About Us

Jairam Kamath | Co-Founder & CEO

E-mail: jairam92@gmail.com

Contact No: 9880-452-779

He studied Computer Science & Engineering at Srinivas School of Engineering, Karnataka, India, under VTU, Belgaum. Very passionate about the game of Chess.

Samith Rao

E-mail: samithsse@gmail.com

CFO at bookspar,
a Computer Science & Engineering Student at Srinivas School of Engineering. Is a good Web Developer,
very much talented in HR and Marketing field’s, also passionate about Music and
Cultural Activities.

Our People

Mohan Kamath
Gautham Bhat
Kiran Ramesh
Wilbur D’souza
Akshaya Kulal
Ashwath G K
Prathiksha Shetty
Shruthi Raghunath
Sowmya V Shetty
Suhas Rao
Vaman Shenoy