem 2013 result?

  22. Sachin says:

    For VTU Results send

  23. prince says:

    when vil be the 2nd sem reval results..?

  24. divya says:

    my civil result still not came.please give me the result

  25. Naveen Kumar b.l. says:

    Valuaters will you don’t play. With. Students. Real life will you please. Give good. Marks…….

  26. Nayana says:

    Wen will d 2nd sem vtu results for BE announced?????

  27. sujay says:

    wn wl 2nd sem result for BE(VTU)………….????

  28. sujay says:

    wn wl 2nd sem result for BE (VTU) announce………..????

  29. harish says:

    Vn is 2sem July 2014 examination result

  30. Sayed Mujtaba Mysore says:

    Whatever may be the result date guys… just enjoy the short span of holidays… All The Best for the result. :)

  31. gopal says:

    may I know The exact date of second sem be mysore rengion result please

  32. deeksha says:

    as told by vtu website ,2nd sem results are going to be announced on 13th!n whch is going to be d national record itseems!!god !

  33. Chethu says:

    Wn s 2nd sem result…?

  34. MD ESAA says:

    when is the BE 2nd sem result plz annouce fast

  35. GIRISH.NH7 says:

    B.e 2nd sem result yavaga bidtiri vtu davare? Swalpa yargare gottidra helrela…

  36. manoj n says:

    when is 2nd sem be result ?
    announce fast (digital evaluation anthira
    innu agilva)

  37. Thippeswamy k says:

    B.e 2nd sem results when

  38. VTU STUDENT says:

    I wanted to know when is VTU Going to announce 2nd Semester B.E Results? ? Which date please answer lots of doughts in thousands of students like me..answer please

  39. RMC says:

    when is BE 2nd sem results for Bangalore region. still I not get any information about that………

  40. PRIYA says:

    whns 2nd sem result plz tell me

  41. rajesh says:

    When will be 2nd sem BE results announced? pls comment if u know.

  42. sagar says:

    when will be 2nd sem results are announced if any one know plz tell me the date of mysore region……

  43. aishwarya says:

    When is the second sem result of banglre region

  44. srinidhi raysam says:

    when 4th sem result

  45. Ranjitha gowda says:

    pls tel us d date of 2nd sem BE result for blore region as soon as possible

  46. Ranjitha gowda says:

    pls tel us d date n time of 2nd sem BE result fo blore region as soon as possible

  47. xyz says:

    when will be the vtu 2nd sem pls announce fast or tell correct date guyz

  48. manoj n says:

    when is 2ndsem result 4 b’ioore region?

  49. BHAVYA says:

    get me results

  50. pooja says:

    wen will 2 sem be Belgaum results be announced today

  51. dhananjay says:

    can we change our college for second year?

  52. chalmesh says:

    Tell the exact date dont be lie we r waiting pls…………….

  53. jothi says:

    Really its killing mee…. oh my result come soon…..!!:-(

  54. suma says:

    Ts ir really a fake website …..ty hv said tdy is bangalore results fr second sem ……but still its nt announced ….annoyed of ts vtu results

  55. jgttuhfsejgf says:

    very good, u tell tell currect timings

  56. Kajal R says:


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