Manchester United is the world’s most valuable team: Forbes list of world’s top 10 teams 2012

It is not the first time Manchester United has got the top ranking and but has been very successful in retaining the rank. Forbes top 10 team rankings was announced and Manchester United secured the the first rank becoming the World’s most valuable team or franchise.

English soccer club Manchester United retained their title as the world’s most valuable sports team, according to an annual top 50 list released by Forbes on Monday that was dominated by National Football League (NFL) franchises. All 32 NFL franchises made the top 50 list.

The 19-times English champions were valued at $2.23 billion, up from $1.86 billion last year and 19 percent above No. 2 Real Madrid. The only teams in the top 10 that do not play soccer or American football were Major League Baseball’s New York Yankees, who were tied at third with the Cowboys, and the Los Angeles Dodgers, who were tied with the Patriots at No. 6.

Major changes: Barcelona went up by 18 spots to eighth and Arsenal fell three places to 10th.

Forbes Top 10 teams:

1. Manchester United (soccer) – $2.23 billion
2. Real Madrid (soccer) – $1.88 billion
3. New York Yankees (MLB) – $1.85 billion
3. Dallas Cowboys (NFL) – $1.85 billion
5. Washington Redskins (NFL) – $1.56 billion
6. Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB) – $1.40 billion
6. New England Patriots (NFL) – $1.40 billion
8. Barcelona (soccer) – $1.31 billion
9. New York Giants (NFL) – $1.30 billion
10. Arsenal (soccer) – $1.29 billion

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